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While Russia and Europe enters the snow, in North America frozen Niagara Falls. The temperature here dropped to -20 ° C. And how beautiful it turned out! Tourists who these days are lucky to be on a waterfall, filled the social networks of Selfie with picturesque species.

By the way, you knew that the Niagar form three waterfalls: Horseshoe (main), American and veil – and together they form the largest stream of water on the planet? Thanks to this and the HPP waterfalls, it is the largest electricity producer in the whole state. In the history of the American waterfall frozen six times, and Horseshoe – only once. Read also the material "My Planet" about the wrong waterfalls.

First jumps

A moment of milot. Admire the baby Bradley, the young kangaroo, who became a favorite of millions of Internet users. This video captured as a six-month baby makes his first jumps. He is very shy and does not depart from Chris Barnes, an employee of The Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs (Australia). Bradley considers him his mother! The fact is that the cubs were saved by tinnitus in the wild, but his biological mother, unfortunately, died, was shot down by a car. Therefore, the baby spent the last four weeks of ripening in the bag (it is also shown in the video), designed to replace his maternal. Chris wore him everywhere with me and just recently began to produce. But with the slightest signs of danger Bradley climbed back! Earlier, "my planet" talked about the representatives of the fauna who managed to survive thanks to the efforts of a person.

Costume ball

These elegant men are no one else like Japanese gangsters-Yakuza. The photographer filmed them in Osaka (Japan) in 1960. In those days, there were three main types of Yakuza: Bakuto, Gurentai and Tacia. Bakuto was engaged in bookmakers and gambling, and also industrialed by pimp. Guretai did not disguise with small thefts, they knocked out other people’s debts, earned drugs and pornography. Tacia specialized in speculation and counterfeit trade, as well as extorted money from business owners. Curiously, but all categories of gangsters actively attracted by the Japanese police to suppress trade unions, supporters of the left movement and anti-war and anti-American sentiment.

And the genre of films about Yakuza, the so-called Yakuza Aiga, then there was a superpopulation in Japanese cinema. More often, films have always been released, in which the image of "noble bandits" of the past, opposing the new aschard and unprincipled villains (read also about other criminals, which turned into living legends like Robin Hood). The fact is that Yakuzza themselves actively sponsored films, so they could well dictate the storyline. Look also a big photo project on the "My Planet" dedicated to the Japanese mafia.

Found nedeli_28

Armed and very dangerous

ATTENTION, this video is not for the faint of heart! It is captured as a mantis with an appetite eats locust. At the same time, the three-hour roller was accelerated and reduced to one and a half minutes. Mantis – aggressive predators, despite their "devout" name (he, by the way, received thanks to the Swedish natural scientist Karl Linneu, to which the insect folded his paws, seemed similar to a traditional prayer gesture). They eat exclusively living food, mainly insect pests. But if the mantis is indeed getting hungry, he can attack mice, lizards, snakes and mice. And if necessary – even box with a cat!

Hello, tree

This bonsai forest was sold in Japan at auction for $ 16,000, or 1.8 million yen. But in fact, this is not the limit for miniature trees. The most expensive bonsai tree is the centuries-old pine, which was sold at the International Convention Bonsai to Takamatsu (Japan) for $ 1.3 million! But as is generally determined by the price of bonsai? The fact is that they are a compact composition from plants that at the same time possesses aesthetic value. Master Bonsai not only gives a tree shape, dryly cutting and flexing branches, but also complements the village of living moss and stones. He also picks up a suitable pot – in general, uses all the ways to achieve the view that the beauty of plants will be best. At the same time, the bonsai can never be considered completed, because plants from which they consist are constantly changing and they need permanent care. These trees can live for many years, Bonsai older than 800 years old are known! Such compositions are transmitted from generation to generation as a huge value. Read also about other unusual Japanese traditions.

Found nedeli_28

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