Free excursion in Istanbul from Turkish Airlines

We have already written that some airports offer free excursions to those passengers who fly by transit.

Now let’s tell O Free excursion in Istanbul and service "Stop in Istanbul".

If you fly through Istanbul Turkish Airlines airline and time between flights for more than 6 hours, then welcome to the Touristanbul registration rack!

During the excursion, you will see the most beautiful sights of Istanbul and at the same time to build a flight waiting time.

Which attractions will visit passengers during an excursion?

1. Ancient reservoir &# 8211; Basilica tank

2. Blue Mosque &# 8211; Most tourists in most tourists.

3. Sultanahmet Square, on the site of which the ancient racetrack was located before.

4. Palace Topkapi, famous for his harem and treasury.

5. Grand Bazar &# 8211; One of the biggest covered markets in the world.

6. Sofia Mosque, which was once the Sophia Cathedral

7. Galat tower, one of the symbols of Istanbul

eight. Pedestrian street Ostiklal and much more!

Airline Turkish Airlines offers 6 excursion options, depending on the timeout and arrival time:

  • Inspection of attractions from 8:30 to 11:00 &# 8211; Mini tour 2.5 hours

Arrival time until 7:30, reverse departure after 12:00

  • From 9:00 to 15:00 &# 8211; tour for 6 hours

Arrival time until 8:00, reverse departure after 16:00

  • From 12:00 to 18:00 &# 8211; tour for 6 hours

Arrival time until 11:00, reverse departure after 19:00

  • From 9:00 to 18:00 &# 8211; 9 hours round

Arrival time until 8:00, reverse departure after 19:30

  • Hiking cultivological walk 16: 00-21: 00 – tour for 5 hours

Excursions in each variant different. The excursion package includes: transfer from and to the airport, excursions, entrance tickets to museums, meals (breakfast and lunch).

Excursion is held only in English.

Who can get to such a tour?

If you meet all of the following conditions, you can get a free excursion in Istanbul.

  • Your transplant must be at the airport to them. Ataturk (Istanbul Atatürk Airport).
  • You fly abroad (not in Turkey).
  • You are flying both plots (to Istanbul and Next) Turkish Airlines Airlines.
  • Time between flights at least 6 hours and not more than 24 hours.
  • Transfer from 9:00 to 18:00. T.E. You must be at the airport in this time interval.

How to book a free excursion in Istanbul?

In the hall of the arrival (not in the transit zone, and after passport control) you need to contact the Hotel Desk (located next to Starbucks). You have to book a tour no later than 30 minutes before it starts.

What to do if I want to see Istanbul, but you don’t get on the tour?

In this case, you can find a guide or an interesting excursion in Istanbul on Sputnik8.Com. You can get to the city yourself or order a transfer on the same site.

How to be if there is a spending on the transflection in Istanbul?

In this case, use the service "StopOn stop" (StopOver). If your transit lasts more than 20 hours, you always have a free hotel. Business class passengers will receive a number in a five-star hotel, economy-class passengers – in four-star.

Details about conditions and cities that are suitable for intermediate stop, read here.

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Does this flight fall under a free excursion in Istanbul?

Yes, this flight gets.
If you are not interested in the date of arrival in Bangkok, then you can even fly on November 10, then the time of waiting for the transplant will be less than 13 hours and you also have time for an excursion.

Good afternoon i’m going to go to friends in Cyprus.I have transit
Route through Istanbul .In the spring when I left, I paid for the delay in a visa fine and lacking only $ 50 I am told by the depart 5 years.Please tell me if it is possible in the attaturette remains in the transit zone before departure to Nicosia .thanks in advance .

If you do not leave the transit zone, then the border control you will not pass, therefore, no one will check your passport while being in the transit airport zone, you do not cross the border of Turkey.

