Fort №11 Dönhoff – Why do you need to come here and how to do it

This is a story for those who are interested in military history. Learning Fort №11 Dynhoff ; The most preserved and most alive of all Kaliningrad forts .

How to get to Fort number 11 Denhoff

On personal transport There will be no problems:

Rail from Kaliningrad on the street Dzerzhinsky, then turn to the street of power engineers. There will already be a pointer. Fort has a parking lot.

About public transport will tell more.

By bus number 9 or number 70

Need to take a bus №9 or №70 .

Both of them walk through the stop of the Alley of Bolds from the Friedland Gate. Bus number 7 goes through the southern station.

Recently, the route network in Kaliningrad often changes, so it is better to clarify the conductor where the bus goes.

Farther Going up to stop the flames On Dzerzhinsky Street. There Go Street and go along the streets of energy approximately 20 minutes before turning to the fort.

There is a signpost.

Alternative on foot through the gardens

Slightly goes Bus number 30 , You can sit on it.

But get out to 3 stops before Hospital number 5 ; there the bus folds from the right direction.

We go out and continue to go along ul. Dzerzhinsky (more comfortable on the left side). Return (approximately 150-200 meters) to rotation on ul. Grunchova (left), we turn on it. It is better to download the map into the phone so as not to miss or ask passersby.

There After the first (and the only one) five-story building On the right side, turn right, On Lazo Street . Now all the time right along the country houses. At some point, the asphalt will end, but on the right of the bushes there is a good gravel road.

This way is a little longer, on foot Go for about 30-40 minutes , But not along the revolving highway, but by a quiet track in the country village. Go all the time right ; Strike directly to the fort.

Before Fort number 11 Dynhof Not very simple to get. As well as any other. They all surround the city by the most outskirts. But believe me, it is worth it.

The cost of the entrance ticket 250 rubles. Children, Students and Pensioners ; 130 rubles.

Prices may change, specify them on the official website of Fort: Fortdonhoff.Ru

Why go there

Excursions start at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 + on weekends at 19:00.

  1. This is the most preserved fort in Kaliningrad. During the storming Königsberg, he almost did not resist and quickly surrendered to the Red Army. Therefore, not victim. After in the fort, the military settled and released it only in 2013, they retained the fort in very good condition. Inside the fort even preserved mechanisms for feeding the shells and the original bronoronolpak to which you can climb.
  2. Forte is carried out very interesting excursions. You will tell you as it was in fact, without fictions for tourists, only a real live story. You live live that I made a war with Königsberg, and will understand how much the Soviet authorities have made to preserve the city. Find out (and see) How fortification and warning methods developed. The most interesting thing is that the tour illustrates the Fort itself, and not photos and exhibits under glass.
  3. Military Historical Clubs live on Forte. If you are lucky you will fall to the reconstruction of the battle, or just see the characters from the people from the past epoch, which will further immerse you in the past.
  4. Forty ; this is history ; Communication Kaliningrad with Konigsberg. If you arrived in Kaliningrad, then you must visit forte, otherwise your impression will be incomplete.

What to pay attention to

All metal Doors and gates On Fort №11 Original ; German.

Be sure to look at them when you wander around the territory.

In addition to them, preserved Brononolpak With observational Ambrazubo, in which you can climb and feel yourself a German serviceman, waiting for our attacks with you grandfathers.

Fort №11 Dönhoff - Why do you need to come here and how to do it

Antique spiral staircase.

In the caasets of Fort, find old German Screw stairs, which are still used for appointment.

On Fort all the present.

Powder storage room. It is interesting that after a strong fire, a brick was placed there, this is a rare sight, especially impressive melted brick staircase.

Riddle Fort Denhuff

Look in the photos below.

Fort after he was taken by the Red Army in 1945. Fort in 2016.

On the first visible Soviet soldier at the entrance to the fort, it means that the shot is made after the capture of Konigsberg in 1945. On the second photo ; The same place in 2016, on both sides of the gate is inscriptions in German, which are not in the photo 1945.

Curonian Spit, where it is better to rest: Lithuania vs Russia

Where did they come from and who needs? The content of texts is exclusively peaceful, despite the fact that they are written on a military building.

Answer to this question known, but I will not tell you. Learn when you arrive in the fort. Try your guide and he will tell you their content and the story of their appearance.

On the excursions you will be told about other secrets and myths associated with this fort and in general with military actions.

Fort History №11 Denhoff

Fort built in 1882 to protect the railway to Insterburg (now Chernyakhovsk). The name of the fort comes from the name of the nobleman of Dyonhofa or Dongofi, one of whose branches lived in Eastern Prussia and gave her a few outstanding personalities.

The first name of the Fort was Geligenfeld (preserved in the German name Donhoff Bei Seligenfeld), by the name of the nearest settlement. In 1849, the name was changed to "Friedrich von Dunhoff", in honor of the general of the Prussian army, who lived in the middle of the 17th century.

Read more about Kaliningrad You will find out here: online guide to Kaliningrad and region

During the storming of Königsberg Soviet troops in 1945 the Fort almost did not suffer. At noon on April 6, the Soviet tanks and infantry moved to the assault after the art preparation, which lasted everything in the morning. But the 11th fort almost did not have resistance and capitulated already for o’clock. Therefore, there were no serious battles on the fort and he remained intact.

By the way, Königsberg’s assault was the first operation of the Red Army where she won thanks to the strategy of Marshal Vasilevsky and competent storm detachments, and not at the expense of a large advantage in numbers. Ours there were significantly less than the Germans.

After the war, Fort occupied the military unit. He was taken by a fence with barbed wire. For a long time, access was discovered only for people in chains, which also contributed to the preservation of the fort in its original form.

In 2013, the military from the fort went and now it is available to everyone.

I hope I interested you. Be sure to visit Fort number 11 in Kaliningrad , learn a lot of new and interesting. In time it will take at least half a day ; Fort Dunhoff far.

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