Frame as an intention

The road to his beloved case for Mark Podrababin was long, in the geographical sense, including – from the cold weather of the Oymyakan region to the warmth and light of Sofita television studios of Moscow. Out off from the journalism and tricking himself in different roles in the press and on television, Mark was on the "my planet" and found himself as a charismatic hunter for the frames than and won the love of viewers. The editorial office of the club "My Planet" asked a few questions about seen and filmed.

MP: What is the main conclusion you made from meetings with heroes on your trips?

– People are about the same everywhere, but at the same time very different. You fix this difference and understand what this person is different from you and from those people with whom you are used to communicate and what he wants.

MP: some novice photographers are difficult to photograph unfamiliar people in someone else’s country. You have advice on this?

– Go to a person and take a picture of it – this is how to approach the person and speak with him. It is necessary to cross over a certain inner barrier, constraint. If there is a common language on which you can talk, I ask permission to take a picture of a person, and you can always be elementary to explain gestures. In Southeast Asia, the following technique works great: you do a frame without permission, and then show the result on a digital camera to a person. Local residents are always very rejoiced!

MP: Did you have experience in shooting something repellent, unpleasant?
– Somehow we did a program about Cuban sorcerers, where they filmed a real rite. In a meter, a goat’s head was cut with a huge Tesacian from me, and because of my back, at the same time, there was some crazy woman and began to drink blood straight out of the throat. And I all taking pictures at the distance of an elongated hand, the eyes of our assistant were the size of a saucer, and the hair of the whole team stood on end.

MP: You have a mission? You pursue some purpose, taking pictures?
– I just do what I like, and in this process I like absolutely everything. I like to go to another country to find interesting personnel there. The name of my program "For Frame" means a hunt for the scenes, with the viewer together we hunt all the way for this frame. I like the photographing process itself, I like to watch which frame turned out, or when I understand that you need to do another frame. I like when I return after shooting to the hotel, keeping photos on the laptop and watches them. I like it when I have a folder of selected photos.

MP: Have you had any fatal photos?
– Fortunately, no. There are photos that have become very popular. Six years ago in the Himalayas, when we went to Everest, in some mountain village on the road, a little boy jumped out right in front of me, and I took a picture of him from the hip. This photo is still one of my favorite. Another favorite photo – with my daughter, last summer, in the country. It happens (and before traveling including) that you sit and once! – Suddenly a photo that would like to get, and a whole trip can be built around it. And that day I "saw" this picture, brought the dog from the neighbors, put the easel, and now it turned out a levitory daughter.

MP: What equipment do you usually do on shooting?

– I have three lens with me: wide-angle 16-35 mm, television 70-200 mm and my favorite 35 mm, which intersects the focal length from 16-35, but I love him very much for the picture that he gives it. Recently I prefer Gorillapod – this is a small tripod of balls, in most cases replacing a large bulky tripod.

Frame as an intention

MP: Favorite Country for Photography?

– Almost all Southeast Asia, crazy in colors and texture, where the choice of plots is not completely limited.

MP: And where would you like to live?
– Amsterdam and Tel Aviv – there I could live. Amsterdam – because people are free there, satisfied with life, lungs. Such an atmosphere relates him to Tel Aviv. Only in Tel Aviv is even more felt, because there is a continuous war and for people a day without incident – this is a buzz. The feeling of love for life is spread there in the air.

MP: How did you start taking pictures?
– I work on television since 2001, before that I wrote in newspapers on sites. On TV worked as a reporter, a specialcor, a military arger, a leading talk show, editor of the final release, then I called me on "My Planet". I managed to make several abstract travel programs and a cycle about the Trophy expedition, well, and then the leadership had an idea to divide all correspondents for the format. And by that time I had the concept of the program, I was already fond of photo. It all came out.

MP: That is, when there is a plan and desire, one day the opportunity will appear for implementation?

– In any undertaking, the main thing is the intention. Not just think about something or dream, but to know what it will be exactly how you want. It makes the universe spinning around you. Once I went to work, stopped at the traffic light, on the radio played a song from the movie "Moulin Rouge" El Tango de Roxanne. I heard, here the song is over and began a news block. It was some kind of entertainment radio station, and the first news was that in Amsterdam, they want to reduce the number of showcases in the Red Light Quarter. And before my eyes there is a picture of how these sad girls are sitting under this melody. I drove to work, I went to the bosses with an enlightened face with a proposal to make the plot on this topic. After a week I shot the plot in Amsterdam. And there are many such cases, almost everything I do is done this way.

Frame as an intention

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