France: Leave to return

Even the French themselves, when they talk about France, they often cannot resist epithets. And the main one – "Belle"; "Ma Belle France", "My beautiful France". She really is beautiful, this happy country is, albeit one of the biggest in Western Europe, according to our standards, she is quite small. And in this small space is everything you need for a person for happiness. Harsh (in local, of course, standards), hardworking north – and languid, wounded south; They are so unlike each other, as if they are separated by no hundreds, but tens of thousands of kilometers. Seasons also change this country to unrecognizable – the one who saw France in winter simply will not recognize it in the summer. Still, summer is the best time of the year (yes forgive me the fan of skiing and other purely winter joys – yet in this world they are in a minority, yet most of humanity dreams for a whole year. And here is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and even at the best time of year, that is, in the summer – it certainly needs to be seen, because it is exactly what is called "as good as it gets".

Of course, Paris is always great – and under the rain, and under a gray dull sky, and under an infrequent snow, and blowing raw wind, he still remains Paris. Thus, the city that we all know from childhood; the city that we imagine long before we see him for the first time.

The first time in Paris is amazing. It turns out to be familiar in a strange way and at the same time – absolutely not the way it draws in imagination. Recognize it from the car window – it means not to know it at all; To see Paris truly, it should be walking on it.

Walk calmly and serenely, not rushing into excess clothes, not tormented with akin to the annoying umbrella, without worrying with wet legs and natural, but annoying rhinit. And this means that the best time for Paris is also summer. Let even roast – in Paris there will always be to hide from the heat: in the same Louvra is quite cool, well, if today it does not pull on the culture, then what is there, and in the cafe there is no shortage. Glass of cold mint water, glass of ice white wine – and heat retreats, defeated.

However, it is already quite difficult to find a person who never really thought to get to Paris. Poor students wink money all year so that in the summer let for a few days, let the bus, but get to Paris. Weissive gentlemen fly to Paris on the weekend – a couple of days in "George V", Easy shopping on Fobur Stubur Street or in the district of Le Mare, and home. And how otherwise – for us, Paris has always been and remains something big than just a big and beautiful abroad city. Big and beautiful foreign cities in the world full of full, and Paris – he is the only, unique, beloved and reused since childhood.

Yes, Paris is great. He is the biggest diamond of the French crown, but he is far from her deception. In fact, France is so covered with these diamonds that the eyes are running out, and I want to see everything, that is, it is an immense. And this, unfortunately, it is impossible.

Although temptation is great. France lures no worse than the real sorcerer. It all starts with the fact that you have to reach the famous Parisian suburbs – Versailles. You wander there, the last time among palaces, fountains and summer luxury park; and then you choose on the motorway – and it turns out that you are already not far from Normandy! Agree: somehow it is stupid to be close to a completely different province and do not get to her – especially since I am already hand to the gavern, the place where Mone lived and worked. Ah, and what kind of garden there, my God! If everyone around the house had such gardens – everyone would become artists not worse than Monet! Flowers, flowers, flowers, such paints, such combinations, which captures the spirit.

And from the giver – a little more than a hundred kilometers to Deviliv, a spa town on the coast of the Atlantic. Be so close to the ocean – and do not get there? That is, do not swim, do not wander according to the famous world (after the film "Man and woman"), wide, especially during sings, sandy beach? Do not look at the beach houses, on which the names of the movie Star are written, at different times came to Deauville to the American Cinema Festival? But in these houses, it was shifted literally everything, so it makes no sense to list the names: what star will not remember – and she also visited here. Maybe just bathed, but maybe at the same time visited the famous Deauvilskie hippodrome, where gambling people from all over the world come to run.

In Deauville or his neighbor, adjacent to the town of Trouville, it is impossible not to stop at least then to sit on the embankment in the restaurant and not eat oysters and other numerous seafood. Those who love them, they never bother – these diverse snails, shells, lobsters, lobsters, shrimps. And there is a huge temptation – do not leave the coast at all, and it is to ride all my life along the ocean. From Normandy – to Brittany, staying on the road in wonderful towns, of which the most wonderful – not even a city, and the mountain of Saint-Michel with the same name, standing right on the border of Normandy and Brittany. During the popular here – just France, during a rapid tide – an impregnable island.

And then, further – to La Rocheli. And on the south – right up to the wonderful Aquitain: here, not far from the Spanish border, in the Basque country, the same ocean – only he remains the same, Atlantic, Ocean. And everything else here is quite another.

