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In Sunny Singapore, there are as little interest in this week – still do not have time to watch. Variety of similar interesting places your holiday in Singapore, you will save you. Your journey will no longer be so costly. Since Singapore is considered not only the city of the future, but also the city of parks, it is impossible not to tell about thematic parks. I have already written about the Arabic Quarter, Little India and their free attractions, it’s time for Park How Par Villa (Haw Par Villa).

Haw Par Villa does not look like Disneyland. Against. It is very different from modern entertainment and suitable for lovers of unusual and even surrealistic expositions. Salvador Dali would be delighted.

Found Haw Par Villa In 1937, two brothers AU Bun Howe and AW Boon Par (AW Boon Haw and AW Boon Par), which made their state on the sale of Tiger Balzam. They gave Singapore Park, talking about Chinese traditions and mythology.

In addition to Haw Par Villa in Singapore, brothers founded two more parks in China and Hong Kong called Tigrin Balm Gardens (Tiger Balm Garden). Singapore project became second.

In the history of Singapore, the park appeared under different names and eventually was named after the Au Brothers – Hower Villa. More than a thousand statues and scenes dedicated to Chinese mythology, legends and history are collected here. Some of them are quite fun and smiling, symbolizing good, others reflect evil and look crazy. In the park how Couple Villa at night you can make horror films.

The most frightening place in the park is the Gallery of "10 Circles", similar to the temples and Museums "Paradise and hell" in Thailand. In the cave collected statues, clearly showing punishment for sins. According to Chinese religious traditions, the underground kingdom of the dead is divided into ten underworld, each of which operates its king. After death, all souls pass through the hall with a mirror reflecting the deed sins, and then appear before the trial of ten kings. However, the time spent in hell is directly dependent on the severity of the committed sins. In each of the kingdoms, the soul takes his punishment.

Slevishers are torn out the tongue, thieves and swells discharge into the crater of the volcano, taxes of taxes, envious and crooks are crushed into a powder with a stone hammer. Ten kingdoms of the dead are not only killers and robbers, but also false wives, wrong husbands, gambling players, women who left their child or killed him, people who do not honor their parents, holy books, scourgeing on exams who doubt their ruler about subjects. In the last tenth kingdom, sinful souls appear before the court of the Supreme Ruler, drink a drink of oblivion and go to the ground in the form of a person or an animal – so ends the rebirth cycle.

The rest of the statues and figures are not so ominous. Park is ideal for photo sessions in surreal interiors. There are both large scenes from the Chinese folklore with small figures and figures in full growth.

Free Singapore Park Haw Par Villa - how to get there to see, description, photo guide

Where else will you see monkeys with guns, fun swimming mermaids, crab with a head of a woman, receiving a half-eyed or tea-deer tea with a turtle? These are the heroes of the classic Chinese novel "Travel to West". In the park there are figures of sums, dragons, laughing Buddha, Goddess Mercy Guin Yin and even his statue of freedom.

Europeans Park Hower Park Villa usually seems a bit strange and ambiguous, seey place for friki. Singapurts themselves cherish memories, as in childhood they came here the whole family, Park Hower Par Villa was a cult destination. Nowadays, visitors are not so much, other places for picnics appeared, but adults still lead to children here to introduce the Heritage of Great Culture.

Near many statues and scenes with figures there are descriptions of legends, myths and fragments from literature in English. There is a pond in the park where turtles and soma live. You can feed them, thereby improving your karma.

You can get to the park on the subway station to Haw Par Villa (CC25). Check out hotels near landmarks.

Opening hours: from 9 am to 7 pm.
Address: 262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore
Coordinates: 1.283691, 103.781837

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