Four seasons Prague

Pushed with beer on the Karlovy bridge or view kilometers of colored glass in the shop windows – not the only way to spend time in Prague. For several years now in the heart of the city on the shore of Vltava, the hotel Four Seasons Prague. From here – in the literal and figurative sense – it opens a special view of Prague, which is really good at any time of the year, well, in the Christmasly time – no doubt.

The driver of Ivan, who met us at the Ruzyne airport, of course, taught Russian in school. "We all had to learn Russian, – Ivan smiles meaningfully, quietly unfolding on New Mercedes S350. – But I’m glad to this, he smiles in the rearview mirror – because now I can easily speak with Russian customers of our hotel".

With the introduction of visas, the capital of the Czech Republic very quickly turned out of the place of mass pilgrimage of the Russians and almost the Moscow suburbs in an excellent European city with Paris architecture and German. The old city healed normal life, only occasionally, now exposed to the invasion of Russian students and American teenagers.

If you look from the hotel’s premier window on the seventh floor, the Gothic Tower of Prague Conditioner seem no more than a fantasy of a skillful pastryer, hoarse on the White Classic Cake of the Royal Palace. In the presidential Sail, that on the second floor of the oldest building of the hotel, romantics a little less, but its windows are literally ten meters from the shore of Vltava. Apparently, therefore, Vladimir Putin, who stayed in Four Seasons Prague, was chosen during his visit to the Czech Republic.

Silent noise of famous Vltava rapids, the best restaurant in the whole Czech Republic, the minute distance to any important place in the center of Prague – what else is needed to. almost wrote "Cozy to meet old age". Not at all. Modern Prague – surprisingly live city with hundreds of shops and thousands of people. However, with the complete absence of Moscow mud, mass bustle and those who have become familiar to almost any European city of illegal immigrants of all stripes.

The main trump card of the Four Seasons is, as London realistors say, "Three Big L", that is "Location, location and location". Five minutes walk to Karlova Bridge, five minutes before the Old Town Square with the famous Kurats of the XV century or to the oldest central Europe of the University of Prague.

Two steps from the hotel begins the most mysterious area of ​​Prague – Josefov: Old Jewish (or, as the Czechs themselves say, "Zhidovsky") Quarters where the ancient Jewish cemetery is located. A small piece of earth on which one on the other ancient tombstones are crowded, surrounded from all sides by residential houses in the style of Baron Osman. Interestingly, their inhabitants do not frighten the ghosts of the legendary Rebbe Lev and his creation, Giant Golem? In any case, the famous book of Gustav Mayrinka was unlikely to have the residents of this area of ​​the desktop.

By the way, about the golem. It is said that his remains still lie in the attic of the marriage synagogue of the XII century. True, check this no one is solved. And those who know the truth, to dispel myths are not in a hurry, because then the flow of tourists, spending so far all reserves of the memory of their memorials and compact flash cards on the shooting of a two-story building in the ground.

In a hundred meters from the Jewish cemetery, the famous Paris Street begins, where the best shops of Prague are located. Independent Louis Vuitton, Monumental Christian Dior, Practical Hugo Boss, Similar Hermes. In March, a large Cartier boutique will open at the corner of the Paris Stale and Old Town Square. Prices are still in kroons that are very similar to rubles if you recalculate in relation to the dollar. Crohn, True, a little bit of the ruble, but also the prices from this seem to somehow.

Four seasons Prague

On the opposite of the Four Seasons, the shore of Vltava rushes Prague Sea, the place is quite mysterious even in the afternoon surrounded by schoolchildren. From the hotel to him to go about twenty minutes, however, most of the road – on the old stairs to the mountain. Overcoming hundreds of three steps and finally fattening, step on the last and. Fail for some time from the opening view on (well, how to stay from bafflies?) Child Prague!

By the way, if you walk all the same desire, then you can order a limousine at any time (all the same Mercedes S350). Rooted routes: shopping for Paris Street, in Opera and back, not to mention the meeting at the airport.

However, to be honest, it’s not very much and want to leave the hotel. This is true, however, at all and not the view of Vltava from the window of the room and not a classic lobby with a fireplace, where you can spend the whole day, drinking coffee with a fantastic strit, pretending that you have an important meeting. Allegro’s fault is the best, according to the American reference book Zagat 2006 Europe’s Top Restaurants Guide, a restaurant not only in Prague, but in the whole Czech Republic.

Here commander Vito Mollyka, former restaurant chief Il Teatro in Milan Four Seasons. And kitchen, of course, the highest Italian. Czechs in general, by the way, are very passionate about Italian food: in the center of Prague, the relevant institutions are hardly more than traditional beers with Plzen or Budweezer. In Allegro, a bias is felt in the direction of classic Piedmont: truffles, game, risotto and a good choice of excellent Barolo. Well, and under the fish – light white Arneis from the same Piedmont.

Wines helps to understand Sommelier Yang – he from Holland, but lives in Prague. "Excellent city, – says Yang. – I am glad I live and work here". And it’s hard to disagree with him.

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