Fortress on Mountain

On the entire Greek Peninsula Peloponnes there are two hotels. Everything else – guesthouses rather. So if you want to watch the ruins of Mycena and the amphitheater Epidausus or swim on the yacht on the islands, having a stay at the shore, then the address is one – the city of Nafplion. Hotel Amphitryon near the sea – easier. NaFplia Palace Hotel & Villas – on the mountain, like a swallow nest, rebuilt or from an ancient castle, or from an ancient prison. If so, then it became, the prison in antiquity was an extremely romantic place.

I stand on the terrace of your villa at the Nafplia Palace Hotel & Villas and look like on the other side of the gorge my friends climb on the mountain. Crazy. Full uneasy energy young people. I do not even remember exactly that exactly from the worthy visits to the fortresses is posed on the mountain through the gorge opposite. It seems that Akronaplia or Palamidi. I do not remember, but I know for sure that 999 steps are conducted there. Too much for such a lazy person, like me, though, of course, the fortress on the rocky cliff looks majestically. I guess that my hour later my friends will come back, painted from climbing, and will tell how to capture the spirit there, in an ancient monastery above the abyss itself.

Full uneasy energy young people what to do in the monastery! They have a wonderful villa, stuffed with furniture B&B, spreading walls, aquarium installed so that through it to look, lying in bed like a girlfriend splashing in the bathroom. They have a bath for two, finally, and hidden from extraneous eye hanging over the sea terrace. Hungry – so there are some unexpectedly decent restaurants for Greece directly inside the hotel. I wanted to take a walk – so you can go down on the elevator through the rock in the cute town of Nafplion, visit the naive Orthodox Church, eat homemade ice cream in the cafe "Rome", Just stand up on the square, the fear of the head and looking like swallows stood down the nests under the balconies of Nafplion citizens and fly to the nests fading chicks. But do not drag the same 999 steps up the mountain. Take care of energy, young people. This is one of the most romantic hotels known to me, and I, believe, saw romantic hotels.

These young people, by the way, dragged me at the ruins of Mycena, and I did not like the ruins. I respect the ancient stones, but sometimes I want them to be not just stones, but still a little wall, palaces and towers. I just liked the wind in mycuen, he broke away from the ground, if you spread my hands, and they say that Micheles are known as the most windy place in Greece since Agamemnon.

These young people dragged me to watch the amphitheater epidausus. I really love amphitheaters, I climbed to the upper steps, sitting and listened, as the school teacher at the orhestra, who brings his overtakes on an excursion, throws a coin to the Altar of Dionysus, so that the sound of the incident coin was clearly heard around the amphitheater.

And these young people saw that a rally of old sports cars was going near the amphitheater, carried away by cars and the amphitheater almost did not see. And my nostalgic sighs that, when cars were new, grandmothers sitting in them were Greek figs, and grandfathers were lovers of Greek figures, young people did not understand, apparently because they did not look at the corresponding film.

These young people have been persuading me to rent a yacht for the third day and swim through the islands and especially for a hydra, where, young people say, there are no cars at all, where the most expensive private villas in Greece and where the owners of the most expensive private villas move on donks.

Fortress on Mountain

These young people every day are dragging me to swim on a private beach Nafplia Palace Hotel & Villas, for which you should first pass a kilometer and a half down the mountain down, and then kilometers and a half. I propose to ask the receptionist to take us there and, most importantly, back, but these young people say that my idea is unsportsfined.

The beach is similar to the avoy of war Pitsundu: stones, pines, rocks. After bathing, nostalgic memories covered me, but by the grace of these young people, my happiness every time is poisoned by the need to climb a half kilometer on the rock to the hotel. Next time I will definitely call the receptionist.

Enough. I stand on the terrace in my villa at the hotel Nafplia Palace, I see how these madmen climb the mountain, and out of 999 steps these tiny little men on the mountain seem to have overcome half, and I turn out of them.

At the bottom of the sea. Far down. Fortress on the island. Ship on the raid. Several small yachts descend spinters, because the wind is fresh. These young people also explained to me that a huge sail that raise with a small and passing wind is called "spinnaker". Why should I know? Sea far downstairs, fortress on the island, sun, wind. I stand on the terrace. By the way, why am I standing? Whether it is not better to pull the chaise lounge, lie down and watch, how at sunset the sea becomes copper.

Fortress on Mountain

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