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See Berlin from a height, getting to the training club "Bavaria", look into the Berlin zoo, cut through, learn German, sing in karaoke – we will tell how to do it absolutely free.

In Germany exists Many museums, For the entrance to which you do not need to pay. A stunning panoramic view of Berlin opens with a column of victory and dome of the Reichstag, where you can get completely free by booking the time to visit in two or three weeks.

If you are interested in history and politics, it is worth visiting the Museum of Brewing Culture (by the way, here are free Wi-Fi) and a German Cathedral, where in interactive exhibitions to get acquainted with the life of the GDR and the development of democracy in the country. A full list of museums with free entrance is published on the official portal of Berlin.

The opportunity to visit some museums is almost in every city of Germany, although the choice and cannot be called wide. In particular, in Munich and Düsseldorf free entrance is available for children and adolescents under 18, and adults are usually paid a symbolic amount of € 1. Information about such establishments should be sought on official portals of cities (Munich, Düsseldorf).

During a little exception, the absolute majority Parks, gardens and reserves In Germany, do not have the entrance fees. In Tiergarten, which is located in the very center of Berlin, you can run together with the locals and as a bonus, look through a small ditch to the Berlin Zoo (Lama live in this part). Lake Vanzee will like the lovers of a relaxing holiday – the absence of urban fuss and a quiet walk through the forest, without leaving the capital.

Tempelhofer Feld – a former airport in Germany, which is now a park in the open air. In the summer, Berliners arrange Picnic here and play sports. You can also climb Toyafelsberg, where in the days of the Cold War there was an American radar station. But the building is prohibited.

In Munich from May to October from 14:00 on Sundays and on weekends, free excursions are held in the center of the wildlife (Walderlebniszentrum Grünwald). Especially interesting here will be families with children who will get acquainted with animals living in it.

Good news for football fans – several times a week there is an opportunity to see for free Training of the Football Club "Bavaria" . With the schedule of workouts and ads on free login, you can find on the website . Pre-registration is not required.

Sing karaoke For a wide audience in Germany, you can also completely free (and for a singer, for listeners). In the Summer Sundays in the Berlin Mauerpark from 15:00 to 20:00 you can make a song in English or German. It is better to come in advance to take good places – the presenter will be better to see you and will rather cause a scene. You can bring with me fans.

Free excursions in Germany – also not uncommon. For example, when planning a trip to Dusseldorf, it is worth considering that on Wednesdays at 15:00 there is an opportunity to visit the City Town Hall. Lost Excursion An hour and a half. Pre-registration is not required.

And in Berlin, free walking tour starts from Thursday to Sunday at 11 am at the Brandenburg Gate. True, only in the summer months. The route passes by the main attractions of the capital. Excursions are held in German and English.

The half-day review tour of the transfer price from the airport is provided by those who fly to Tegel. From the airport to the city center – Alexanderplatz Square – TXL high-speed bus runs every 10 minutes. 25 minutes on the way can be devoted to considering the main urban attractions. The only Russian carrier who arrives in Tegel – S7 Airlines. The airline is flying to Berlin from Domodedovo Airport: in April – five times a week, and from May – daily.

Free Germany

In the summer throughout Germany many are held Open-air events. For example, on June 21 of this year, the music festival will be held – musicians will play throughout Berlin. You can hear any genre – from reggae to heavy rock. On July 3, it is planned to open a gallery on the Oberbaumbruck bridge, where many artists will put their work and tell visitors about art.

In Munich every year urban music free & Easy Festival (in 2016 – from July 20 to August 6). It will be interested in young people, preferring rock and metal, will also be organized open-air cinemas, political discussions for everyone and parties. But tickets need to be booked in advance on the site.

The ability to fit the arrival for the event that interests you in Berlin or in Munich is not a problem, from Moscow to these cities planes fly daily. If you arrive for a couple of days for a specific event, it is possible to further save on the ticket. The "Economy Basic" tariff at S7 Airlines does not imply baggage, only one place is hand-made up to 10 kg, and will cost cheaper.

For obvious reasons, you can get to all former Concentration camps (in particular, Buchenwald, Zakshenhausen, Dakhau, Noengamma) and many former prisons (for example, Soviet prison in Potsdam with the richest interactive exposition). Free entry also in Museum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the GDR and memorial victims of the Holocaust, located in the open air near the Brandenburg Gate. Excursions here are held for free in English and German.

As in any major city, most of the services in Germany require payment, but there is a service where you can find a lot of absolutely free offers from United States : from haircuts to photo shoot. Here you can accommodate your own ad. By the way, if you are interested in studying the German language, there are all chances to find on the website of Tandem partner (German in exchange for Russian or English).

Inputs in everything Universities in Germany free, so anyone always has the opportunity to completely unhindered lectures. True, it is unlikely to get to the seminars – there usually limit the number of participants.

Also in museums or bookstores Many cities are often arranged open meetings with famous writers – you can learn about this on the websites of specific institutions.

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