Hello. Let’s fly in Jakarti through Istanbul, back also. In Istanbul at 10 00 departure at 00 40, it seems everything is suitable for an excursion from 12 to 18. Back to Istanbul from 6 40 to 00 05. fall under a longer excursion from 9 00. Attention question!: Is it worth going twice as they are different? And whether the free hotel will be given from Turkish Air.. If you do not go the second time.? Thank you in advance.

Differences excursions you can look at the official website Touristambul &# 8211; http: // www.Istanbulinhours.COM / Tour-Schedule. Here schedule and excursions. As a rule, many attractions are repeated.

If the second time you do not go on a tour, you can take a hotel. But remember, for the hotel it is necessary that there are at least 10 hours between flights, and these 10 hours are not calculated by your actual flights, but on schedule Turkish Airlines. T.E. If, for example, at 12:00 flies the flight in your direction, but for any reason (for example, there were no places) bought a ticket not to it, but on the next (in your case it is 00:05), then you do not perform Rule 10 hours.
In any case, it is solved individually, at the airport at Hotel Desk.

Unfortunately no. One of the conditions for free excursion is the arrival in Istanbul not from Turkey and departure from Istanbul abroad, and you fly to Antalya.

And you can take a tour and hotel? transit &# 8211; 21 hours 45 minutes

No 🙂 you need to choose something one.

Hello! Let’s fly through Istanbul in Zagreb. Landing on the way back at 14-00. We get on the tour?

Unfortunately no.
The most late excursion begins at 12:00.

Have time. To get on this tour, your flight should fly out after 19:00, you have 19:20, moreover, you don’t need luggage, the landing coupons will be on their hands, on returning to the airport you will need to immediately go to land.

good day! Flying on this flight, is it possible to take advantage of free accommodation in the hotel?

10 hours required for the provision of hotels are not calculated by your tickets, but on schedule Turkish Airlines. If on this day there is a flight without a long docking, then the hotel does not hold you.

Hotel accommodation is provided only if you are forced to stay at the airport for more than 10 hours.

21/07 There is a flight with a docking of 2.5 hours, therefore, the hotel is not allowed.
Inexpensive ticket with a short docking from Turkish Airlines have a departure on July 23 and even cheaper on July 24.

Hello, my son flies transit through Istanbul, one, he is 14 years old that you can advise how to spend time 6 hours, he flies at 8 am, and landing for flight to Montreal at 14.05. Honestly, very worried than taking a boys ;

Airport in Istanbul, though large enough, but no entertainment there, except shops and cafes.
If there is a tablet or laptop, then you can download several films there, or take a book with you if you like to read.

With excursions easier, even if there is a flight before, you can get on it.
If the flight does not detain, you may have time, the bus leaves from the airport. On the tour it is advisable to register 30 minutes before it starts.

Turkey has now switched to an electronic visa, t.E. You can get it online at http: // At the visa airport no longer give out.

But the citizens of Egypt have certain limitations:


thanks for the answer. It turns out that if he has a Russian visa, and Russia is not a member of the OECD, then we cannot transit visa via the Internet? Despite the fact that we are flying Turkish airlines? Do I get it right? And he can only sit in the transit zone 14 hours?

Try to contact the Consulate or Embassy of Turkey in Egypt, may have other ways to get a visa.

Hello, fly from Italy (Rome) to Russia (Novosibirsk), transplanting in Istanbul for 21 hours 30 minutes, Will we get on the excursion?

Yes, you get.

But T.To. Your flight comes in the evening, I recommend to take a hotel instead of excursion. After a night at the airport, you hardly have forces on a sightseeing tour.
Read more about free hotel:

Hello, we fly through Istanbul in Tel Aviv, we are 4 people, arrive in the morning 29.05 V 9.30 to the airport them.Atataturk, you need to change the airport on Sabiha-Goken, time between flights 12.15. Can we count on an excursion, meals and transfer at this airport?

Excursion begins and ends at Ataturk airport. Theoretically, you can get on the tour from 12:00 to 18:00, but then you will have to get yourself to Sabiha-Goken, just at rush hour and you can be late if there are traffic jams. Need to go through the whole city.

