10 and a half free entertainment Hong Kong

It’s no secret that Hong Kong is a very expensive city, which firmly settled in the top three most expensive cities in the world for living. But tourists have to fall out – Buy Cheap tickets Moscow – Hong Kong very difficult because the concept of "not season" here is very conditionally. Find Decent hotel cheaper $ 100 per day is also a very difficult task, here the famous come to the rescue Hostels Hong Kong, But not every tourist will agree to similar conditions. Dear restaurants, dear transport and entertainment – all this about Hong Kong, even famous Cheap Electronics in Hong Kong gradually goes into the past. You can, of course, buy tickets for the sale, live for free in a tent in Campsie (there are such in Hong Kong, and we will tell about them) and there are free of charge Temple Khals sofa, But it’s not enough to come to the city, I also want to watch it. We decided to collect 10 free entertainment (and one is very cheap, so we consider it half a half), which will allow you to get a maximum pleasure at minimum cost. In short, let’s talk about free Hong Kong.

Free Hong Kong can be so

Free Museums in Hong Kong

How is it not surprising, but in Hong Kong Very many museums With free entrance. True there is one important nuance – most of them are very narrow. For example, Horse riding museum or the Museum of Police, which will be interested not all.

But specifically for such creeful tourists on Wednesdays in the most popular museums allow free! So, without paying a penny, you can visit the most interesting Museum of science or visit the ancient fort and Museum of Coast Guard.

Free Museum of Racing in Hong Kong

Free Light and Music Show in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s free entertainment includes a famous Chinese Alley Star With the hands of the hands of local cinema stars. If you go on a promenade along the bay of Victoria, it is best to choose the evening, because it is at this time that the famous light and music show "Symphony of Lights" is shown here, which fell into the Guinness Book of Records as the greatest permanent show in the world.

Alley of Stars in Hong Kong

Free British Hong Kong heritage and the longest escalator in the world

On the island of Hong Kong there are several historical routes, passing which you can learn about the British heritage of the city. British colonial architecture very organically fits into the famous skyscrapers and is fine with him. For a walk along this Heritage Trail is better stockday to know a good guide to Hong Kong to know exactly where to look, and if the story is not for you, you can simply and, most importantly, free, ride on the longest in the world MID-LEVELS escalator.

Colonial architecture on the background of skyscrapers looks great in any weather

Free on peak victoria

Most tourists prefers to look at Hong Kong from the Sky Terrace 428 observation deck, where for the pleasure I need to pay with Chinese tourists. But besides the promoted observation, there are also free, which are not inferior to commercial. By the way, get to Peak Victoria You can also completely free, because a taxi, a bus and Peak Tram for rich tourists, and we are looking for free entertainment, which means you will walk: and save money, and work out sports. For this, by the way, very convenient routes are made, the main thing is made in advance with the map, and you can walk on the paths of peak for a very long time.

Free view from Victoria Peak

Pedestrian trails for lifting on peak Victoria

Free monasteries of Hong Kong

Another free landmark of Hong Kong – Beautiful monasteries. We would recommend paying attention to wooden Chilin Monastery, Built in full compliance with the traditions of Feng Shui. It was this Buddhist monastery that conquered us with his beauty and peace, and personally for us remains a mystery, why among such beauty so few tourists.

The second monastery, much more popular with tourists, is the abode of 10,000 Buddhas, we liked it much less, but certainly also deserves visits. This is not all Hong Kong monasteries, but perhaps the most famous. These are also attributed to Lin, located at the foot Big Buddha.

Chilin Monastery in Hong Kong

Free temples Hong Kong

In theory, temples could be combined together with monasteries in one place of free entertainment of Hong Kong, but Wong Tai Sin Deserves a separate paragraph. This amazing temple united three religions under its roof: Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. There are always a lot of pilgrims and tourists here, but most importantly, according to legend, desires, mysterious here, be sure to come true. By the way, our came true less than in a couple of weeks, although it was from the field of fantastic dreams. The temples obligatory to visit in Hong Kong include another temple of Goddess Man Mo in the Central district, Catholic Church of St. John, Sikh Church Khals Sofa and others.

Temple Wong Tai Sin in Hong Kong

Free parks in Hong Kong

All city parks of Hong Kong can be visited completely free, but unfortunately, thematic parks Disneyland and Ocean Park they are not included in their number. But but B Hong Kong Zoo You can get completely free. If animals in cells contradict your philosophy of life, you can go to ordinary parks, for example, in Hong Kong Park, Kowloon or Nan Lian Garden. For those who do not want to spend time on simple walks in the parks, and wants to combine them with inspection of historical monuments, we recommend looking into a small free Kowloon Walled City Museum, Park Located. Here you can find out the story of the most unusual place in Hong Kong, which was destroyed more than 20 years ago, but still attracts people.

Garden Nan Lian in Hong Kong

Free Markets of Hong Kong

Free Hong Kong or 10. 5 free entertainment in one of the most expensive cities in the world

O Markets of Hong Kong We probably could write research or mini-dissertation. In our opinion, it is impossible to say that you know the country or city, if you were not in the local market. In Hong Kong, in addition to the classic Asia Night Market, there is still a mass of thematic. Among tourists are extremely popular for the jade market, The market of goldfish, Female market, Birds market, Well, of course, the famous electronics markets in Hong Kong.

Gold Fish Market in Hong Kong

Free beaches of Hong Kong

It would seem, Hong Kong – the city of skyscrapers, which can be beaches in the metropolis, but, nevertheless, it is here that you can find more than four dozen beaches, and all of them are free.

On the beaches of Hong Kong, they will rarely meet lounge chairs and umbrellas, but most of them have a free BBQ zone, where you can fry on the grid delicious meat and vegetables. The beach season in Hong Kong usually lasts from April to October, but the year for a year is not necessary, and for most tourists water in 20 degrees – it is already "you can swim".

Repulse Bay Beach in Hong Kong © thOUUSNDWORS.NET

Free viewing platforms in Hong Kong

About the free viewing platform at the peak of Victoria we have already told, but it is not the only only. For example, in some famous skyscrapers of Hong Kong There are also sites, and completely free. You can enjoy the view of the central area from the famous Tower of China Bank (43 floor), and at the Wan Chai area and Victoria Bay – from 46-floor Skyscraper Central Plaza. In addition to sites in the towers, there are natural View Point, for example, on the famous back of the dragon (route for Hayking).

Observation platform in the Tower of Bank of China © Striarrdrihel.SM

Almost free ride on a two-story tram Ding Ding

The last item of our list can not be called free, because for travel in the famous Hong Kong two-story tram You have to pay almost funny for Hong Kong sum in 2 HKD ($ 0.26). For this money you can enjoy the beautiful views of the city from the second floor of the tram, the route stretches almost all over Hong Kong Island, which allows you to see the maximum of interesting at minimum investments. So we introduce this item to free entertainment in Hong Kong, but as a half, because the fee, although not big, but still have.

Two-storey tram in Hong Kong

Free Hong Kong

Despite the fact that Hong Kong is a very expensive city for life, here you can entertain free, the main thing is to know where to go. And if you failed to save money on the hotel, food and air tickets, you can save on the sights, and the quality of rest will not suffer from this, and in some cases it will even improve. We wish you the most interesting and pleasant stay in Hong Kong, and we hope that you will like the city as well as we!

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