Fabulous France – The legislator moda is not only in the dresses, but also in cooking. The largest country of Western Europe, in which one of the most recognizable world attractions are collected. This is the birthplace of Chanson, Musketeers and Olivier, bike, champagne and even women’s tights. To visit this country – The dream of many that can be satisfied is quite easy, it is only necessary to take a plane, which will deliver guests at a reasonable price directly to Paris, the city of Love.

The climate in France is soft, as if specially created for romantic walks on the Elysee fields or a relaxed holiday on the coast of Nice. Summer in France lasts from April to October, and in winter the temperature is rarely lowered below +7. In France, many interesting and famous provinces, therefore it is not worth liming to the visit to Paris not worth. Burgundy and Champagne, Marseille, Nice and Lyon, these places definitely deserve attention.

In the regions it is worth seeing Majestic Loire Castles, ancient Abbey Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy – The famous medieval fortress on the island, the mysterious castle of IF, in which Dumas settled the Count Monte Cristo, as well as the magnificent Parisian Disneyland, where children and adults will be happy.

Since France is famous for both its kitchen, you can make a beautiful gastronomic journey throughout the country. This will allow you to taste if not all 500 varieties of French cheese, then the most famous for sure, and wine tastings can be carried out not only in the glorified plants, but also on private old winery.

  • language: French
  • population: 65 million
  • telephone code: +33
  • currency: Euro
  • visa:Visa entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: Fr
  • voltage: 220V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type E
  • time: 15:11 (UTC + 0200)

Top cities and resorts of France




Val D&# x27; Isior




La Plan

The best regions, cities and resorts of France

Almost all tourists without exception first of all want to visit romantic Paris. Associations come to mind with fresh croissants, fragrant coffee, boutiques. Fashion magazines and Eiffel Basha. But by no means France does not end in its capital.

Lovers of history will advise closer to get acquainted with the ancient region of the country – Il de France. In the region there are a lot of architectural complexes, palaces and castles. But not only the historical sights are rich in the region, but also trade boutiques, which for the most part are focused in the suburbs of Paris. Families with children will not be boring, because near – Disneyland.

On the side of the Atlantic coast are mild sand beaches. Biarritz – one of the most famous beaches of this region. If you decide to go here, it is worth paying attention to the small bays among the rocky shores, as the atmosphere is more pleasant here.

Pellenic beaches decorate Nice. On the azure coast, the beach areas are mostly narrow, not exceeding in width over 40 – 50 meters.

Behind festivals and endless holiday, buy tickets to Cannes.

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There are several ancient streets in the city, as well as a wonderful promenade, for which it is pleasant to walk with the second half. Almost 20 exhibitions, museums and galleries in Cannes. So the excursion program will be no less impressive than entertaining.

What is interesting to see in France?

Top attractions of France

The Eiffel Tower


Champs Elysees

Notre Dame de Paris

Latin Quarter

Triumphal Arch

Moulin rouge



Video from France

How to get to France?

Ways to get to France set – plane, train, bus, sea cruise, car, hitchhiking. Today it is most profitable to get to France by plane, oddly enough. Particularly, of course, lucky residents of St. Petersburg and Moscow, from here there are direct flights, for example from Aeroflot, and flights from European Looc Sostle, which, most often, are with transfers. If you want to fly, then taking a ticket for AirBaltic aircraft with a transfer to Riga, you can fly to France – back for 8-9 thousand rubles. From the regions there are also regular flights, most of them with transfers, and for the flight will have to lay out from 15,000 rubles one way. Alternatively, you can get by bus or train, for example, to Finland or Ukraine, and from there take cheap tickets to Paris.

To the capital of France, and the company train Moscow-Paris, however, pleasure is quite not cheap, one side ticket costs about 360 euros. The path will take 38 hours, at this time you can admire on the beauty of the countries of Europe, floating outside the window.

If you live in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad, then you will get to Paris cheaper everything will be on the bus. Bus tours to Paris travel from these cities regularly and year-round, and the cost of the ticket price there – back will vary from 100 to 250 euros. The path will take about three days.

The same time will spend and when traveling on its own car. Here, the cost of travel is difficult to count, since it depends on the type of machine and the type of fuel used. In addition, the trip will need to prepare international driver’s license, insure the car, according to the EU rules, and conduct its full technical examination.

How comfortable move in France?

Ideal version of France is a car. You can rent a car immediately by arrival, in any of the airports or Paris stations, however, will be cheaper to do it in the city. The most popular car rental network in Europe – Hertz, but there are many other local companies that will lease cars of the middle class approximately 250 euros. A car trip will allow you to admire all the beauties of France, passing, for example, on the route Paris – Orleans – Marseilles – Nice. By the way, the cost of car rental, along with gasoline costs, is comparable to the trip along the same route by train, and much more profitable than on the plane. In addition, traveling by car eliminates stress about a clear schedule, and the style of driving the French will not force nervous.

In France across the country, except for remote mountain ranges, trains are laid SNCF trains and high-speed trains TGV. The speed of the last more than 250 km / h, so you can get to any city of the country literally in a few hours. The fare is practically comparable to aircraft tickets on domestic flights and is about 50-150 euros one way.

The hitchhiker in the country is losing its popularity every year, however, it is possible to use this method of movement without risk, since the overall crime rate in the country is quite low.

Where better to stop, traveling in France?

Top hotels in France

Climate in France

France – The only country of Europe, which is immediately in four climatic zones, so in different regions of the country the climate may differ, and significantly. In general, of course, climatic conditions throughout the territory are favorable for living, winter in France is soft, and the summer is rarely arid.

The most favorable Mediterranean climate dominates the southern plains of France. In the summer there is practically no rain, and in the spring and autumn they are extremely rare and short-term. In winter, for example, in Marseille, the temperature fluctuates in the area of ​​7 degrees of heat, and in the summer, on average, 23 degrees above zero.

The most soft and wet climate determines the weather in Brittany. There are no sharp drops of temperatures, and the climate is characterized as the marine. In winter, there is warm, up to +7, but summer is cold and rainy, strong winds often blow.

The most uncomfortable weather in France is observed in the mountain arrays – Alps and Pyrenees. Here is a tougher and long winter, strong winds often blow. The air temperature in the winter ranges in the region, and in the summer it rarely rises above +17.

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