Free Buses Dubai – Abu Dhabi

How to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi completely free? Read in this article.

You can get free of charge, but there are a lot of nuances! Read this article carefully, and quite likely decide not to risk and get in a paid way. About ordinary ways to get there in our article "How to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back".

Attention! As of February 2021, free buses temporarily do not go due to coronavirus. Moreover, a trip to Abu Dhabi requires the passage of the Coronavirus test and quarantine. Read in the article on the link above.

Buses to Yas Island

There are 5 complimentary buses from shopping centers in Dubai to the Island of Yas in Abu Dhabi. That is, if you need to see the center of the city of Sheikh Zaid, the village of Heritage or Louvre, then this option does not fit.

Nuance first – only for visitors of parks

Free buses are intended only for visitors to Amusement Parks Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld, Warner Bros.

For landing you need to have a pre-purchased e-mail ticket to one of these parks. Phrase "We will buy tickets at the checkout" the rights to travel does not give. Often drivers do not check tickets, but it’s not worth counting on it.

Nuance second – no booking

Landing is made in the order of the general queue, no booking in advance. Accordingly, there is probability that the places are not enough. Of course, on weekdays, the probability of such an event is almost equal to zero. But on weekends and holidays it is quite possible.

Weekend in the UAE is Friday and Saturday, since Friday is the sacred day of the week in Islam. Read the details in our article "Weekend and Friday in the UAE". Schedule of national holidays, see the article "Holidays in the UAE".

Nuance Third – Flight just one

From each shopping center buses depart at 9-30. If late, you have to get in the usual way, and the precious time is already lost.

There are additional seasonal flights. For example, at the time of updating this article (autumn 2019), additional seasonal flights were announced at 11-30 in October, November, December, but only for visitors to Ferrari WORLD. Will be further or not? So far incomprehensible.

Nuance fourth – without guarantees

This is a free service, and therefore no one guarantees anything. If the driver is sick or the bus breaks, then the replacement will not be waiting at the stop "by the sea of ​​the weather".

Nuance Fifth – you need to find a stop

You need to find the place in the shopping center where the bus leaves, and this is not easy. It is better to immediately approach the stand of information of the shopping center and ask, they will explain how to go. For a trip for free buses it is very desirable to know English, otherwise the chances are lost to get lost, and you can’t ask anyone.

From the shopping center Deira City Center Bus departures from Bigbus’s parking (Big Bus Tours Service Area). Substitution of 9-30, arrival at the island of Yas in 11-20.

From the shopping center Dubai Mall departs from parking tourist buses (Tourist Bus Parking Area). Departure of 9-30, arrival at 11-10.

From the shopping center Mall of the Emirates departs from the entrance A (Entrance A), from the bus stop of tourist buses. Departure of 9-30, arrival in 10-55.

From the shopping center Burjuman departs from the hotel CITY SEASONS. Departure of 9-30, arrival at 11-40.

From the shopping center Dubai Marina Mall departs from stopping tourist buses (Rayna Tours Bus Stop). Departure of 9-30, arrival at 10-50.

Flights back

Attention! Return flights depends on the day of the week.

Free Buses Dubai - Abu Dhabi

On Thursday and Friday.

Buses back to all shopping center departs 20-30 from stopping from Ferrari World, then 20-35 from stopping between Warner Bros and Yas Waterworld.

From Saturdays on Wednesday.

Buses back to all shopping center departs in 19-30 from stopping from Ferrari World, hereinafter 19-35 from stops between Parks Warner Bros and Yas Waterworld.

Return flights are just convenient for tourists. Firstly, a ticket to the park you will be in your hands anyway, you can sit on it. Secondly, the stops are convenient, you will find them easily. Thirdly, in some of the 5th place there will be exactly.


– Think several times before you decide to go on a free bus from Dubai to the parks of Yas. Nuances a lot about them we told in detail.

– It is very convenient to go back to Dubai, use this opportunity.

Some more important advice

– Free WiFi has free WiFi, but he is not very smart. Purchase by mobile Internet, read our article "Internet in the UAE";

– If you reach the desired shopping center on the subway, then the tariffs and the map in Russian are looking at our article "Dubai Metro";

– If you go for a taxi, then see the rates in our article "Taxi in Dubai and Abu Dhabi".

Successful entertainment in Abu Dhabi, and read our articles for tourists about the UAE (List of articles below).

Free Buses Dubai - Abu Dhabi

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