Frauds with airfalls: how to recognize the site of fraudsters?

We continue a series of fraud posts with air tickets on the Internet. Today I would like to tell you about how to distinguish the site of fraudsters from a decent online aircraft.

We were lucky to find one of these sites ; at work ;, Fortunately, close them pretty quickly, so this is a great opportunity to show you all the subtleties on a living example.

1. Never be fooled on huge discounts if it is not an action airline! Agencies to increase demand may dump prices, making them lower than that of competitors, but not by 30-40%. And the shares of airlines can be easily checked on the carrier website or by calling them.

And here is a visual example, which should make you alert:

2. If the site causes suspicion &# 8211; Check the contact details: Name of a legal entity, TIN and T.D.

Here is an example from one of the fraudulent sites:

We ask Google, whether he knows something about this organization:

Unfortunately no. For persuasiveness, you can check the name of the organization on the WWW website.Allinform.Ru &# 8211; There is a huge base of legal entities throughout Russia. Our experimental there was also not.

When checking the INN, it turned out that the site belongs to a certain travel agency ; Palych ; from Nizhny Novgorod, and not oh ; Chip-Sale ;:

3. In case of suspicion, carefully read everything written on the site.

Here, for example, a screenshot of the section ; About us ;:

And from the Offer Agreement:

These screenshots are made on the same site. Note that each document shows the different name of the site, and in the section ; About us ; Whole two options for the company name. We emphasized the discrepancies in red.

Similar sites open and close pretty quickly, and many simply forget to change the name of the old site to the new.

Why many give money into the hands of fraudsters?

Inexperienced user is very difficult to calculate the site of dishonest ; entrepreneurs ;. Moreover, flights, and the prices excluding the discount are relevant reality. You can compare them with other sites or even with the airline itself, and they will coincide.

But we will not be distracted by moving to ticket booking ;

4. Pay attention to the contact address of email. With 100% confidence it can be argued that no serious organization will make mail on the Yandex domain, Mail.RU, Gmail and T.D.!

Frauds from how to recognize the scam site

Here is a visual example:

We tried ; Book ; a ticket on one of the scam sites, we did not enter any data, just pressed ; Book ;, and voila we managed ; Book ; Flight to the passenger without name, phone and contact data:

The ticket can only be booked if the name and surname passenger!

5. Pay attention to the site name field in the browser. Contact Data Input page and even more than the payment should be protected by HTTPS protocol.

This is how it is done, for example, we have:

And so on the unreliable site:

If the site appeared quite recently, then there is probability that they will even answer the phone ; As a rule, in conversation they say prices &# 8211; This is a special airline rates.

We can say with 100% confidence that confidential tariffs receive only agencies having IATA and an agreement with the airline. IATA license number can be checked.

Usually ; Customers ; bought not only at low prices, but also on tempting conditions for returning tickets.

Refund conditions depend not from the agency, ticket, and from the airline and the rules of a specific tariff! Returns money for a ticket You are not agency A Airlines and the return conditions will be the same for all, wherever you have purchased a ticket.

Frauds from how to recognize the scam site

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