France, Blois: The storm is canceled

Here in this nice town we spent today and spent. I arrived yesterday not very late, so we managed to sleep as much as 6 hours. In the morning they went to look at the city, the good is very small. Yes, and in principle, we now have big and there will be almost.

Here in this nice town we spent today and spent. I arrived yesterday not very late, so we managed to sleep as much as 6 hours. In the morning they went to look at the city, the good is very small. Yes, and in principle, we now have big and there will be almost.

Completely non-erase streets, old buildings – everything as we love.

Blois Castle managed to see only outside. In such good weather it is better to walk more.

Probably in this photo he looks boring. However, he is a little prettier in reality. Probably and inside there well.

I often see old cars, on which the lovers of antiquities are cutting. This is usually French Citroen and Peugeot, today met old American Corvette. Legendary car.

Spiers are usually churches. From afar looking very and very cute. Nearly, too, usually impressively. Almost in all homes are clearly used fireplaces or furnaces – the pipes stick out at all.

All over the city, the sea of ​​such a whim on the roads, and with different characters. They perform different roles – from the designation of the boundaries of pedestrian crossings to completely incomprehensible. That’s on this wild, a symbol of some kind of Louis, kings, but there are other characters.

Suddenly, Anton Palych himself seemed from the corner! Reception with a bottle of champagne in hand. What is it for?

And we liked this town, as well as the previous. They are still quite similar to each other, although each with some nuances. It would be good to wander for everyone slowly, going into different shops and shops, talking to people. For this, it is necessary, of course, arrange no month of honey, and at least a year. Well, the French learn would have to.

From afar fragrant garden with various varieties of roses. Now this city will be associated with the smell of flowers. And weather, the weather is what!

Interestingly, are there any restrictions on the choice of colors for the design of facades, various architectural elements on the outside? That is why no anyone, and then Batz – and the Red Door?

At least the town and small, but it is possible to listen with unusual. Streets agree and diverge under all sorts of angles, intertwined in completely illogical patterns. It’s good that we have a WPS.

Blois, goodbye, we go to your surroundings to get acquainted with locks. In this area, they are full – if I’m not mistaken, a few dozen. In all of us, of course, we will not go, but some will write. Today at least one. Road in places of red, as in the Park Zaon in the States. While the weather pleases – almost perfect. Not hot, clouds are beautiful, the sun shines.

Chambor Castle – Our first in France. Looks like really like a real castle from fairy tales. So here we are intact inside today!

That’s what are good Chinese tourist fellow, so this is what they are moved by pile. Came running, stopped, photographed and ran away. Sometimes even stopping. Everything is organized and ordered. True, they are usually a lot everywhere, but in breaks between groups you can have time to take a picture.

France, Blois Storm is canceled

All sorts of kings would know that in their mirror we will once be reflected! HM. And after all, after a hundred-two hundred, someone else will probably.

Fortunately, you can climb here almost everywhere. Hooray! We are curious, in all places will look. And won on that stairs will definitely rise.

It seems here a surprise of some horse is prepared. Rather, horse.

An animal would definitely not understand why he is still such a strange horn. Ancient tapestries.

Nearby, as it happens with every big estate and other castles, it is necessary to have a reservoir. Only on top of it noticed. It seems that tourists give boats with electric motors – float, buzzing with might.

Went to another castle, but on the way they met pointers to some other estates. It seems like the castles too. In one stubborn, they decided to call, to look quickly, but also the parking lot turned out to be paid. We climbed several euros and went there, where they were going. I will say right away – we didn’t get there too. The weather began to deteriorate, the castle himself, judging by the photos a completely ugly, resembling the usual big house (outside), and inside the cliff did not want. We will go, we are better in the other tomorrow.

On the way to some kind of town they decided to arrange afternoon, the benefit of our croissants, some kind of cute bun and thermos with coffee. The sun was gone, clouds are thickened, so we sat in jackets and looked at the river and athletes running by the river and athletes, healthy with each. In general, there are some bikes about the French – they say, intensely, they, arrogant and generally unpleasant people. Especially waiters. We did not notice this. We have so far found polite, smiling and good-natured people. Even if they try to talk to them in English. In general, they are good.

Megaklya thing – a small traffic light-dubler, which is always hanging under great. Very convenient.

Another interesting instance is a portable traffic light. Meets in the town of Tour, in which we arrived on the day – We spend a couple of nights here. Today let’s go to settle in the apartment that I was removed on the Eirbnb. Before tomorrow, friends!

France, Blois Storm is canceled

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