French beau

When a young woman comes to Paris, it is pleasantly surprised: French men are very hospitable and literally burn with desire – the desire to treat a foreigner.

They constantly invite her to drink a cup of coffee. In cafe or house. Better at home – there he can show his library (collection of brands, disks and t. NS.). In the eyes of the French woman, on the lips – light poetry. Nightingale trills are pouring, dense eloars and traditional verses, still his grandfather used phrases: "Your face has so struck me that I could not pass by. You probably actress". And invitation "To sweet" So hanged that the Russian woman who is accustomed to the expressions of the type "Come at midnight to the barn – you will not regret", completely fascinated, although not always seduced. Many Russian tourists with admiration shared short episodes – Frenchman was placed on the street. And picked up to all, even to those who are already desperate in their homeland call at least some impulse. Credo Paris: "There are no ugly women, but there are unscrewed".

Paris – recognized center of gallarium and etiquette. But it is also a city of broken hearts and destroyed hopes. It is here that the peculiar world record was delivered – in Paris lives the largest number of unmarried people in the world. This is the capital of short adulterers, for whom even the most famous British come here. This city "High risk", who keeps the championship in the number of diseases of venereal diseases and AIDS from random relations. This is a city with the highest percentage of alcoholism, suicide and nerve diseases on sexual. No one else like Paris Dr. Charcot, for many years practicing the treatment of female hysteria, first expressed the idea of ​​a dissatisfied sexual entry as the main reason for all neuroses as the main cause of all neuroses. In Paris, it rushes into the eyes, like in any other place. The reasons for such an incendiary for foreigners of the expansiveness and emotional excitation of Parisians – in this.

Despite the fact that the Galanacity of the French is known to the world, the assertion is not included in this myth that the French are real men. Medical statistics promulgated by the results of studies of the WHO International Organization, for them tragic – French are among the population group with weak potency. Ahead is proudly marched by them (probably for it) Arabs and Africans, and in Europe the French will overtake the multinational fraternity of Russia. How it combines the way the most charming man in the world? Really, as a meager noticed one emigrant, among the French "All couples in the whistle left"?

I confess this "whistle" Extremely pleasant if they do not get carried away seriously. To him get used to how to light narcotics. When a week I did not hear on the street of invitations Parishan to drink coffee, involuntarily started to peer in the mirror and sort out the wardrobe. Even after a short stay in Paris, visits, especially from Russia, contacts with compatriots are complicated, because it is nervous to the unfortunateness and frank rudeness of Russian men. As the Russians usually get acquainted with women on the street, Parisians only prostitutes take off.

The French in the arsenal is not only an ornate syllable, but also the delicacy of passage. Used artistry and soft tone. The October Revolution simplified the Russian alphabet and called the polite delicacy of bourgeois remnants. The French revolution left the traditional grammar and ancient passage of passage. The French do not begin with claims and suggestions, and most often the first phrase type "What a blue sky". Surprisingly, how they can be relaxed and contactless without discourability and arrogance. The French can ask the same question as the Russians: "You can spend you?", – But at the same time, they do not look at the girl with improber, like a policeman who is going to conduct dubious citizen in the nearest police station.

Taking on faith WHO data, I want to figure out – why the French are all these exciting marins? The estimated weak potency of the French manifests itself not that they cannot at all. Maybe. But for this they need to start themselves like a broken car, tool "curve start". It helps for a short time, so you need to update the impressions. Many Parisians have the Don Juan Complex. Psychologists have about six different types of Don Juanov, depending on motivation and physiology. Heads this list a passionate type with hyperfunction of the glands, which is always ready and with all. But our subject of discussion is the latest type of Don Juan, a weak man with a constant need to change the partner, because the former does not cause repeated desire.

There is another reason. American psychoanalyst Eric Bern talks about a social game called "Cavalier". A man plays in it, most often unsure in itself, without direct and urgent sexual aspiration, which, however, wants to confirm his significance from the surrounding women. This is the most popular game of intellectuals, burdened by complexes. The goal is not to achieve sexual communications, but simply prove that they consider him a stunning man. "Only a stupid and rough woman will refuse this game, – writes Bern. – After all, it is only required to say: "Mr. X, you are just great. You make a tremendous impression". Isn’t it nice to make a person happy if he needs so little. But some take it seriously, fall in love and suffer from short novels, reproaching themselves: "Probably, I did something wrong". (In order to avoid reproaches in feminism, I will addition – Bern also tells about the feminine version of such a game – "dynamo", not known to many men. Among women, the game is more common.)

