Four reasons send tourist to Tunisia

Here, tourists do not need to invent what to do – Tunisia offers excellent beaches, the widest choice of entertainment and spa procedures. In addition, Tunisia — one of the most return summer directions, information about which will never be superfluous.

First reason: Beach

Thanks to its fantastic coast, small sand beaches, which stretch out 575 kilometers, and the Renice of the Paradise Islands, Tunisia is one of the best beach areas of the Mediterranean.

Most beaches in Tunisia sandy, with a gentle sunset in the sea, and the width of the beach strip can reach 70 meters. Gradually growing depth of the sea, small snow-white sand attracts families with children. By the way, most hotels suitable for recreation with children are located in Hammamete.

Meet and stony areas — In the south-east of Djerba, in the center of Monastir and Mahdia, North-Chemmamete and raid, but even here there is a sandy entrance to the sea.

The best beaches can boast the following resorts:

  • Beaches Hammamet — Here the smallest and practically snow-white sand, a wide coastline and a smooth increase in depth.
  • Beach Djerba — Very broad, in some places the coastal sand strip goes deep into the territory in Polkilometer. All beaches of sandy, stony sections of the coast are rare.
  • Beaches Mahdia — This white sand is incredibly small «grinding», Calm azure sea, impressive beach width in combination with good improvement.

There is everything for active family holidays. In the break between the occupations of aquaeerobics and parties to the beach volleyball, you can arrange a flight on a parachute and ride with a giant water slide, challenge the strength of attraction in the fleet of attractions, or take part in the battles, in the Paintball Club. For young and gambling — Huge selection of discos, lounge bars, casino and trendy clubs.

Second Reason: Rich Excursion Program

In the history of Tunisia, different Mediterranean cultures have repeatedly replaced each other. After the fall of the Carthage, the Roman Empire was established, the monuments of which are currently generously scattered throughout the country. Seven objects and monuments are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for their cultural value: these are Carthage objects, Duggi, El Jema and Kerkana, Old Town in Tunisia, Kairhan and Sousse.

Carthage preserved mainly remnants of Roman buildings — Capitol, Amphitheater, Grand Term Antonina, as well as Byzantine Churches.

120 km from the capital you can see the ancient center of Tunisia — Ancient city of Dugga. Here are the Punic Mausoleum, the monument built in honor of the three gods — Jupiter, Junona and Minera, Temple of Goddess Junon Cellections, Roman Bathing, Trium Fal Arch and Other Ancient Constructions.

The most interesting monuments of Muslim Middle Ages are concentrated in Tunisia, Kairhan, Sousse, Monastir, Mahdia, Sfax. Tunisia, the capital and the main port of the country, founded by the Phoenicians in the century to our era. The main attraction is the main attraction – Medina, medieval Arabic city with bazaars, mosques and numerous shops. Here is the Bardo Museum, which contains the world’s largest collection of Roman Mosaics.

In the midst of the mountain landscape, steep plateau and peaks rise amazing architectural structures xura. These «Desert locks» Previously, were binding points for nomads of the region. Some Xours, such as Shenini and Duire — These are villages standing on impregnable vertices. On Berber tongue here they say today.

Third reason: impressions

Large resorts of Tunisia offer tourists a variety of outdoor activities. For fans of water sports, access to thirty ports and parking lots and seven seashest resort complexes, equipped high-level equipment. The sea depths of Tunisia are great, and in most resorts there are diving centers.

A variety of nature: from forests and mountains in the north, to the Sahara desert in the south, it proposes to make memorable walks along various routes: on foot, riding a horse or on a motorcycle. You can have days to improve your technique of tennis game or ride a scooter.

Tunisia has something to conquer golf players. There are ten major golf sites located in places with a wide variety of landscape, from Tabarci forests to Tozer’s palm groves.

To hunting lovers — Guides that show the most interesting places and help catch wild boar.

Four reasons to send tourist to Tunisia articles on tourism from the tourism

Zoo for family recreation «Phrygia», What next to the Hammamet resort. All African beasts are collected here, you can swim with dolphins, the animals themselves live in open spaces, in a natural environment. Entertainment Park Carthageland in Hammamet — This is an analogue of the famous Disneyland. In addition to various attractions, there is a mini-zoo, confectionery, cafe. An hour’s drive from the capital is a crocodile reserve in Jebri. Alligators are brought here from Madagascar, so they can be called relict animals.

Inexhaustible source of vivid impressions — desert. Tunisia has 40,000 square kilometers of sand, the eastern part of the Big Barhana, which offers a magnificent view of the dunes. In Tunisia, 17 national parks, including the Ishkel Park, which is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are also 27 natural reserves in the country.

Fourth Cause: Spa Stallaso

Starting from 1994, Tunisia is one of the basic directions of thalassotherapy and has about sixty centers of Thalasso, located along the coast. It is here that the most advanced Thalasso centers in the world are concentrated, equipped with the latest technology. Most spa centers have panoramic views of the sea and the beach. Solariums, indoor and outdoor pools with sea water, designed for a harmonious combination of recovery and enjoying comfort.

SPA-care is engaged immediately and face, and body, and hair, the whole body as a whole and five feelings – Taste, touch, hearing, smell and vision. Therefore, with thalassotherapy centers, you can find a beauty salon where the tourist offers and care for hair, and manicure, and pedicure.

It is important that the centers of thalassotherapy and spas salons are regularly modernized and equipped with better equipment, and constantly update their suggestions.

One of the most popular Tunisia Tunisia Tenis is Hammamet, where the largest hotels with Thalasso are located. All of them are located on the coast, which ensures the supply of seawater for procedures directly from the sea. To the services of vacationers 14 thalassotherapy centers.

The second most popular is the island of Djerba. This is a quiet and peaceful resort with modern toll-centers. There are hotels of famous networks, in addition to traditional health programs, they offer complexes of individually selected Thalasso procedures.

No less popular Sousse – Resort, which in addition to excellent wellness centers, also has excellent beaches and many attractions. There are 9 thalasso centers here.

Find excellent Thalasso centers in other corners of the country: in Monastir, on the coast of Carthage, in Tabarque.

If tourists suddenly want to combine rest in Tunisia with more serious treatment, you also have something to offer. Balneological resorts of Tunisia comply with international standards in the field of resort treatment, as well as new requirements for organizing health tourism.

Tallaso therapy, treatment and spa, saturated cultural program, walks in the desert or visiting the best beaches of the country… Whatever holiday your tourists choose, you can always offer them Tunisia! Country visits will suit target comfort lovers who value the variety of opportunities and travel family. As well as active, inquisitive loners who are ready for adventure and new impressions. A huge selection of places to stay in Tunisia will satisfy the exquisite requests of the most picky tourist!

Feel in love with Tunisia along with Tunisian National Tourism Office!

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Tunisians themselves come to the southern sulphate keys: the hospital is working in Hammet-Gabes, and around.

In the north of the country, the hotel-balneological complex El Mouradi Hammam Bourguiba has been working in the Ain-Draham district. For procedures, water from two sources is used: the unique mineral composition of the first allows you to treat a wide range of ENT organs. The water of the second source is suitable for eliminating dermatological and rheumatological problems. Another resort – Corbus offers treatment on the waters of three sources with a temperature from +37 °C to +60 °C. This wealth is the waterproof and hotel «Stasisontermal».

Four reasons to send tourist to Tunisia articles on tourism from the tourism

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