Transfer from Ataturk to Sabiha-Goken is not available, passengers get on their own taxi or public transport. Travel time 1.5 &# 8211; 2 hours, if there are no traffic jams. http: // www.Sabihagokcen.AERO / TRANSPORTATION

Good evening, tell me, please. Let’s fly to Macedonia through Istanbul. Arrival 8:05, and departure 19:25, do we really get to a big excursion?
Thank you in advance

If there are no delays, and immediately after arrival you will go register on the excursion, then yes, really.

At 15:00 you must be already at the airport, if there are no problems on the road. On the departure at 16:30 you will have time.

Tell me if we can get on the excursion?

I asked it

Bus with an excursion leaves from Ataturk Airport. To catch on an excursion from 12 to 18, you need to be in Atatyurka, near the reception at the excursion no later than 11:30, but better at 11:00. Most likely, you will not have time to get to Ataturk.

Citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus visa to Turkey do not need.

good day! Choosing this flight, is it possible to take advantage of free accommodation in the hotel?

Yes, you can. Shorter flights on this route on this day are not.

I found more expensive with two transplants (+ Moscow), in this case the transplant in Istanbul 2 hours.

This is already considered another route.
To provide hotels, will look for shorter on the route Ekaterinburg-Istanbul Malaga

thanks! You reassured me

If there are no traffic jams on the way back, then you should not be late. According to plan, already at 18:00 you will return to the airport. You have in stock there are another 1 h 10 min. Most likely time.

Hello! I am flying Yekaterinburg-Nice,. arrive 10.05, depart 14.55, back the time it turns out more, but I do not get any of the options. Maybe there are paid excursions in Istanbul, shorter in time? And to go to the city yourself, you need to make a visa somewhere?

Russians visa to Turkey do not need.

On the flight ; there ; You have not much time, you can not even get on a paid excursion. To the city to go about an hour, t.E. There and back for 2 hours, plus it is advisable to go to the airport at least an hour before the departure of the aircraft, for 3 hours. Yes, and on arrival in Istanbul from the airport you will not go out at 10:05.

Thanks for the quick response!

Preparation for recommendation, friends. I will be glad to answer questions about EXCURSIOPEDIA if they arise.
By the way, Lada, I recommend also to pay attention to our offers in Nice.

good evening. Are the power of attorney from the second parent for the maintenance of the child to Turkey? thanks.

No, not needed.

Free excursion in Istanbul from Turkish Airlines

good day. Letim in Bangkok from Kazan 6th of August through Istanbul. Arrival in 6.20, Departure in 20.05. Tell me how to book a free excursion. Are there paid excursions in Russian?

In order to book a free tour you need to personally contact the TouristanBul rack at Atattyur Airport. She is in the hall of the arrival (not in the transit zone, and after passport control) you need to contact the Hotel Desk (located next to Starbucks). You have to book a tour no later than 30 minutes before it starts.

good day !
Question to Anne.
I arrive in Istanbul Turkish airlines to Sabiha Airport at 6 am. Departure in Bangkok from Attatürk Airport at 20 hours of the same day.
Where to face buns from the aircraft (in which airport). What I get for such a long docking? In theory, I will still spend this time in Istanbul, I just think all the same half an hour in the room would not be damaged (shower, a little relaxed just)
thanks !

With free buns are not so easy. Hotel you can only get if you have a flight purchased by one ticket and on scheduled Turkish Airlines there are no flights with a shorter docking.

Refine suitable for your flight for a complimentary hotel or not available in Atatyurka at the HotelDesk rack or write to them in advance: HotelsDesk @ thy.Com

Free excursion to get you for sure if both flights Turkish Airlines.

T.To. You fly to Istanbul in the evening, then on a tour you do not fall, they will only in the morning and during the day.
The hotel is put on how the flight there and back.

Thank you so much for the answer!
where and someone know the information on the settlement?

