Free services on board: what to ask for a flight attendant

Do not everyone know that on board you can get some free services regardless of class. The boilers of champagne or something sweet in the form of a compliment from the airline, distribute themselves, and the rest must be asked. The main thing is not to be afraid, you will not be expelled for it from the aircraft. But what we ask, now tell.

Second portion of food

If you fly not to a looker, where a paid even a glass of water, you can get a second portion. When flight attendants will give food to all passengers, just ask for additive. After all, on board usually more food sets than passengers, and not everyone eating aircraft food. If there is an excess sandwich – the editorial units will not refuse.

Also with drinks. Water distribute in cups, but if one is not enough for you, ask the bottle of water or pour water into your bottle.


Fly with the child, but you need to remove into the toilet or twisted bones? Stewardess will seek the kid until you are in place. And Etihad Airways has a special person – "Flying Nanny". She is trained to care for children of any age. Therefore, while you are engaged in your affairs, the child will, too, will be in business – Aeronian has a large stock of games and classes for children’s handles and minds.

And if you have a chest kid, you put the cradle. A couple of days before departure, contact the airline and find out what options from this series are available to you. If you book everything in advance, then there will be no problems. Read also an article, how to prepare for traveling with a child.

Wet cleaning

On the Internet they write that flight attendants do not always have time to prepare the salon to the next flight. The truth is or not – we do not know, but the table and armrests are still better to wipe once again on their own. Never know what happened on it on the previous flight. But do not shout at the entire salon about the dirt, if she does not get into the eyes – just ask the stewardess a wet napkin.


On board alcohol more expensive than on Earth, but some airlines have a choice of free hottest. Lufthansa and Air France on distant flights with joyful shampoo coats, and on board Finnair on the way to the United States to hot serves beer or wine to your choice. If free alcohol you need, check your availability from the airline. On the morning short flights, alcohol is not issued – the beginning of the day! More chances to get a boat during lunch or dinner.

Hygienic pieces

Free services on board what to ask for a flight attendant

On long flights there is every trifle, even concern for the appearance of passengers. Virgin Atlantic Airways is distributed to all passengers a special road kit, in which there is a toothbrush and pasta, calcination, wet napkin, sleep mask, earplug. There are similar sets and the above-mentioned ETIHAD AIRWAYS. All miniature and practically one-time, but still nice – after 10 hour flights from the aircraft you will leave for a person, and not to the scarecrow.

Aid kit

On board there is a primitive first aid kit. Not for all occasions, of course, but for first aid, enough: anesthetic, dressing materials, funds from heartburn. If something happened to you, contact a flight attendant – she will do what he can. In emergency cases, the speakerphone is asked if the doctor is on board. If you need some special medicines, you can take them with you. And so that at the airport on the inspection they did not take them, do not forget the recipe from the doctor. How to build a first-aid kit on a trip, read here .

Comfort and entertainment

On some flights, it is not necessary to ask for a blanket – Stewardles distribute them to those who wish at the beginning of flight. But no one will give socks, if you do not ask. But the likelihood of getting socks is more if you fly a long flight.

And in order not to bother while flying, especially if you are not sitting at the window, ask the newspaper, magazine or playing cards.

Flying more fun, knowing such secrets. But you need to know the measure in my desires: I don’t need to be needed and demanding anything, because now airlines lead black lists of passengers . If you get into this, then lose flights per year.

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