Four days in the heart of Siberia

In July of this year, the anniversary fifteenth Ethnic Music Festival and Crafts "World of Siberia", became, according to all spectators and participants, meaningful large-scale and cultural phenomenon, among international holiday events in the country.

Where and when an event takes place?

This event is held annually, and now for the fifteenth time, he takes his guest Shushenskoe village in the south of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Five hundred kilometers from the capital of the region, on the shore of Yenisei. Every summer, on the second weekend of July, from Thursday to Sunday, the village turns into a joyful hive of mixing styles, ethnic traditions, musical folk color, bright costumes, unusual souvenirs and delicious odors of folk cuisines. This tradition has long been forgotten.

Some details about Ethno Festival in Shusha

A four-day holiday with the name "World of Siberia" is two hundred fifteen thousand square meters of fascinating creative locations, the music program is carried out simultaneously on 4 scenes. More than a dozen tourist routes are offered for guests, a wide variety of master classes, an exclusive handmade, ethnic kitchen facilities.

Besides: Reconstruction of folk rites and rituals, cinema on the big glade. Just more than seventy events for different taste and age, because the festival has long become a family. Although here you can come in different companies.

Musicians and vocalists participating in the festival are fighting for Obtaining an ethnomy-language award "World". Compete need to go through two levels of competitions, and this happens like. Of all the applicants choose no more forty best, and only they come directly to the festival. Here is the winner on the basis of full-time speeches. All competitive work assesses the jury. Show your talents arrive seekers of award from all over the country. Here are recognized artists, and amateur family ensembles, in which skill is inherited. Such solo performances and unexpected duets, trio, quartets from various genres, you are unlikely somewhere else to hear!

Over the past 3 years, the chadliners of the music program of the festival have become famous artists: "Ivan Kupala", "ZDOB Si Zdub" (Moldova), Nino Katamadze (Georgia), "Euzen" (Norway, Denmark), "Hazmat Modine" (USA), "MGZAVAR" (Georgia), "Otava-ё" (Peter), Boris Grebenshchikov (Moscow).

Masters in various types of crafts and decorative and applied arts also compete with each other. For the best cooked home reward &# 8211; Bowl of the world.

Reasons why it is worth visiting the Festival "World of Siberia" in Shushensky

What is happening in the festival days in Shushensky – unforgettable! You have the opportunity to visit at once in three epochs!

Four days in the heart of Siberia

Ride with the wind on the lapto or iron, treat sugar of reindeer,
treat yourself national varieties of tea, mow grass early in the morning, or collect dew. Sit with new friends by the fire, in yurt, or in the plague.

Visiting the museum – to be in the pre-revolutionary village of the XIX century.

Behind the walls of the Museum-Reserve can be fall into the Soviet era – Business and Administrative Center.

Rural stadium For three days, magically turns into The focus of key concerts with the scene, All technical support, light and sound effects comply with the most modern requirements!

You can go on excursions to the neighboring Khakassia, and on the largest Country hydroelectric station – Sayano-Shushenskaya.

It is unlikely to get only one &# 8211; Combat, because the festival program is painted from five in the morning to two o’clock in the morning. Here is a place breathing with ancient cultures, surrounded by ancient Kurgans, under the scorching Southern South Siberia. Here you can do a lot!

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