Pre-book the hotel do not need. Upon arrival at the airport, consult a rack &# 8211; Hotel Desk.
More information can be clarified by writing on HotelsDesk @ thy.Com

Hotel Desk Rack Location

Unfortunately, excursion only for passengers who arrive and fly to Turkish Airlines flights.

Where you need to fly from Moscow to get to such an excursion?

On any route TURKISH AIRLINES from Moscow, except flights to Turkey.

Turkish Airlines have a lot of different flights, to Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa..
Full list of destinations: http: // www.Turkishairlines.COM / EN-EN / FLIGHTS-Tickets / Flights-Destinations

The main thing is to select flights so that the transplant was at least 6 hours and its time coincided with the beginning of one of the excursions.

Hello, please tell me, we get on the tour? at 12.00 ?

On the way there are no problems.
On the opposite, only if the plane can not be delayed and you will immediately go to Hotel Desk for registration.

Good evening, my parents arrive in Istanbul at 6 am, the next departure in 16.05, as you think, is not risky to go on a tour, how difficult the airport is, it is possible to get lost and how much time it takes?

The airport is not difficult, upon arrival from the excursion you immediately go to passport control and inspection, look at the scoreboard to which gate go, there are signs everywhere. The duration depends on the number of people in line, and it, accordingly, on the number of flights departing in the next few hours.
In principle, no one complained to Istanbul Airport because of the queues, and if you are late, you can ask without a queue.
The bus will return to the airport around 15:00, the hour is enough, if you immediately go in the direction of your gate, bypassing the stores and T.NS. Landing ends 20-30 minutes before departure.

good day!
Will I have a free excursion? thanks!

If you have time to go through all the formalities and sign up for an excursion, you can have time for the one that begins at 12:00. But the time is extremely small, so unlikely.

May 23 on your route there is an option with a shorter docking, so the free hotel is not allowed, but you can get on the tour, but only for a short &# 8211; from 12:00 to 18:00 .
On the flight back, you arrive in Istanbul at 13:00, and the last bus with the excursion goes at 12:00

And is it possible to get away at the last station of excursions and, for example, continue to walk around the city on your own route, as until 7 am at the airport I would not like to stick ; do not know such information?

You can, you will be forced no one to keep. But I still recommend not to walk all night around the city (especially if you fly without men), and rent a hotel room near the airport.

You have almost a day in Istanbul, so you get on the excursion, you can choose anyone to choose from:

Turkish Airlines offers 3 excursion options, depending on the timeout and arrival time:

From 9:00 to 15:00 – 6 hours &# 8211; Arrival time until 8:00, reverse departure after 16:00

From 12:00 to 18:00 – 6 hours &# 8211; Arrival time until 11:00, reverse departure after 19:00

From 9:00 to 18:00 – 9 hours &# 8211; Arrival time until 8:00, reverse departure after 19:30

If you do not hesitate and immediately go to the rack with excursions, you will have time to the very first from 9:00 to 15:00.

For a standard tour of Turkish Airlines you get. But if you want an individual excursion in Russian, you can order a guide on the site of our partner Sputnik8.Com. They have a good guide in Istanbul &# 8211; Babajan: http: // www.Sputnik8.COM / RU / USERS / 7903-BABADZHAN-P?UTM_CAMPAIGN =&# 038; UTM_MEDIUM = AFFILIATE&# 038; UTM_SOURCE = AFFILIATE_291

You can just walk with a group and look at the sights. Make listening to the guide you will not be 🙂

good day! And the visa is needed for this excursion?

Citizens of Russia Visa to visit Turkey is not needed

With a forced stop, no excursion is provided, but a hotel. Perhaps you came across an incompetent employee. Unfortunately, almost all airlines do not hold their own call center, but use third-party companies and a person on the wire is not always aware of many subtleties.
Information about the tours is on the airline’s website: http: // www.Turkishairlines.COM / EN-INT / CORPORATE / PRESS-ROOM / PRESS-REELEASES / PRESS-RELEASE-DETAUR / CITY-Tours-While-In-Transit-Provided-BY-Touristanbul

here with free excursions not everything is so unambiguously just ;.

