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Israel is a very convenient travel country, here is the highest number of impressions per 1 square meter.

Only Israel, possessing a relatively small mainland, could focus on its territory and plains, fertile lands and arid deserts, and still four more seas!

Three of them are generally accepted seas – Mediterranean, red and dead, and one "infused" – Galilee.

Choosing Israel as a place for its next vacation, everyone can find here holidays in interest.

Beach holidays on the Red Sea

Help: Length of the Red Sea 2250km, the maximum width is 355km, and the depth to 2211m.
The content of salts 4.2%, water temperature in the Red Sea in the Eilat area, winter and summer +21 degrees.

Holidays on the Red Sea Choose those who love beach holidays, clean sea and high-quality service.
And at least the coastline of the Red Sea in Israel is only 12km, here everyone will place.

Most hotels in the resort of urban type, and do not have their own beach. For guests’ convenience, hotels offer free beach shuttle.

All beaches municipal and equipped. The resort itself can be divided into two parts of the coral beach and northern coast (sandy and pebble beaches).

Migdalor Beach is very popular, thanks to coral reef and clean water. Another advantage is free sun beds and armchairs.

If you get tired of lying on the beach, you can visit the Timna National Park or High Bar Reserve. Be sure to ride on jeeps in the desert and climb to the viewing area of ​​the underwater observatory.

Beautiful sea panorama opens from it, and you will also see the coastline of four states at once (Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt).
And descending to the depth 6m, it will be possible to watch the life of the inhabitants of the Red Sea through the glass walls of the Observatory.

Eilat is a duty-free zone, so shopping here may not only be fascinating, but also profitable.

Holidays in the Red Sea is a great opportunity to purchase a beautiful tan, the most nice gastronomic adventure, as well as the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture and history of Israel.

Combined rest on the Mediterranean Sea

Help: Mediterranean Sea is one of the largest in the size of the seas on Earth. Salts content in it 3.7%.
Mediterranean Sea is washes 22 states!
Israel coastline, along the coast of the Mediterranean, stretches for the distance 240km!

Here you can find beautiful sandy beaches with gentle descent to water, and azure sea water.

There are beaches both private and municipal. First less, so far from all the hotels can boast your own coastal zone.

Many municipal beaches have a developed infrastructure and equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.
Mediterranean Sea attracts windsurfing lovers due to their big waves.

The most popular resorts of the Mediterranean coast of Israel is Tel Aviv and Netanya.

The latter is suitable for a relaxing family holiday. The young modern city is growing every year more and its infrastructure is becoming more and more diverse.

Tel Aviv – the city is very European in its atmosphere. Mult kilometer lively embankment, excellent hotel base, abundance of all kinds of restaurants and cafes, a variety of shops, shops and markets.

Most often, this resort choose young and dynamic tourists who want to combine beach holidays with industrial capabilities and excursion program.

Dead Sea Treatment

Help: Length of the Merovo Sea 67km, width in the widest place 18km, and the maximum depth is about 380m.
Salts content of about 33%, water temperature in winter +15 degrees, and in summer to +35.

The Dead Sea is the lowest point around the world, it is at minus 423m below the world’s ocean level.
The depth of the sea is reduced every year to 1 meter!

The Dead Sea is an internationally recognized Medical Mecca. A complex of health services that provide local sanatorium hotels is widely developed.

This unique sea is ideal for the treatment of people with skin and articular diseases, and its dry air is perfectly wonderful for people suffering from asthma.

Four Seas in Israel - Jerusalem Mornetsor Avivailat, Israel Blogs and Travel Notes

It’s all about the location of the sea in the deep ******************, it is naturally created by such a layer of air that misses less ultraviolet.

And the dead sea is ideal for the treatment of various nervous disorders. Picturesque therapeutic sea, air, silence and beauty of the surrounding mountains, which may be better for a calm harmonious rest?

Merdovo Sea is a unique place to relax and recovery not only the body, but also the souls.

Eco-tourism in the Galilia Sea

Reference: Galilee Sea, or Lake Kineriet located in the northern part of the country.
Dimensions of lake Kinetress impressive: Long 21km, width about 13km (in the widest place), the depth in the north comes to 40m.
Another interesting fact: Lake Kinryet is located at 212m below the world’s ocean, and is the lowest freshwater reservoir planet.
Lake Kineta is the largest reservoir of Israel, its freshwater artery, carefully protected by the state.

The Galillia Sea, every year more and more attracts lovers of ecotourism. Along the entire coast there are many beaches, both equipped and "Wild", Camping and eco-hotels are provided.

Rich picturesque nature, reserves, eco-routes, hot mineral springs, monuments of history and place of pilgrimage.

Lovers of water entertainment on the lake will be offered to go fishing, surfing and diving, or spill on the Indian Canoe on the Jordan River, which flows and follows from Lake Kinetere.

Rest in the Galilee Sea is suitable for family couples with children. On the beach of the arc (the eastern coast of Lake Kinetet) there is a large park of water rides Moon Gal.

Sweets We recommend visiting a chocolate factory of Galita in the kibbutz Dagani BET (southern part of the lake) and take part in the master classes on the manufacture of chocolate.

In the Hamat Gader reserve there is crocodiles kennel, which presents multi-age individuals from the smallest to mature giants. Here there is a small zoo and circus parrots.

In biblical times on the shores of the Galilee Sea, the events of Christian history were accomplished.
Jesus Christ himself walked alternately, here he began to preach and met his students, and also heal the patients and fed the suffering.
Therefore, for believers, Lake Kinryet became the place of pilgrimage, and numerous religious objects are located on its shores.

One of the most popular tourist places is yardenit – a place of baptism in the waters of the Jordan River.
It is believed that water has a genetic memory, it means that she remembers Jesus Christ, so baptism in the waters of Jordan for believers carries a big spiritual meaning.

No matter what kind of recreation in Israel you did not choose, do not limit yourself to one city. Be sure to travel to the nearest areas, because Israel is a unique country that is impregnated with the spirit of history and religion.

And for those who want to cover all the seas of the Promised Land, we offer the excursion program of the four Sea of ​​Israel (9 nights / 10 days).
This is an excellent opportunity to draw up your own impression of an amazing country, expand the horizons, relax and at the same time correct health!

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