France in Russian

At first I obviously lacked French. This is the first problem that the visits are faced.

In matters of language, all the French are really sniffing. And they don’t know English. Probably, this is the only nation, which is not just "not very" with this foreign language, and which has a certain inner protest at the genetic level! Languages ​​say that the French are evil on the British since the time of century. Who knows, maybe in the XXI century it is still a reason not to learn the language.

They do not bring mistakes: all the time get strapted, interrupt. And it confesses me. (It is believed that the happiness of a person depends on the language on which he says, that is, there are languages ​​"merry" and "sad". About this and why, in Russian, there is a word of longing, "My Planet" wrote here.)

And so the French are very different: and arrogant, and friendly. (On the secrets of the French charm.)

In the Central Region – Loire Valley – Successful Life, than elsewhere. Therefore, local behave in the traditions of the old-fashioned French bourgeoisie: they even seem like a little evil. I lived here first. Places are famous primarily by their castles located on the shores of the Loire River. I was in 14 of them – one picturesque of another! (Aeropanorama Loire castles: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.)

In northwest, in Normandy, people are completely different. I did not even suspect that residents of different regions may vary. Normans are very responsive. Sometimes they even try to speak with their foreign friends in English – it’s just nonsense.

But Paris is my unloved place in France. Many of my friends tolerate him can not. This is a very noisy, dirty city, there is a terrible metro and everywhere mad crowd of Chinese tourists. I do not know how good this city is good for life.

The capital begins to me like mom comes to me. Immediately somehow cozy in all bistro, beautifully on all the streets, tasty in all restaurants.

On the Eiffel Tower I was polrase, and from there I do not have a single photo.

But visits to the Louvre were a lot, I love to go there. As a student, I can walk there for free, so "Jokunda" saw seven times. But there is nothing unusual in it: it is small, hidden under glass and, honestly, even a little caused disappointment. Around her just created a mystical image because she was trying to steal.

Despite the external gloss, in France there are social problems. In particular, homeless. In the central region they are less, in Normandy – more, because it is a poorer part of the country. Urban commune is responsible for homeless. The car with a red cross circles at midnight the whole city and looks at what bridge they spend the night, and brings products, shoes, clothes, helps them.

Complex question and emigrants. The situation is becoming worse and worse – up to the point that France loses its identity, originality, tradition. There is a strongest mixing of cultures.

The immigrants from Muslim countries do not want to integrate into the culture France, live with huge families, go to their national clothes. They do not care about the French identity that it is not necessary to loudly include your music. I am completely incomprehensible to me: I arrived in another country – respect her orders.

But migrants migrants mug! Some will learn the language and communicate to culture. And others – to live on the allowance, steal, violate public order. Unfortunately, the second-type people are more.

In France, I miss Russian and Russian simplicity. France – a country of individualistic representations. Here we are not brother, we are colleagues. But I start to fall from the first and retracted to the second.

Russians should borrow from the French understanding that every person can be who he wishes. I want us to do not condemn people, did not vaccinate any public assessment. And it would also be useful to adopt the legal system: so that social protection was at a higher level so that women are better protected.

Trade unions are very strong here, and strikes can really affect the situation. The French have the right to this, and no one can prohibit the rally. For example, in the summer of 2018 there was a strike of railway workers – a real nightmare.

The same situation and recycling. If people proceed, trade unions are immediately connected, which protect the rights of workers. Overtime cost the firm is expensive, so everyone obliges to leave work on time. After work everyone is in a hurry home and there it does not touch – do not mix personal and professional. The French do not like to process at all.

Desktit after working day – French cuisine. If you visit the coastal cities of France, then we will certainly try seafood! To whom what soul: oysters, shrimps, mussels, snails and much more. For mussel lovers, I will say that I discovered a new taste "under the rocufor sauce". Marinated mussels in fault with herbs and in the creamy sauce moved to the background after that! Add crispy homemade potatoes and, of course, Norman Cider.

But frogs, despite stereotypes, the French eat quite rarely. To taste, they are like a gentle chicken meat, I tried, I liked it. But this is not a dish that will cook at home.

France in Russian

Another myth says that the French men – the magnitude of romantic nature. Everyone I know is pretty pragmatic, love to save. In general, probably, French romance is a little cliche.

Despite intolerance to errors, France is included in the circle of those countries that are combined by the Erasmus educational program. It allows you to choose a European country, go there for half a year or a year and learn from the University of Exchange. European Commune will even pay you some small scholarship – € 200-300 for accommodation and personal expenses.

France free higher education for foreigners. No need to fall off thousands of euros, just come, write down, learn.

French university is a school life. No one will give you a lecture, even if you missed her for a good reason. Individualism teaches everyone to do it yourself.

We studied only those subjects that were useful to us. No lyrical deviations, history … Only what is needed by my specialty – "Project Management". But practices are still not enough.

But when I went from France to study in Sweden, I got acquainted with my future young man. It happened quite by chance, he was the only Swede in our dormitory. Then we had a beautiful story of dating, when we together admired the northern shine.

Now I have the last year of the Student Resident Card in France. And the next year I will have the last resident map that is given to me to find a job. It is necessary to cling to that a working contract is suggested here for at least a few years. No contract – no residence view.

What kind of house relative and more important? Today, probably, still the French house, its rules and the situation in it. This is my real, with whom I should reckon. This is my window into the world. France allowed me to someone else’s person, to get an education, claim social assistance. She allowed me to go to Sweden. She is my strict and wrinkled reception family, which teaches me life and responsibility to your manner. She allows me to work here and arrange your life, making it clear that one day I can even become her native daughter!

Closer to me Sweden. We do not like the paper with her equally, believe in good and that everyone has the right to be happy and live with comfort. We respect the efficiency and speed of labor with her, and also do not judge a person by clothes.

Nor to me Russia. Here are my loved ones, my roots. Only by the efforts of my beloved family I can see the world now, look at things under a different angle and cultivate your best qualities.

However, probably, I never answered exactly the question for me.

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