Excursion is laid only if during the expectation of the aircraft does not fly to the same city earlier than your plane ; ;.. I explain specifically on my example ;..

I wanted to buy a ticket Rostov &# 8211; Madrid with a change in Istanbul ;.. transplants are 2 species &# 8211; 6 and 12 hours ; ; I decided to consult a representative office of Turkish airlines ;.. So here ; ;

I wanted to buy a ticket to stop at 12 o’clock in Istanbul ; ; everything seems to cool ; ; I arrive in Istanbul at 7 am, flying at 19 pm ; ; Great !! ; ;. and not here was ;.

I explained that there were no excursions and hotels, because there is a plane to Madrid at 15:00 o’clock and that I can buy a ticket for it ; ;.(This is just an option with a transfer of 6 hours) ; ;.Here, if this plane was not at 15:00, then yes ;. &# 8211; You can have a tour or a hotel for free ; ; And since such a plane is, then nothing is supposed ; ;..

Therefore, the freebies did not work ; ;.and so advise in advance specifically on your flight

And it was told to you in the call center of the airline, or arriving at Istanbul at the Rack Hotel Desk?

The fact is that a person from the previous commentary, the call center said that there is no free excursion and does not exist at all, so I do not trust their competence in this issue.

The touristambul website is not written about such restrictions, on the contrary, they have introduced another additional excursion from August 10, for those who have a short dock from 8:30 to 11:00 am

Below, the screenshot of the official letter of the airline Turkish Airlines, which they send their agents. As you can see one of the items &# 8211; ; docking passenger can choose independently, increasing the transit time interval in Istanbul.

I called the Call Center of Turkish Airlines in Moscow ;.. I was responsible for an employee in Russian ;..I did not believe him and asked to connect me with the Turkish representative ;. And in English, the Turkish Airlines officer confirmed this information to me ;. Therefore, you need to go and check in place ;.. From Russia, truthful information will not achieve

Yes, the return departure should be later. They are reinsured, t.To. If you were late, then actually by their fault, and these are additional costs for the airline.

If I arrive in Istanbul 15ч, and departure on at 23: 55 what kind of excursion you can get?

Unfortunately, you will not get any excursions. The most late of them begins at 12:00, and you fly only at 15.

Hello! Please tell me about excursions. I read on the Internet that excursions start at 8:30. We arrive in Istanbul at 07:55 and waiting time for flight to New York will take 6 hours 25 minutes. And on the way back, we arrive in Istanbul at 16:35 and fly out of Istanbul at 00:35. Can we visit any excursion?

On the way back, we definitely do not fall, and on the path there is unlikely, but perhaps, provided that departure after 12:00. Usually they for half an hour before the departure finish the group set, but suddenly you have time.

Hello, we arrive in Istanbul at 11:10 flying at 20:45 Would we be able to have time for some excursion?

Hello! Tell me, please, can I count on a tour and hotel with such a ticket:
1 TK 476 P 24OCT 6 SVXIST DK1 0725 1010
2 TK1063 P 25OCT 7 ISTLJU DK1 1620 1645

It seems that you have 2 separate tickets.

TURKISH AIRLINES Does not join these flights. Between them more than 24 hours, it is no longer transit, but you do not offer such docks on the site and on the site.

You will modify you to choose a flight on October 26, then the hotel is laid.

For one trip you can choose either accommodation in the hotel, or a tour. Both are simultaneously impossible.

This is the data from one purchased electronic ticket with one number. There is no online on the site, because the flight is open. It looked like a flight on October 26.

Unfortunately, I can’t check. Turkish Airlines Shows SVX flights &# 8211; LJU only with departure on Mondays until the end of the year.
But if on their website really was such a flight, then the hotel is put.

