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France — One of the most famous countries in Europe, and Paris — Almost the most famous city of the world. It is rightly called the city of Light, but not at all due to abundant lighting: after all it would be possible to call any other modern metropolis. No, the thing is that the capital of France for many centuries was the center of education, art and philosophy.

Word «Paris» It happened from the Latin Civitas Parisiorium («Parisian city») — This was the name of the Celtic settlement on the site of the modern island of Site (now it is one of the two preserved Islands of the Seine River in the center of the French capital and the oldest part of the city). Site was already populated in antique times, so the story of Paris can be guided since those distant years.

Brilliant Paris was not always. Even in the Middle Ages, he confidently overshadowed Kiev: so, in the XI century, the daughter of Yaroslav Wise Anna Yaroslavna, who married the French king was terribly disappointed. The flourishing period began in the XIII century and continues to this day, which led to the emergence of many of the most famous sights of Paris. Cathedral of the Parisian Mother of God, Louvre, Champs Elysees, «Moulin rouge», Quarter La Defens, Pompidou Center, Eiffel Tower, Alexander III Bridge, Grand Palace, Disabled House, Tuileries Garden, Orsay Museum, Square, Opera, Saint Heart Basilica and much more — All this decorates the capital of France, making it not like any city of the world.

Each landmark of Paris has a story, a story about which would take about not one page. We give only a few funny facts. So, «Moulin rouge» — not only the famous classic cabaret and one of the places that need to be visited in Paris. It turns out that it was here the first striptease in the world. It happened in 1894, and before all the golden places of the girl were dressed.

Or, for example, the Cathedral of the Paris Mother of God (he is notre-ladies de par). Giant at that time dimensions (the height of the cathedral — 35 m, length — 130 m, width — 48 m) were explained by the fact that, according to the plan, absolutely all residents of Paris should be placed in the cathedral. However, one and a half century passed from bookmarking the first stone to the last stroke in the interior. So by the end of construction, when the population of the city increased markedly, the idea was already not careful. But it does not prevent the cathedral to be a geographical and spiritual heart of Paris.

France Paris

Louvre — one of the world’s largest museums. It is located in the old royal palace, which, in turn, was built as a castle capable of resisting Viking raids. And the famous Champs Elysees — completely not the field in the literal sense of the word. This is a huge (1915 m in length and 70 m wide) Street. In the XVI century, there was a swamp in general, where the French kings came to hunt for ducks. The name was given during the French Revolution in honor of Greek mythologists. There Elysee Fields — These are beautiful fields of blessed in the afterlime world on the banks of the Ocean River, where the heroes favorite gods fall at the end of the mortar. Now the only thing than «Unshairs» Field, — These are luxury shops and entertainment establishments. In addition, there is also another landmark of Paris: a triumphal arc made in ancient style. She symbolizes the victory of the Great Army of Napoleon I.

By the way, modern Paris was designed for war — More precisely, for her «Strategic goals», As Napoleon III said. Therefore, in the middle of the XIX century, the city was upgraded under these tasks: remaining beautiful, he should also be ready for «Moving fighting». As a result, a lot of charming narrow streets of Paris were expanded and straightened and they remain so far.

«Paris — This is a holiday that is always with you» — So said the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway, and under these words can be subscribed, probably, every person (no matter if he had in Paris or not). Paris — Symbol of romance and cradle of European culture. Since childhood, we present it on numerous films, according to the books of Viktor Hugo, Alexander Duma or George Siemeon, according to the history lessons: Napoleon, Taking Bastille, Paris Commune. A rare tourist does not dream at least once in his life not to wander around his streets, received by the legendary atmosphere, not to take into memory photos of the Eiffel Tower. We offer and take you once again to look at the capital of France from a height and, perhaps, supplement your ideas about it with something new.

France Paris

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