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It seems that this is one of the oldest known to us the sign "Beware of the dog!". This floor mosaic with the inscription Cave Canem ( «Beware of Dog") is located in the House of the tragic poet in Pompeii. It dates from the II century. By the way, it is unknown whether or not the poet lived in the building. The name of the house comes from the conditional and another floor mosaic with the image of the poet found here holding a tragic mask. The walls of the building used to be covered with paintings on mythological topics. The most valuable of them: "Venus and Amur", "sacrifice of infidation", "Achille and Brispeid", "Abandoned Ariadne" – are now exhibited in the National Museum of Naples.

Well, you and fruit

Durian – exotic fruit, famous for its beautiful taste and monstrous smell. Even a dog sniffing him refuses! Residents of Southeast Asia say that the fragrance of Durian causes the vision of hell, and the taste is a paradise pleasure. Store the fruits in closed rooms are categorically impossible, because the smell is then not to raise anything. Most hotels in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore banned guests to bring stinky fruit into numbers. However, for those who want to try Durian in Asia, you can find special durian buffets – in these street cutlets take fees for the entrance. The waiter seals the fruit right on the table from the client, and there is it possible without limiting the quantity.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

It is known that the canons of women’s beauty change over time. But in our days in different parts of the world, the ideal of beauty is different. To check this statement, designers from a number of countries – from Argentina and Syria to the Philippines – took the same photo of the girl in the underwear and turned her so that she corresponded to the canons of their homeland. The results were amazing! While some girls after treatment almost did not differ from the original, others generally became not like him. Designers change skin color, linen, waist ratio and hips. Some of the designers from South and Central America awarded the lady of a figure resembling hourglass; Others – from Asia and Europe – made it so thin that, if you follow the standards of the World Health Organization, the girl would have to have anorexia.

Wolf skipping

So musically howling the polar wolf who lives in the Zoo of San Diego. Such wolves live in the tundra and throughout the territory of the Arctic, with the exception of large areas covered with ice. They can live for years in minus temperature, we will do without food and not see sunlight for months. In search of the mining of wolf flock can bypass areas of up to 2000 km². Only every tenth hunting from the polar wolves ends with success, so in this case there are long hungry animals able to eat more than 10 kg of meat. Moreover, the wolves use their victim completely, together with the bones and the skin. They carefully avoid conflicts between the flocks, notifying about their territorial borders with tags and how.

As in Smolny

In this photo captured the pupils of the Smolny Institute of Noble Maidens in the dance lesson in 1889. Smolny was the first female educational institution in Russia, he was founded under Catherine II in 1764. Initially, the institute was called "the imperial educational society of noble maidens". According to the charter, the girls should have come to the institution not older than the six-year-old age and stay there 12 years. At the same time, they took a receipt from their parents that they would not demand them back to the expiration of no country.

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Initially Smolny was established as a closed privileged educational institution for the daughters of noble childbirth, however, in 1765, a branch was opened for "Meshchansky Maiden", where the girls of the Nedanian estates took, except for fortress peasants. Smolnyakok trained geography, arithmetic, history, Russian literature, foreign languages, dances, drawing, music, secular maneres and various types of housekeeping. The emperor, as well as members of his family attended the graduation public examination. The six best graduates were obtained by the Golden Monogram in the form of the Initial Catherine II, which was worn on a white bow with gold stripes. He was called "Shifer".

The most tiny monkeys

Mrams, or, as they are also called, dwarf toys – the smallest primates in the world. They are found in the tropical forests of South and Central America, however, most species live in forests in the Amazon River area. The magnitude of the marblestock is only 11 to 15 cm, not counting the tail length from 17 to 22 cm. These primates feed in the main insects, but also love soft fruits, as well as drink nectar and juices of trees. Usually, the toys are not aggressive, but in case of a danger approximation, they show their willingness to defend themselves: bulk the eyes, bend the body of the arc and angry wool. And the leader of the flock begins to move the ears and scary frowning eyebrows!

Flowering desert

Sometimes the attack desert is covered with flowers! These are associated with the cyclic warming of the waters of the Pacific Ocean and, in particular, with the phenomenon of El Niño. So called the fluctuation of the temperature of the surface layer of water in the Equatorial part of the Pacific Ocean, which significantly affects the climate of the planet. As a result of the action of El Niño in some parts of the planet there are droughts and crumbs, and others, on the contrary, abnormal rains and warm winters. So, in the area of ​​Atakama, it fell as much as 2.4 cm of precipitation (the rate for 12 years!), the desert bloomed. In 2015, this happened twice in one year. After the rains, the most arid area of ​​the planet turned into a flowering field: Rhodes, Malva, Fuchsia, Nolan and Bomartes bloss. Awesome spectacle, is not true?

Found nedeli_42

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