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Fantastic urban landscape and eclectic combination of kitchens, painting and culture in the broad sense of the word. This is San Francisco, fascinating not only the traveler, but also local residents.


18-00: Start your acquaintance with the city from lunch in one of the most remarkable institutions of catering, namely in the ZUNI cafe. In this room under a glass cover, facing the Market Street, serves Mediterranean cuisine, and every day in the new range. Do not miss the fresh oysters from the local water (this is the bar on the ground floor) or book a table upstairs for a roast chicken with bread salad.

20-00: It’s time to find out that now play in the American Conservatory accustomed to give everything from the classics to contemporary works. When silenced last chords, go to the night club «Bourbon and Branch» – the clearest example of the dry law. On the website you book a table, instead of getting the password, which would open the door to the kind of inconspicuous restaurant at Jones Street, 501. Choose your most comfortable study to relax in the atmosphere of the twenties of the last century. It offers an experienced bartender, ready to answer all questions and come up with new cocktails to the most demanding taste. Still deeper insight into the local atmosphere will acquaintance with the former bit-cafe, bar and today "Vesuvio" on the north coast. Not a bad option – walk on Columbus Avenue, where, turning right on Stockton Street, get into the avant-garde to distraction and a very comfortable bar "Tony Niks".


08-00: By now, you should already be on his feet, to start the day with a visit to the famous building of the marine terminal, "Ferry Building» (Ferry Building), which actually begins with the Market Street. Thoroughly proshvyrnites the countless shops and restaurants, offering everything your heart desires, from freshly caught fish to peasant cheeses and freshly baked bread. Have breakfast sandwich from Sidekick. This cafe "takeaway" owned oil mill "Cowgirl Creamery". You can also indulge in chocolate, which offers «Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker». With coffee in one hand and in the other pastries, arrange somewhere on the bench and have breakfast watching the harbor work. On Saturdays, area flooding, local farmers. Three times a week, the "Agricultural Products Market" works here. Sellers arrange collaps where they offer grown and made with their own hands fruits, vegetables, jams, bread, cheeses and other products.

10-00: Quickly sit on transport, and you want to walk through Embarkadero: the embankment will lead you to an equally famous fishing pier. Find the marina at number 33 (which in the vicinity of Bay Street), and hence the ferry – in Alcatrace. Once on this rocky island, in the midst of San Francisco Bay, the most closed prison was located, known for the fact that, among others, the Al Capone was served and Robert’s punishment, more known as "Alcatraz raid". Tourists can take a walk on the island, go to prison cameras, relax in the cafeteria or in one of the kindergartens. The same prisoner did the same here. Curiously also see the nesting of island birds. Those who love feathered will be interesting to watch the life of Baklanov, hergl, and the Pacific chickening.

12-00: on the northern coast come back to the center. The poets of the bit generation and the brightest representative of Jack Keruac loved to care in local cafes and bars, many of them work so far. We advise you to have dinner in Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Bar next to Washington Square Park, and all because here you will be served the famous meat sandwich: a huge catletine over the local variety of focaccia pellet. Now it’s time to walk along the Street grant, look into numerous boutiques, and then return to Columbas Avenue and have a snack in Stella Pastry. Around the corner is a cafe "Trieste", the locals do not cease to pick up coffee "Java", which serves here. Finally, get to know another local attraction. This is a Book Store City Lights Lawrence Furningtti. That’s where you can find the most acute articles on political topics. In large stores there are no. Climb the stairs to Coyt Tower, overlooking the Bay and Lombard Street, which is considered one of the most suitable streets in all United States.

14-00: It’s time to go to Union Square. The path is there through the Chinese Quarter (Chinatown), one of the largest in the country. Next – Stockton Street: Try to squeeze through the crowds of shopaholic. Souvenirs should buy on grant Street. Here are a lot of shops and restaurants. Where the grant Street ends, Union Square originates, one of the most famous San Francisco shopping centers.

16-00: quickly jump out of the cable car tray at the end of Powel Street and take a car that will drive you for not so busy California Street. Here you got to the rich hill (Nob Hill). It is interesting to visit the Mark Hopkins Hotel to get acquainted with the afternoon tea ceremony. On the elevator rise to the 19th floor, where the famous Bar "Top Of The Mark" is located with an unsurpassed panorama of the city for all 360 degrees.

18-00: lunch time. Take a cab or the subway BART go to Mission District. This classic "Latin" quarter of the Spannaya Page Worker Class today represents the mixing of hip bars and restaurants, resting in New Mexican Trechery (eatery) and shops. By the way, the most delicious in the city of Tacos and Burrito (pellets) do in Thercii on the 25th Street.

If your taste craves something more modern, go to Foreign Cinema, Bar Tartine or Delfina, which are very complaining of locals. In contrast Dolores Park is open dairy «Bi-Rite», which offer amazing ice cream with different additives. At the top of the hill there is a park, from where a wonderful view of the twilight city opens.

Forty eight o'clock in a foreign city of San Francisco - San Francisco, United States Blogs and travel notes

20-00: After lunch, enter the human stream, which is sent to the angle of 17th and Velensey Street. Choose a bar in my soul and wet the throat. Pite establishments here is a lot. Take at least Blondies where the townspeople accustomed to appoint meetings. Or Bar "etcetera", replete with wines, pellets and tap (acute snack). Music can be listened to the bar under the promising sign amnesia.


9-00: Start Morning with Dimsam in Ton Kiang, which is in the very center of the district *******. Try to arrive as early as possible. Hesitated, then get ready for what you will have to wait: here from clients not dry out. There is no desire to stand in line, then you can have breakfast in a candy store, take a fresh baked pizza or one of those that offers Arizmendi

11-00: A couple of minutes by taxi, and you’re on Haight Street to do some shopping in the area associated with the hippie generation of the Sixties. Some steam kvartalchikov and presented everything from clothes shops second-hand, the author’s trendy boutiques. Music lovers necessarily recommend to visit the "amoeba", which on Haight Street in 1855. In this huge store, once served as a bowling alley, represented by more than one hundred thousand new and used CDs, vinyl records and audio cassettes.

13-00: Complete all Haight Street: here begins the Park "Golden Gate". Built in the 70s of the 19th century, today it comes to the Pacific coast. Visit the flower gallery. It is the oldest in the Western Hemisphere Greenhouse Victorian era glass and wood. It grows more than ten thousand species of plants. We also recommend to visit the Japanese Tea garden with a museum under the copper roof M.H. de Young. He has managed in 200 million. dollars and today displays works by American masters 17-20 centuries of painting, as well as the work of indigenous people of the Americas, Africa and the Pacific coasts.

Now get in the cab, as soon as possible to reach the Crissy Field. This former airfield is now part of the State Reserve. Cool breezes from the Gulf of California will surround you, and you’ll get a spectacular view of the city with its famous bridge "Golden Gate".

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