Fortaleza – The major economic and shopping center of Brazil, located in the northeastern part of the country. The total area of ​​the city reaches just over 300 square kilometers. Two and a half million citizens are calm on the huge territory. This fact gives the right to call Fortaleza one of the most populated corners of the world.

The city was founded in the 17th century due to the Dutch, which were not small in the architectural decoration of the metropolis. Fortaleza is famous for the long coastline, stretching almost 30 kilometers. City beaches are distinguished by a developed tourist infrastructure. At hand, the tourist will easily find restaurants, cafes, discos. Not enough within the city and deserted, wild beach zones.

The city will strike resting not only natural beauty, but also abundant attractions. The main streets are rich in cathedrals and churches. Mandatory attention deserves the central market. The peculiarity of recreation in this city is that the traveler can easily combine different types of rest: active, educational and beach. Moreover, Fortaleza is famous for numerous hotels and hotels for every taste.

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What is interesting to see in Fortalese?

Top Attractions Fortalezia

Beach Maireles

Promenade Avenida Beira Mar

Waterpark Ponta Dunas

Cathedral of Metropolitan Cathedral

Fort Assumption of Our Lady

Durary Du Mar

Fortaleza: excursions and events

Fortalez excursions will be promising. After all, the city based during the Middle Ages will probably find something interesting for a curious eye of the tourist. Earlier, the settlement was very small, but after the country was declared independent, Fortalefa acquired the status of one of the largest port of Brazil.

Near the very port you can walk through the historical district of the city, in which, oddly enough, today built a great many nightly institutions, restaurants and bars.

The most famous landmark of the city is the cultural part of Gorda, represented by the Dragian district of Ode Mar. Area area is more than 30 thousand square meters. Today on the streets there are museums, exhibitions and galleries.

Great pastime promises the theater Jose de Alencar. Often, inside the premieres of world plays and performances. For connoisseurs of architecture, it will be nice to simply inspect the curious architectural decoration of the construction. A picturesque park is developed near the theater, which is also included in the list of the most important attractions recommended for inspection.

The history of Fortaleza

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Climate in Fortaleza

Fortaleza is characterized by year-round high temperatures due to the tropical climate. The only thing that the level of humidity in the city is very high, sometimes reaches 80%. But, as a rule, such climatic conditions are easily transferred due to cool winds, bringing with oceanic waves.

Differences between the seasons barely noticeable, the amplitudes of temperatures are minimized. Medium summer temperature reaches 28 – 30 degrees. Best time to relax on the shores of Fortaleza – Winter months, from November to January. More precipitation falls in spring and in the first half of summer.

Fortaleza: Entertainment and Activities

Entertainment in Fortaleza is enough, one of the most unusual and at the same time attractive – to observe how the vessel is rushing along the water surface, called «Jeangadas». Manage such a boat is quite difficult, but this fact does not frighten the brave owners who come out in the open sea daily. Seafood, major earnings of local residents deliver on such boats to the city.
With children you can safely acquire tickets to the water park, which is rightly recognized by the largest throughout Brazil. The hill here are the countless set, while the rides for all age groups are intended.

History lovers come delight from local architecture. Almost every street built high buildings that are friendly neighboring with old cathedrals and temples. Not few houses are dated to the end of the 19th century. Among the ancient buildings is particularly noteworthy, the design of the theater, which began to build in the 19th century.

Separately, it is worth mentioning local beaches, up to 30 kilometers long. Their feature in the developed infrastructure. On the embankments and the boardwalk, there are not few shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and entertainment zones.

Transport features Fortaleza

Like the entire tourist infrastructure as a whole, transport links in the city is developed at a great level. Fortaleza serves an airport with international communication, which is located a few kilometers from the city.

The federal route is laid through the city. Public transport is represented by bus routes. A few years ago, a metropolitan was opened, consisting of two lines that serve up to 30 stations, a total distance in a little more than 40 kilometers. Today, the construction of another branch continues, which, as planned to go through 14 stops.

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