France currency: personal experience

In the event of if you exist on the very edge of fashion, and only the high French style for you is synonymous with quality and good taste, then at your service numerous Paris boutiques and famous department stores type Gallery lafette, Pretan, Samarite, Bon Marshae (the so-called big stores). In the second half of March there are new, spring collections with discounts. Well, traditional Christmas sales and in July. Note that in Paris, it is usually all before lunch to excursions, and after lunch in the shops. In the morning in department stores quite free. I recommend them to visiting simply from aesthetic considerations.

In Lafayette www.Galerieslafayette.Com all impressive chic dome. And you, cute lady, if you want to add your Parisy image and give it a logical completion, then take advantage of the possibility of halvae in the huge sector of cosmetics (at the sight of the wallets of all men usually tremble from fear). Ask to put the red and black tones and the kind of your will be quite Moulinruzhevsky. Be half an hour and run to the mirror. Wow!! SE Manifik! Consommer Avec Moderation! In the station store Pretan http: // / that through a quarter from lafette is a good restaurant at the top and great view Point. And at the bottom there is a large sex – a shop with mixed saleswomen, after visiting which your personal life can be somewhat diversified.

Large and pontyrian fashion stores are located along the Elysees fields, in all directions of which, also diverge streets with small expensive boutiques. I, however, I do not fully understand how things can buy there, choosing one of the two hanging in the luxury boutique. For me, it is better for Roshshuar to Tati whose principle is always alone: ​​who is deeply digging, the steeper of everyone dresses.

Summary of French Cherkizon, where all sorts of goods are laid on the shelves on the shelves. Vali Cool, then wonder. In the nineties we bought a lot of things, with pride demonstrating pink bags. Nothing there, at first glance, has not changed. All the same numerous, mostly hot shoppers, together break the contents of baskets and, despite the walking tourists, spend loudly, demonstrating each other the most liked things.

I have a praised Paris stores quickly, after one day of shopping, I completely lose orientation and I can even pop up with the door, knocking down his forehead, go out in the mirror. It happened. After which I express my wife a solid protest and try shopping. Women still from there not to drive out, for them all the geography of trips is tied to the clothes they bought in one place or another. Full cabinet of memories, some do not form.

For those who, as I love to ride in different bears, or something my own collects, expanded on Paris fleems and especially on CLINNCUR WWW.Parispuces.Com / FR /, where you can buy absolutely everything, even the furniture of the time of Richelieu with delivery to your home.

Nobody in France, unlike Russia, was not shot for noble roots, old things, household items and antiques are perfectly preserved and are actively offered on the market. But in general, you can even go there to feel the spirit of stories, as in the museum in which all the time of time passes in front of the eyes. For half a day you can see everything – from Napoleonic uniforms to the bag over the shoulder from the leatherette with the inscription "USSR-Canada, 1976". Whole streets antiques. There is a market at PORTE DE CLIGNANCORT. Rising from the subway, move on the signs on the brown arrow signs "March&# 233; AUX PUCES". Works on weekends from morning to lunch. On Klianyankur there is its own party, something like a Sunday Club, where many people just come to communicate.

Wants Market PucesDevanves.Typepad.COM (Metro Porte de Vanves, on the road you can get out on the road on the Montparnasse, pofotkatsya against the background of the black pencil of the skyscraper), in my opinion, where practical. And the baryrs there are probably, even our former compatriots come across. Antiques in this market is smaller, but more retro-things of the 60s and above years, beneficial in the economy. If you like something big, then the delivery is taken care of the company Camard. And unlike Klianyankura, where it is necessary to read the terrain, breaking it on the squares, Vanv stretched almost along one street.

France Currency Personal Experience

Outlets under Paris: Tips

On the next stop on the road from Disneyland VAL D’Europe – Serris-Montevrain is the outlet village La Vallee Village http: // www.Lavalleevillage.COM /. Squeeze at times more pleasant than in the center. I liked it since last year. The atmosphere around after Disney was quiet and serene, there were several cute small cafes. Sit yourself Durachin, drink fruccino. His wife and daughter immediately took away the distance as Ellie with the same way, and I calmly sat down, rested, then walked. There, near each house, benches are installed, you can land, translate the Spirit, if the whole day is on my feet. I would generally offered to execute those owners of stores, who have no benches or chairs for buyers. Or, at least, allowed such a dirty abruptly. But a couple would still shoot. And as in China, publicly, at the stadium, under the drums. Let the rest understand what it is for women to roam.

Brands, of course, in the village is not scene and it happens that there are not all sizes, but the atmosphere is quite a civilian. Personally, the village fell to the taste, and I recommend it, but I warn you that I don’t really understand.

Of course, everything in this matter depends on the degree of your sophistication. If you are a person without unnecessary claims and you can walk like the last sucker in the previous collection of Ralph Lauren, then boldly go out of the subway to the entrance to a large long store and the passage of his sections with river names – Volga, Danube, and T. D. Before stopped in the village. In this long center there are also many shops, but more democratic Zara type brands. The center works and after seven. But it is better not to linger in the suburbs. It happens that it’s hard to leave in the evening – a lot of people. And not in any car you should sit down, in the evenings, local teenagers from their acechemov crowds break to the city. You can be the only one in the car owner of light skin. There is nothing terrible in this, but the youth everywhere is the same – noisy and screaming. No difference with Russia. Try in the evening to get there by train to Moscow from some longcoming. Similarly, reluctance to go in one car with our scumbags, which is distinguished by a friend before the boyfriend as a monkey.

France Currency Personal Experience

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