Hello. May I count on a free excursion or a hotel with a ticket: TK 2561 Y 09 Nov 2045 2215. TK 0475 W 10 Nov 2355 0720

T.To. You have a flight Dalaman-Istanbul-Yekaterinburg, then no excursion nor the hotel you. These services are provided only by passengers of international flights, t.E. When both flights are international. Flight Dalaman Istanbul &# 8211; local.

In Istanbul, quite a lot of tourists and the center is completely not dangerous.

10:10 KIV
Chisinau, Moldaviapn 28/12
11:55 Ataturk (IST)
Terminal International Terminal
Istanbul, Turkey Flight TK-270 | Airbus A320-100 / 200 (Jetting Plane) | Business1 Transplanting (IST) 12h 35mturkish AirlinesWT 29/12
00:30 Ataturk (IST)
Terminal International Terminal
Istanbul, TurkeyWT 29/12
03:10 HRG
Terminal Terminal 1
Hurghada, Egypt flight TK-702 | Airbus A320-100 / 200 (Jetting Plane) | Business

Can we count on the hotel?

Yes, the hotel is put.

1. TK 460 01Jan Kbpist 2125 2345
2. TK 322 02jan iStasb 2055 # 0345
Please tell me whether an excursion is possible with such a flight?

Of course it is possible, you have almost a day in Istanbul, choose any.

GOOD DAY !Please tell me with our tickets we can get a tour and hotel ?
TK 424 flight (Turkish Airlines) May 25 06:10 Novosibirsk, Tolmachevo &# 8211;
Istanbul, Ataturk (Terminal: I) May 25 09:35
At the airport for 15 hours 55 minutes
TK 702 flight (Turkish Airlines) May 26 01:30 Istanbul, Ataturk (Terminal: I)
&# 8211; Hurghada, Hurghada (Terminal: 1) May 26 04:15

At this time, we can choose this excursion option?:
Excursion from 12:00 to 18:00 – 6 hours
Arrival time until 11:00, reverse departure after 19:00

The excursion package includes transfer from and to the airport, excursions, entrance tickets to museums, and meals (breakfast and lunch) – it will be free?

TK 703 flight (Turkish Airlines) 14 June 05:10 Hurghada, Hurghada (Terminal: 1)
&# 8211; Istanbul, Ataturk (Terminal: I) 14 June 07:55
At the airport 12 hours 05 minutes
Flight TK 423 (Turkish Airlines) June 14, 20:00 Istanbul, Ataturk (Terminal: I)
&# 8211; Novosibirsk, Tolmachevo June 15 04:50

And during this period, we can get a free hotel room?If so, where to turn

May 25, you can get on any excursion &# 8211; everything is free.
On the way back, you can get a hotel. To do this, in the hall of the arrival (not in the transit zone, and after passport control) you need to contact the Rack Hotel Desk (located next to Starbucks).

Hello, please tell me, we fly from Novosibirsk to Bulgaria (Varna) through Istanbul. On the way back we have a stopper (?) 30 hours 5 minutes (arrival in Istanbul in 20-45, departure from there for another day at 20-00, the site announced that the transplant is 30 hours 10 minutes). Can we get to day excursions?Do we need a visa &# 8211; We will have Bulgarian. We are with a 1,5 year old child.

Russians visa to Turkey do not need. On the excursion you get, but it starts in the morning from the airport. If you spend the night outside, then not the best solution to return.
With such a dock, you can get from the airline free night at the hotel, but then you have to choose &# 8211; Hotel or excursion. You can only choose something one thing.

Hello! I treat Sydney-Singapore-Istanbul-Minsk route. I successfully fit in a mini-tour of May 30. I have long been dreaming to visit Istanbul. Please tell me (calm) How safe is such an excursion for a Russian-speaking tourist (I do not own English), based on the current situation (terrorist attacks, intense relations with Russia and.)

There are no problems, literally yesterday our partner was on this excursion. Everything is in order, he really liked.
The only moment, the excursion in English, translator is not.

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