Freelance as a way to change everything

tell me something about yourself. Where did you come from, how came to life in a journey?
My name is Masha, and I’m with Chukotka. I lived there up to 16 years, then I went to study in Peter. Never thought about going to travel. Such a lifestyle always caused me bewilderment. Why? Where? How to work? But what about stability? But by nature I adventure. Therefore, when I met the future husband, and he suggested this crazy trip to Asia (and then I was already suspected that it was for a long time), immediately agreed. In 2013, we collected things and left for 5 years in Asia. And now traveling with a cat by car around the world.

You are now in Turkey. What is the new travel route?
This year we travel by car with a cat. We are going to Europe, well, the path goes there through Georgia and Turkey. I will not disclose all the cards on the expense of my future plans, there will be a surprise.

In which countries in Asia you lived, where it was most comfortable and why?
Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia (Bali), Philippines, Egypt … I hope nothing forgot. For long life, Thailand is most suitable. Infrastructure, weather, rental housing – all this is most comfortable there.

How often do you want to change places? Will the moment comes when the new routine becomes?
For the last time in Thailand, we lived 6 months, and it was then that I understood what routine. Indeed, everything is bored. I want to leave soon, change the place, see something unusual again, unfamiliar. Probably 4 months in one place – this is my maximum.

Where is your house? In which country I would like to settle live?
My home where my husband and cat. Trite, but truth. I am not tied to the place at all – I like everything new. But yes, I mentally look at the countries and I think, but I would like to live here always? I did not find such a place.

About remote work

Is it easy to combine travel and work? What difficulties arise?
Not always it’s just. First, when choosing housing, and the country, I first focus on the presence of the Internet. That is why I will not soon return to Goa. But it is especially difficult at the time of moving. In Asia it could take several days – flight, bus, hotel, search for housing.

Sometimes we travel for 2-3 weeks. And then the sights of landmarks are added to the move. During this period, I can work at night, but it is worth it.

In which unexpected places you had to work?
Work never interfered me to see something, but the unexpected jobs were. I remember how I was sitting late in the bar (and it was the only bar with a normal Internet) and tried to solve important questions while I smoked around me, drank and had fun. Worked on the beach (again Goa), because the Internet was in a cafe on the shore. Worked by the pool in Turkey overlooking the mountains. Worked in hotels with poor lighting, in trains, airports during flight waiting. Now periodically work in the car. And yes, I am always on the phone, and sometimes you have to solve working questions exactly where you are.

Freelance as a way to change everything

Do you have a vacation?
For 5 years there was never.

About travel

The most extreme things for you: what has already tried that in the plans?
Husband gave birth to a parachute. It was the very dream of which it is pleasant to think. But no, I was still fortunate enough and experience this extreme. I flew on the paraglider, immersed with the aqualung – but there is nothing worse than the parachute guys. In the plans – I want to plunge into a cage to sharks in Australia

Top most impressive places.
I am very easy to surprise and impress, so the list is huge. But now the first thing that occurred to: Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Swing Huser Yalasy in Turkey, North Vietnam (Sapa and Halong Bay), the underwater world of the Philippines.

What is the most important on the journey?
The main thing is to find a like-minded person who will be with you on one wave.

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