Long-stayed Koreans call their homeland "Golden Mountains and Rivers". And this country is really very beautiful: blooming shrubs grow on tidy streets, the air is clean and fresh, and nature colors are distinguished by amazing brightness. Each city of North Korea Real Treasure. You can wander around the bridge without tired, enjoying landscapes and all kinds of attractions that tell about the history of the people who have established their homeland in the fight against Japanese colonialists and the USA . "Time! Although I "Published" You are gray and bent back, but we are proud of the affairs of our life for the sake of our land" Any resident of Korea can join the author of this poem, and the feeling of pride and love is imbued not only these lines, but also all memorable places in this country, which should be seen. Four cities of North Korea are especially popular.

First, it is the capital of Pyongyang, a city with a thousand-year history. Today there are more than 200 parks in it, and many legends are folded about beautiful rivers and mountains. Chonna Khunnia Moran, clean water of the Tadon River and the view of the island of Sculpt together form a single harmony and resemble one canvas. This is the first sights of Pyongyang. Next, follow those that created a person. You will certainly see the trimfal army a symbol of return with the victory to the homeland of the Korean leader Kim Il Siena, who freed the country from Japanese colonization. Arch was erected in 1982 and since then is an indispensable place to stop tourists. You will also visit the Mangonde complex, located 12 km from the city center. It remains in the old form of the house in which Kim Il Saint was born and spent. Low ceilings, a small courtyard with a barn, a rare hedge looks like a modest building, which is nevertheless the object of the tireless worship of citizens.

Not only a house, but also a statue of Kim Il Sang Central image of a monumental ensemble on the hill of mansu, which also includes sculptural groups depicting the new history of Korea. The memorial cemetery of revolutionaries, which you will certainly visit during a tour of Pyongyang, this gratitude to the revolutionary comrades of the Grand Chief. It is located on the top of the Tueson Mountain and is one of the most picturesque and beautiful places in the city.

And, finally, another monument and the famous landmark of Pyongyana Monument to the ideas of Chuchhe, built of granite and towering 170 m above the Earth. Cucheche’s ideas That theoretical foundation on which the Korean people is based on. According to them, the man is the owner of everything, who accepts any decisions and considers the indisputable value of the independence of the nation. In the sign of Cucheche’s ideas in Korea and this monument was erected, to which the tourist buses are, especially in the evenings, traveling up the tourist buses, and guests of the country admire the high white stele with the image of the burning fire on top, which looks particularly significant on the background of the dark sky.

It seems that all Pyongyang facilities resemble residents about the history of Korea and freedom, which went so expensive price, so it is not surprising that even the subway in the capital serves the same goal. The sculptures and stucco decorations open in 1973 by the Metro, are always unusual and not repeating more than once and at one station, also talk about the ideas of Chuchhe and the restoration of the country. Such amazing patriotism and devotion to their leader the undoubted dignity of Koreans, causing sincere respect.

But North Korea is not only Pyongyang. Well known city Mechansan. Typically, visit the exhibition of gifts Kim Il Sayne and Kim Jong Iru, and then go to the waterfalls of Mount Mahn on a picnic. Mehana is one of the five famous mountainous arrays of Korea, which received its name thanks to mystical shadows and smells, his breakdown. Here fall from the slopes of foam jets of waterfalls, and here is the main Buddhist temple is extremely. Initially, it consisted of 24 buildings, but today, after the destruction during the war years, there are few of them. Several monks live in solitude and concentration.


The third city of Korea, who is visited by foreigners is Ceson. From X to the XIV century he was the capital of the state of the Core. Here is the tomb of King Gogmont. Old Ceson streets are very attractive, the plantation of the famous Kesonsky ginseng and, of course, Phanmudnjon is a place where the border goes between the North and South Korea (38 parallel, dividing one people into two countries)

And, finally, Nampo Cultural and Trade Center-Port, where steel, tractors and gracework products made of glass produce.

A trip to North Korea Event is undoubtedly fascinating. The hospitality of Koreans does not know equal. The pace of Chollima of the legendary winged horse, flying a thousand whether a day, which people restore the country, cause respect. And the beauty of nature and historical monuments are real treasure, to see which one means to make a spiritual.

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