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Twitter wearer from Canada under the name Allie H published in the social network Cats pictures of his friend. That is too plump to catch mice – simply can not keep up with them. But the cat found a way out: the spring and summer, she daily brings hostess flowers instead of mice!

"Can you imagine, in the spring and summer cat waiting when in the garden flowers will begin to fall. Then she carefully studies them and chooses a few every day to bring them into the house as a gift!"- told the Canada.

About why cats generally bring caught mice owners, "my planet" already wrote. And you will probably be interested to learn about the cats that mastered the most different professions – from the sailor to the policeman.

Dusty Devil

This unusual atmospheric phenomenon is called dusty swirl. In the people, he was called "Dust Devil" (Dust Devil). Unlike tornado, whirlwinds are not related to the clouds. "Dust Devils" are a vortex motion of air, which occurs at the surface of the earth in hot weather. The sun strongly warms the earth, and when the cold air strikes it, it rises up in the form of a column of dust. Its height is usually 10-20 m, but sometimes there are vortices height in several tens of meters.

Interestingly, there are also dust vortices on Mars. For the first time, they were photographed during the Viking program in the 1970s. Martian "Devils" can be much more terrestrial: 10 times higher and 50 times wider.

Look also a panoramic video about the relative of the dusty vortex – tornado, as well as a photo of a spectacular fiery vortex, photographed in the US.

Tribe HPA

The Hup tribe living in California is one of the most ancient cultures of this area. Indians settled here more than a thousand years ago. All that we know about the ancient tribe, we owe a person named Edward with. Curtis, who dedicated his life to documencing the life of the indigenous population of America. Curtis made thousands of photos of the Indians and described a total of 80 tribes, including HUP. "My Planet" publishes part of these pictures.

Hup called "people’s people" themselves, their own name for the Trinity River. At the end of the XVII century, about a thousand people numbered in the tribe, and there are only 500 years later. Nowadays, the HUP population has increased and is about 3,000 people.

Read also about the rules of life of the Mexican Indians of Taraumar and see the selection of photos of North American Indians from the Anthropological Collection of Prince Rolan Bonaparte, the grandchildren of Napoleon’s.

Salvation drowning

Amsterdam is not in vain called "Northern Venice". There are over 1500 bridges in the city, 90 islands and hundreds of kilometers of channels. Main Channels Four: Singel, Herenght, Camersgraht and Princenght.

Many city channels are not fenced, so thousands of bicycles in them for year. In this video you can see how they get them from there. Interestingly, periodically not only bicycles fall into the channels, but cars. Dangerously live in the capital of the Netherlands!

Found nedeli_16

Admire also in the photos of Spring Amsterdam.

After a hundred years

Here it is – a visual confirmation that global warming exists. Moreover, it is very destructive. These pictures are made in the same place in the Arctic with a difference in a hundred years – in 1918 and now. Differences are visible to the naked eye.

By the way, scientists expect that until 2100 in the summer, the Northern Arctic Ocean will begin to fully exempt from ice. Estimates of researchers when this happens for the first time, differ: someone calls the period from 2060 to 2080, someone talks about 2030.

Previously, "My Planet" published a photo project about the melting Arctic.

Eagle Eye

In this video, you can see from Heaven to Earth with the eyes of an eagle flying over the mountain of non-Cheran near the bazaar city Oberstdorf (Germany). Admire also on the pictures of the best beaches made from a bird’s eye view.

Found nedeli_16

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