France. Normandy Winter

Train from Paris arrived at the schedule, about 6.30 hour. Evenings, naturally it was already dark, and the question with the location of the hotel was simply forgotten. Near the taxi station was not (. ) So I had to remember the lessons of French and tormented by his pronunciation of cashiers on the railway station. Whether I am a good man, or still the French are not such creepy sing as they draw them, but everyone helped me, from the cashier to those who heard my attempts to explain and, most importantly, understand the answers correctly. It was the first positive impression of Normandy. In general, we safely reached several bus stops and found our hotel. Hotel Vent d’Ouest was chosen for a pleasant interior and quite convenient location and fully justified the expectations.

Nearby is a stunning confectionery-bakery, although where in France bad confectionery?? The city center, as well as the main attraction of the Gavra – the Church in the futuristic style – in two steps.

The city itself is fully new building, t.To. During the Second World War, it was practically erased from the face of permanent bombing. After the war, the city was rebuilt on the project of architect Andre Perre. It is noteworthy for our person is only the fact that later his typical houses served as one of the sources for the Soviet project "Khrushchevok". Despite this, I have no oppressive or gray sensation from the city, the French on their manner beat these boring architectural works.

Separately, it is worth talking about the first dinner in Normandy. For me, a good kitchen is the constant component of a good trip and, choosing France, I expected to get only the best. I’ll say a little ahead – I received it))) We received information about nearby restaurants at the reception of our hotel and went to choose a place in the mood. The first thing I was struck in the menu – the choice of mussels in the method of preparation – at least 7-10 items, naturally the Midid’s saucepan went to order, then we could not get around the attention and other seafood: We chose scallops (they are Saint Jacks in France) and Fish marine language. They saw everything with a real Norman sidrome, and on the digestive allowed themselves to the portion of Calvados. Naturally, such dinner was even more confined us to a poor way and in such a raised mood we returned to the hotel.

Etretret. Here we arrived at the car rented in Havra. Weather in the morning was in winter vile, gray sky and permanent rain chased us without stopping in the photo to the Etrate itself.
The town center is small, I would even say – a miniature, sort of color space. With a population just over 1.5 thousand. person. Etrita nevertheless is a well-known tourist destination.

First of all, of course, for picturesque coastal rocks, which form many bizarre natural arches. In combination with the ocean wave and the wind, it creates unique sensations of the strength of nature, infinite beauty, for which a person does not need a person at all. Man here is only contemplator.

Can. We chose the city of Kan, from which the automobile units expected on the nearby places you are interested in. The road from Etrode assumed an inevitable meeting with another miracle of the North of France – Bridge Normandy. First, it is one of the longest suspended bridges in the world, and secondly cannot but impress his form: as if the supports of the bridge pull it up, because of which it has an arched shape. I, as a person inhaled (Perm bridges are direct and logically used), examined it with rounded eyes))))

The city of Kan is the capital of Lower Normandy and, that was more important to us, the Calvados Department. Central attraction – Kansky castle of the XI-XII centuries – one of the largest medieval fortresses of Europe. Massive fortress walls involuntarily seek thoughts about the lessons of history, about Wilhelm the conqueror, which founded the castle. Now there are several museums on the territory of the castle, but we were interested only external, impressive. Almost all explanations how to go where to go began words "From the castle turn. ". The atmosphere of the Middle Ages is also very successfully creating a female and male abbey and church Saint-Pierre.

Dovivil-Trouville. Resort town on the coast of La Mansa – Estette. Western French and European Bohemia come here, especially at the time of the film festival. Our movie stars are also often at this time visiting. An entrance to the town can easily notice on a sharply increased number of expensive cars.
The main attraction of Dovivil is his famous embankment covered with a boardwalk and easily recognizable due to beach cabins that are bought by stars. Their names are marked at the booth fence.

France. Normandy Winter

The air of Deauville is permeated by the atmosphere of aristocracy and luxury, there are many shops of famous brands, walking through the streets with a chic dressed people (not prefigured, namely, with a chic), or they sit in a cafe, drinking lightweed cider and tasting local cheeses or oysters.

Onfler. Here we drove literally on an hour, admire the famous postcard visas of the Harbor of Onfler, have a cup of hot coffee and continue our way. Water Bay reflect vintage houses on the waterfront, light glare create a romantic atmosphere. No wonder this is a favorite place of walks of citizens and tourists. The town itself is worthy of a little more attention than we were given.

Store of Norman specialties in Ontfler.

In addition to the towns in Normandy, we also managed to visit the farm for the production of cheeses and cider (by the way, on such farms it is quite possible to stay for the night, the cost of the room is about 30-40 euros), and the present Chateau on the road we could not drive around. Such places are worthy of attention, although they impress tourist entertainment. Justice for the sake of say that there we still purchased by Calvados.

Return to Paris has passed without an adventure, and Normandy remained forever in my heart as the edge of stunning landscapes, idyllic allests and riots of the Atlantic.

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