Four thousand islands

Four thousand islands (Sifandon, Si Pan Don) – the southernmost part of Laos, bordering Cambodia. Here, the magnificent Mekong is divided into sleeves, forming several large islands.

In the dry season of water in Meconge, there are still thousands of small islets on the surface, which in the rainy season go under water again. This is a stunningly picturesque place gives the shelter to all travelers who want to stay for some time away from civilization.

By cycling on the islands Sifandon. Laos. Photo Credit: Michael Wiggins, Flickr

The main entertainment here is reading a book in a hammock and watching stunning sunsets. In addition, on the islands you can ride a bike, look at river dolphins, walk from a spectacular cascade waterfall and visit local villages.

Waterfall Li PHI, Don Khon Island. Photo Credit: Nicolas Jouhet, Flickr

Panorama Waterfall Li Phi, Don Khon Island. Photo Credit: AccChong, Flickr

Sunset over Islands, Sifandon. Photo Credit: Donatella Venturi, Flickr

Four thousand islands most often included in the routes of combined travels in Cambodia and Laos. Stop on the islands is a great way to translate the spirit and relax, before you continue your journey.

Despite the loud name ; Four thousand islands ;, the choice for travel is limited by the fact of three islands: the biggest Island of the Don Khong archipelago (Don Khong) and two small islands Don Kong (Don Det) and Don Det.

Don Children Island

Tiny Don Children’s Island ; The most popular sifandon island among travelers. This Beckpecker Mecca is especially popular among young becpeckers ; Here is a mass of budget housing, bars and cheap meals, plus your own special partition)

The main format of housing on the island of Don Children ; Tiny simple bungalows near the river with mosquito nets and hammocks on the terraces.

Bungalow on the island of Don Children. Photo Credit: Niscratz, Flickr

Don Khon Island

Room khon, neighboring, usually choose independent travelers who want more comfort and smaller youth tus. The main attractions of the islands ; Waterfall Li PHI and Bind Point for Surveillance Dolphins ; are at a pedestrian walk.

Here you can find very pretty medniece bungalows at the river (naturally, with hammocks) and quite good restaurants. Atmosphere ; Absolutely relaxing.

Residents of the island don Khon. Laos. Photo Credit: Ben The Man, Flickr

Don Khong Island

The largest island of the Don Khong archipelago (Don Khong) remains the least tourist and least visited. This is a sleepy lazy authentic place, suitable for those who want to get closer to get acquainted with the life of Mekong, as well as cyclists ; Enthusiasts (island with its size, landscapes and landscapes are ideal for cycling.

Rural Weeks on the island of Don Khong. Photo Credit: Ben The Man, Flickr

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Four thousand islands

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How to get to the islands of the Sifandon

Getting to the islands, in fact, absolutely simple, as the tour offices and most of the guests of the nearby cities of Cambodia and Laos offer connect tickets (bus boat) directly to the desired island.

From Laos to the islands is easiest to get from the Packs or Champasaka. Bus / minivan tickets are sold to Don Khong Islands, Don Kong and Don Children and usually include a boat (be sure to specify this option when buying). Boats that run to the islands are most often small, so it will not be superfluous to protect the luggage from water. The path to the islands takes about 3 hours.

From Cambodia you can get to the islands Don Children and Don Kong. The starting point on the islands is most often krati, it is most interesting to stop in the route on the way to Laos from Phnom Penh. Alternative option ; Stunt (Strung Teng) will suit those who do not plan to linger on the way. From the Phnom Penh and Siemirieve can also be shown on VIP ; buses (about 7-8 and 12-13 hours in the way, respectively). You can also get from Balununga (Ratanakiri).

The path from Cambodia includes moving to the border by bus / minivan, the transition of the border, moving to the ferry / boat and, in fact, moving to the islands. Visa to Laos can be issued on the border (check in place, when buying tickets).

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Four thousand islands

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