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The capital of Overnie and the Administrative Center for the Department of Puy-de-House – Clermont-Ferrand (Clermont-Ferrand, Clarmont-Ferrand) is located on the slope of the Puy Mountain Rutching Volcanoes, at an altitude of about 410 meters above sea level.

This is one of the oldest cities of France – still Strabo mentioned him under the name of Nemessa, in the Roman period he was known as the August-Nemomum (it was here, on the plateau of Hrovia, in 52 BC. NS. Galla won their only victory over the troops of Julia Caesar) – and one of the largest cities of Gaul. By the beginning of the Middle Ages already became Clermon (848 g.) The city turns into a major shopping center and the bishopath – it is from here, by the way, the first crusade begins. Louis XIII in 1630 unites the strongly born Clermont with his nearest neighbor and the competitor to Monferran (Montferrand), but only in the XIX century they finally merge into a single city.


Centre Old Town Located just on the site of an ancient unmersion and quite know in your appearance. Characteristic black volcanic stone, from which most old houses of Clermont Ferran are built, distinguishes it brightly from more "Light" Historic centers of other French cities, which looks particularly brightly on the background of tiled roofs and white walls of newer quarters. City center and its highest construction – Cathedral Notre Dame (CATHEDRALE NOTRE-DAME-DE-L’ASSOMPTION DE CERMONT-FERRAND, XIII-XIX V.), whose black spiers and characteristic arches can be seen on thousands of postcards, marks and photos from France. By the way, the color of this volcanic stone. Locals with the inherent French grace is called not black, but "Similar to the darkest plot on the wing of a pigeon". The cathedral is often confused with another church of the city – famous for its carved portic Basilica Notre Dam-du (NOTRE-DAME DU PORT, XI-XII BB.) However, the latter is similar to it only by name, being on the architecture representative of the Romanesque style (it is believed that in 1095, Pope Urban II announced the first crusade). In contrast to its more "young" A neighbor, the stone of the Basilica turned out to be quite reluctors to the contaminated air of the modern city and is subjected to rapid destruction (in 1998 the complex was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List).

Between the Cathedral and Square de Jaude, you can find many excellent restaurants, cafes, shops and chief Morning market Cities in St. Pierre Square. Also nearby is another visiting card of the city – Statue of the Gallic Chief of Versingetorix, Raising the uprising against Caesar and managed to win the very battle on the plateau of the Hrogia. A little further, on Rue Ballainvilliers, you can see Museum of Barguan (open from Thursday to Saturday from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 13.00 to 17.00, on Sundays – from 14.00 to 17.00; entrance – 4 euros) with a good archaeological collection located near the old one Martyr de Weir cemetery (refers to the second century n. NS., now excavations are being conducted here), as well Museum of natural science leak and Art Museum Roger Kilo (open from Thursday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00; entrance – 4 euros) in the complex of the old monastery Ursulilok (XVIII in.) on Louis-Deteix Square.

Numerous old quarters with distinguished houses under the tiled or stone roof, as well as the famous Volcanic Dome of Puy de House (1464 meters), which exploded approximately 10 thousand years ago and now is just a beautiful hill, offering a beautiful view of the city. Next to somewhat smaller Dome Puy de Perco With its crater, a depth of about 100 meters can be detected Ruins of the Roman Temple of Mercury (free entry) and Memorial in honor of Ezhen Renault, Which in 1911 during the struggle for Michelin prize planted his plane in this place. Today, deltaplaneers and paragliders, as if inheritating the glory of Renault, was chosen by this hill for their flights, a grain over the city is like inkivine birds.

France city Clermont Ferrand

A certain color of the city gives the headquarters of the world-famous tire manufacturer Michelin, which leads its own history since 1889 and still has a significant impact on the life of the city (suffice to say that the annual International Festival of Short Film Clermont Ferran is held with the support of this company).

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Volcanoes overnight and Clermont Ferrand

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