Fountains Palm Jumeira

What is interesting to the fountains of the Palm Jumeira in Dubai? How to get here? What is the schedule of the show, and how much it costs to see? Is it worth going if the Dubai Fountains show has already seen? Read the answers in this article.

The fountains of the Palm Jumeira (they are "palm") – it is still the newest (from large) sights of Dubai. They began to work in early October 2020, and on October 22 an enchanting solemn discovery and registration of the new record Guinness took place.

Brief description of the sights

New record holders are located on the Far Territory of the Artificial Island The Palm Jumeirah, between The Pointe embankment and the famous Atlantis The Palm.

The Pointe is a whole open-air shopping center. It is from his embankment of a show of water and music can see all. In The Pointe about 80 restaurants, cafes and bars. But only 30 of them have tables overlooking the fountains.

Jumeiir Palm Fountains The world’s largest in the world. Total area – 1350 square meters. The main hydropuses raise the water stream to 105 meters. 3000 LED spotlights highlight water jets. Sound gives the most powerful Hi-End system.

In the repertoire of fountains more than 20 compositions in the styles of classical and popular music, as well as in the Arabic style of the Khalip.

How to get

Option 1 – Metro + Taxi. Need to get to the subway station to Dubai Internet City on Red (first) branch. The metro circuit in Russian and the price of travel, see our article "Dubai Metro".

From the subway take a taxi right to The Pointe. The official taxi on the meter will cost 20-25 dirhams. Actual course of Dirhama, see our article "What money in the UAE".

Option 2 – Taxi from the hotel. It is convenient, but expensive. Predict the cost of the trip is impossible, depends on the location of your hotel. Maybe from 20 to 140 dirhams. Official Tariffs See our article "Taxi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi".

Option 3 – Free Buses Nakheel Mall Shuttle. Now temporarily do not go due to coronavirus. When you start walking again, we will definitely write.

Option 4 – Monorails. December 1, 2020 Monorail re-opened. BUT! The Pointe station never opened. For this reason, I can not get to MONORELS. Rather, you can drive to Nakheel Mall station (10 Dirhams), and then by taxi to Fountains (12 Dirhams). But is there any sense?

Details about MONORELS Read in our article "Monorails in Dubai".

Opening hours

From 19-00 to midnight.

Shaws are held every 30 minutes. The show lasts an average of 3 minutes.

View price

However, in connection with COVID security measures, to visit The Pointe, it may be necessary to reserve their presence in the official website of Thepointe in the days of events and holidays.AE . Measure is adopted to prevent excessive accumulation of people.

On other days, reservations do not require. And we hope that you will never require.

Where it is better to watch fountains?

Fountains are divided into two parts – Western and Eastern. You can watch any part, they are the same.

See from any point on the embankment, there is no big difference. What the promenade looks like, look at the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge.

From the Central Beach of the Embankment The Pointe you can see both parts of the fountains at once. But watch the view will be on the side and in addition, therefore I will not really see anything.

What is better and more interesting – the fountains of the Palm of Jumeira or Dubai Fountains?

Read our detailed article "Dubai Fountains".

Despite record sizes, fountains on the island of palm trees objectively inferior to Dubai fountains.

First, they have a more simple configuration of seven-wheel circles. And Dubai fountains have two more arcs, which makes the show more diverse.

Fountains Palm Jumeira

Secondly, Dubai fountains are uniform and seem more in size.

If for some reason you could not see the show on the Palms of Jumeira, do not be discouraged, a little lost.

Technical miracle

The most interesting point from a technical point of view is not over the water, but in the water itself. After all, in the fountains of the Palm Jumeira, salted water is used, and the units are located in the sea.

Any such system when working with salty water becomes a source of big problems. First of all, the rust appears in the pipes and aggregates, then the deposition of salt. As in Nakheel Properties plan to deal with these problems? Time will show. Apparently, they have solutions, since they built and launched this miracle.

What else to see nearby

There are many interesting things in the POINTE. CHEEKY MONKEYS Entertainment Center will be interested in children. Also here are trampolines, climbing, playgrounds and slides.

And do not forget about 80 restaurants, cafes and fast foods. Here you can try dishes of almost all the kitchens of the world. The choice is no worse than in Global Village.

But still it is worth noting that as the Pointe shopping center is clearly weak, if you compare with Dubai by MOLL or MOLL OF EMREYTS. We hope that the fountains will strengthen the position of The Pointe. But while this shopping center is convenient and interesting only to guests and residents of Palm Jumeirah Island.

Important and useful tips

– In The Pointe, you can drive with dollars and euros. There is an exchange point UAE Exchange. Courses acceptable, although not the best in the city. Read our review "How and where to change money in the UAE";

– If dancing fountains are interesting, then we recommend traveling to Sharjah fountains;

– In the winter months in the evening in Dubai, it happens quite cold – up to +10 degrees. We recommend dressing warmer. Read our review "Weather in the UAE for months";

– If you are going to rest in Dubai with children, then you must read our review "in the UAE with children – 12 simple rules".

Have a good holiday in the UAE, and read our interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

Fountains Palm Jumeira

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