Frankfurt am Main With a population of almost 700,000, a person is the largest city in Central Germany. The city with a thousand-year history is now divided into several districts. If you want to know the story, go to the central part of Frankfurt, if you wish to see «Coast Museums», Change on the other side of the river, and you can walk around the park in the University district. Frankfurt can be rightfully called the economic and cultural capital of Germany, because the number of banks and financial companies exceeded 400, and every year the city becomes a house for a variety of exhibitions and fairs.

If you appeal to history, it can be said that the first mentions of the local settlements belong to the 8th century. An important stage in the formation of the city was the opening of the Frankfurt Exchange in the 16th century. For a long time in Frankfurt, the rulers crowned, and at the end of the 19th century the first parliament is created here.

The city is proud of can and its native – Great Worker Goethe. The city was almost completely rebuilt in a more modern style after the Second World War. But, the locals are very reverent about the preserved buildings and try to save them. Therefore, today in the city you can see some old churches and cathedrals carrying the spirit of the past.

For tourist Frankfurt – This is, first of all, comfortable pedestrian streets, many museums, shops, countless cafes and restaurants, famous Cider and beautiful embankment.

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What is interesting to see in Frankfurt?

Top attractions of Frankfurt

Römerberg Square

Imperial Cathedral of St. Bartholomew

Old opera

House Museum Goethe

Alt-Zashenhausen district

Quarter banks

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Towers Deutsche Bank

Commercial Bank-Tower

Old bridge Frankfurt

Frankfurt: excursions and events

Frankfurt – An amazing city, which, in its territory, an incredible amount of museums, historical places. Of course, the city will be happy to offer you a lot of excursion routes.

Today, without problems, you can arrange a tour in Russian. Best of all, such an excursion to order by the company, then you will be able to save money. In addition to visits and hiking excursions do not forget about numerous events, exhibitions and fairs. For example, lovers of literature will be delighted with the Book Frankfurt Fair, on the eve of the New Year holidays on the main square, the Christmas market will spread. At the beginning of the spring, about the end of March, you can get to the craft fair «Dippemess», which is perfect for a family with children. The completion of the festival will be marked by fireworks.

In April, the famous night museums is held, and in August there is an opportunity to get on the embankment of the arts. At this time, the sounds of music will be launched from everywhere and the actors of the street theater will play for you. Lovers to eat, can look at the gastronomic festival, which is traditionally arranged on the opera area. But, the main fair is considered – August Festival.

On Remerberg Square, local residents and tourists are treated wine and a variety of dishes, compete, having fun. What holidays are not here. In any case, whatever time you have planned for yourself, you always have a chance to get on any event of bright Frankfurt.

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History of Frankfurt

Climate in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is located the top of the Rhine, in the Valley. It is believed that this is the warmest region of Germany, so it can be said with confidence that the climate of the city is quite mild and favorable for tourism, but you should immediately pay attention to the rains and keep the umbrella.

Winter temperatures are rarely lowered below 4 degrees of heat day and below -1 degree at night. It is worth noting that snow on the faces continues to delight the survivors of the inhabitants of no more than a week, and its snow cover does not exceed 10 centimeters. Wind here is predominantly western, not too cold. Most more precipitation falls in July – August, and the smaller in February.

Frankfurt: entertainment and active rest

Despite the fact that Frankfurt does not have the glory of the sports city, interesting events are often held here. By the way, it was in this city one of the biggest football stadiums – « Waldstadion», and also has an indoor hall «BallSporthalle». Both stadium meet all modern requirements. Not rare urban authorities spend on their territory and cultural events.

If you arrived in Frankfurt and want to work out sports, EissportHalle rink is open for you. It is possible to visit the Golf and Tennis Club, look at yoga and gymnastics. In the parks of the city you can rent a bike. Chinese Garden in the city center is suitable for more peaceful rest. Fish floods in the pond, which can be considered from the bridge. Moreover, visiting the green paradise is absolutely free. As a entertainment, the local market is suitable, which is not in vain acquired popularity among tourists. Here they sell a variety of products and fruits from different countries, as well as spices and seasonings.

With children you can look into the local zoo. What animals here just not. Well, if you’re an avid shopaholic, a pedestrian street is provided for you, on which there are many shops and cafes with local cuisine. Well, lovers of history, necessarily entertain themselves by visiting museums that are not small here.

Transport features Frankfurt

City is characterized by a developed transport infrastructure. Frankfurt is just permeated by subway lines. Also on the territory of the city uninterrupted buses and trams. Tickets are sold in special automata. In the machine you can pay with coins or bills not exceeding 50 euros. But, let’s give you only with coins. There are menus in 6 world languages ​​for the convenience of tourists. Tickets should always be purchased in advance, with the exception of trips on the bus, where the passage can be paid to the driver directly.

There is always the opportunity to call a taxi. The call itself will be free, and the cost of the trip is calculated on the basis of the distance traveled and the number of people. You can rent a car at the airport or in the city center.

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