Villages and cities of Baskov on just French are not very similar. The heart of anyone, even the most tiny Basque settlement, is the church, the city hall and the wall for the game in a purely local fun called Pelota. There somehow appears the ball – but they say that if you are not born by the bath, you never understand, first, learn to speak on their strange and ancient language, and, secondly, you will never be able to understand the Rules of Pelota (and Especially never will never be able to learn how to play it).

In the country of Basques, there is a complete full of golf courses, as well as magnificent thalassotherapy centers. For example, in the brilliant resort Biarritz, this is a town that looks as if all his population should certainly be solely from rich Arab Sheykhov, and not only money, but also a very good taste. Here, in the Thala-centers, you will be swimming in different waters, dismissed, massate, smeared by algae and useful mud, make masks, lotions and in general anything, and what you need to become healthy and beautiful in order to become healthy and beautiful. For those who are especially pointed on weight loss, some local restaurants also offer individual halls with food, practically devoid of calories – here from boring cabbage with carrots can do something not just edible, but even delicious. Although, in my opinion, to be in France and neglect her kitchen, as well as its wines (and brandy, as well as Sidrom, Calvados and numerous local liqueurs) – It is an unforgivable stupidity and a terrible crime before himself.

If in the country of Basque, roll from the ocean, then sooner or later you will get to the Mediterranean Sea. Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo. The embodiment of the perfect holiday, a symbol of what is a real resort, shine, luxury, splendor, assessed by our compatriots, when Russia was the Russian Empire. Over the years since the centuries, the south of France did not lose their charms, he remains still attractive, ideal place to spend his vacation here.

With pain in the heart, we tear away from the coast – we are in Provence. The sun heats the meadows, the air smells indescribably herbs – those that we sold as a fairly expensive spices called "Grass Provence". And here they are not in jars, they grow just like that, and magnificent local cooks collect them to pour into dishes that make up amazing local cuisine. Baiga Noga on a spit with provence herbs, saved by local wine – "Cat du Ron", Yes, and in the restaurant of the city of Avignon, when the veranda opens the viewless view of the area and the ancient palace of dads, once-moving from Rome to Avignon.

Oh, this France – trouble with her: Wherever you come, everywhere I certainly want to stay. Here in Avignon in the summer there will be a famous theatrical festival, which will come by hundreds of theaters from around the world – and if you leave now, the festival will pass by. But if you stay in Avignon – it means passing by another. For example, the city of Lyon is a big city, seriously competing with Paris. Lyon cuisine even in France is considered one of the best kitchens of the world, so you have to choose: theatrical festival against stunning Lyon food. Who will win?

Yes, in France, it is full of places from where it is difficult to leave. At the same time, in France it is very difficult to force yourself to stay in one place. Because an extra day, carried out, for example, in Marseil, means that it may not be enough time for ex-en-provence. Or Strasbourg, Grenoble, Charter, Rouen, Tour. Or on Kamarg, where and now the flock of wild horses run – it is in the heart of the old woman-Europe, where every piece of earth seems to be mastered! What about Loire Castles? They say, Japanese tourists inspect all the castles in one day – but only Japanese tourists are capable of. And all the rest of these locks need a few days, or in the mind is a terrible mess. And this can not be allowed – Loire locks are worthy of staying in memory separately, and not as one big mixed style lock.

And what about the mountains? Be so close and not to take a look at the same eye on the Alps, neglect the Mongle? Yes, in the winter in the mountains, the people are much more than in the summer: there are mountain skiing and other pleasures associated with snow and ice. However, who told you that the mountains are not as interesting and not so beautiful as the mountains in winter?

France leave to return

And then, north – in Alsace, where all who can try to come with one secret goal – to eat and drink local wine, because it is in Alsace one of the best wines of all times and peoples, unforgettable "Gevurztraminer". And in Alsace, there is exactly where to hide from the summer heat: here are so many winemakers, and, it means, so many cool basements and cellars, where the luxurious white wines of Alsace can be tastefully tastefully, or even days.

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Ah, france – she is good everywhere, everywhere she is beautiful. Just "To be in France" – This does not happen. Just "To France" No one drives; All go to Paris, or in Brittany, or in Normandy, or in Provence, or in Languedoc, or in the Alps. It opens only with parts, see it all and immediately impossible. Although I really want; So we have to go back to this beautiful country again and again, and then again, and then – more. Probably love. And how not to love her, this "Ma Belle France"?

France leave to return

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