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Fabulous Island, Paradise, Pearl of the Andaman Sea – What is the epithets not awarded the travelers Phuket. Developed infrastructure with world-class restaurants and shopping centers, magnificent beaches and nature, rich cultural and historical heritage every year attracts thousands of tourists here. It is not surprising that it was in Phuket in 2012 a jewelry boutique of Fragola (Fragola Creations jewelry house), which adheres to Fashion Jewelery, who has developed at the end of the 20th century due to the rapid progress of the high fashion industry.

This direction allows you to select decorations to a certain style of the owner in clothes, shoes, accessories and combines fashionable and stylish decorations with eccentric personality and unusual design. Trend flows from year to year change, but the originality and beauty will remain unchanged.

Jewelry boutique

In the boutique of the Fragola Creations jewelry house (Fragola Creations), decorations of several jewelry designers are presented on Phuket. Of the names known in the jewelry world: Gabriella Bruni from "Galliana Creations", Renato Venturi from "Passione Gioielli", Nikolai Tymoschuk, the creator "Safo". In a unique floral collection, the products of the "Fragola Creations" are presented. In their collections prevailing avant-garde with motifs of flora and fauna, marine and geometric themes.

Fashion trends are reflected in silver and gold jewelry. Massive bracelets and rings with vectivated vegetable and marine ornaments in the form of flowers, stems and leaves as well as the corals of the Italian brand "Passione Gioielli" are made of silver coated from Rhodium and Gold. Such technologies make it easier for the weight of the product, give additional strength and significantly reduce the cost compared to gold jewelry.

One of the main characters of the fragola brand is strawberries: in Italian name is translated as "strawberries" or "strawberry". The boutique features an exclusive collection with Ruby Rosych: Graceful Strawberry Earrings or a sophisticated Ring with a bee on a flower strawberry.

A separate stand is dedicated to the traditional plants of Thailand – Orchids. Pendants, earrings and brooches from living flowers are covered with special enamel and edged with a layer of gold. And any of the multicolored jewelry has no analogues, as each flower is unique.

Animalism lovers will attract rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and suspensions in the form of various fauna representatives: octopuses, snakes, frogs, beetles, birds and other. And the jewelers of the "Passione Gioielli" brand created from silver and gold of different color shades a collection of jewelry that mimics the skin of the crocodile.

By the way, about decorations of different colors. In the frangle boutique you will find products from white, yellow, rose gold and both traditional silver and black. For example, very beautiful men’s cufflinks from Galliana Creations, combining yellow gold with white and black silver.


Fragola jewelry store on Phuket - Copyright decorations, bears, gold, silver guide

Separately, I would like to highlight the Bear Berry collection in the form of a bears from the parental or gold-plated 925 silver samples with sapphires and color enamel. Such key rings and suspension will become an excellent gift for fashionistas and mods, they can be fastened to mobile phones, bags or use in the form of jewelry. You can choose a closing sympathetory in the national costume, in the form of an angel, baby with a nipple, monarch of a person and even a muster bear in bikini. The cost of Bear Berry bears varies from 80 to 170 dollars.

Decorations with pearls

Phuket impossible to imagine a jewelry store without pearl products. It is in the warm Andaman Sea that real jewels are born. Fragola boutique is the official representative of the Thai brand Amorn, the pearl farm of which is located in the Bay of Phang Nga. Their products were repeatedly awarded members of the royal family.

The Creators of the Amorn brand are proud that it was them that they had the creation of a crown for the Miss Switzerland contest, and recently, in 2012, it was they who created the famous crown of the winner of the Miss Singapore contest. In 2013, they were entrusted with the design for the Crown of the Miss Thailand contest. In the collection of the fragol boutique you will find both products from the classic white and black pearls and more modern pink, gold and pearls of other shades. Pearl ornaments are presented in various variations and designs. There are even ultra-modern necklaces and necklaces with pearls in the form of hearts and stars. Of course, the lovers of classics either will not stay without shopping, the choice of jewelry, which can be put on with a small black dress, is quite large.

All products made of gold jewelry fragrances jewelry buyers get a lifetime warranty. Many of the decorations are produced in a piece copy, and a copy is possible only with the permission of the owner of the first product. You can be sure that your ring or necklace will be so unique in the world.

A visit to the jewelry boutique of fragola (Fragola Creations) is possible only by prior arrangement. There is no other way to visit the store, as it works only in private. You can book a trip by phone +66849056656 (Viber, Line, WhatsApp, SMS).

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