"Cavalier" Chooses one or more young women at a party, work, on an airplane, a restaurant, or a fashion store showcase, and starts to crumble in compliments and boasting. There is an American way, straight: "Would you look at my diploma of the University of Boston!" or – "I have the most expensive car in the city". And European, sophisticated (classic English and German option): "How I do not want to fly to this international conference. Tired, you know, from presentations, but what to do, big business (science, politics) is great concerns!". French version does not require appeal to personal achievements. The first phrase with reference to the public domain: "How do you like Paris?". Instead of opening a peacock tail, a man allows you to turn around a lady. In subtext, hears: "What significance all these external social successes have, when the main thing: you are a wonderful woman, I am a decent man, and we together".

There are games with options. The easiest – get a return compliment. More complicated – to lean the woman to "Faire Lhamour". Language reveals the worldview of the nation. This common phrase literally means "Make love", Like this is not a difficult length process, but a one-time action. The sophisticated nature require exquisite dramas in the style of Marseille. They choose hard-to-reach ladies and can play with hobby for years. There are several severity in the game. The first degree includes fleeting meetings, full of sighs and hints, pleasant to both parties. But the game in the last degree can be fatal for one player. (Almost all films of the famous French director Claude Shabrol are devoted to these options.)

Parisan never leaves his seduction art, even in a happy marriage. "Why french husbands are coexistant in the presence of wives with other ladies?" – I asked once friends at a party. "They want to prove wives that they are real men", – with a smile answered me the mistress of the house. "And more than them to prove with nothing?" – Zynino was surprised by Ya. The company broke out laugh and a series of spicy memories. In my memory, too was one bright episode.

French beau

My girlfriend Kate made a proposal French journalist Bernard, pleasant in many ways. But she hesitated because he was older for 28 years. Bernard decided to incline the scales in its favor in the original way. He called me and Katya to visit Christmas. When we came, it turned out that his first love, his first woman, his first ex-wife, his mistress, was invited, his first former wife, his mistress, because of which they were separated, and the last girlfriend, which he threw for Kati. In French etiquette, everyone was extremely polite and warned to each other. But when after a couple of hours, the wine struck guests in the head, we came with Katya to appear that we locked up for the night in a cage with tigers. I suffered at this party at least poor Kati, because the ladies mistakenly took me for the future Passion of Bernard. In fact, I was assigned the role of inheritant, which was supposed to look at this woman’s premium and say Kate: "Instance valuable, you need to take".

The Frenchwoman was sophisticated in studs and nasty replicas in an exquisite style, but finally handed over the nerves only at the last girlfriend, which unexpectedly sneaks: "Leave immediately, leaving our country". Bernard did not interfere in our conversations and was equally cared for everyone. His marriage with shocked Katya did not take place. She was afraid that in marriage he will be presenting similar surprises.

When I told the French company about the incident in the circle of Bernard’s women, I expected the gathered to share my perplexity. It doubled when they counted the fiction of Bernard interesting, and Katya is unreasonable. Parisian opinion was so unanimously and argued argued that I thought for a moment: "Or maybe we are too impregnated with Dostoevsky? Probably, it is necessary, like an Ioselian in the Paris Panorama "Favorites Moon" – came, saw, slept. The man led a caravan of women behind him, it means that a proven one is suitable". Each nation has its own traditions and tastes. In Africa, for example, the bride with the child is valid. What is the absolute of morality?

I remember the story of Russian tourists who visited Greece on a nudist beach at the beginning of the eighties. Seeing naked Greeks, the Russian men covered smelting with Greece cards and numb, like the wall of football players before the penalty. In the local residents did not cause their beauties. Although the Greeks were recognized as the world’s most fiery before the creation of WHO itself with its lists, but the sexual revolution got to Greece, and they were accustomed. Maybe the secret of the weakness of the French in the availability of Paris sex? On what is so affordable and ordinary, usually does not pull. So they are sophisticated in the literature in longing at lost times when the ankle from Crinolin caused heartbeat. Pulls on everything that is unusual. In proof, fate presented me with one episode.

My forty-year-old familiar Igor wanted to marry Paris. Not only to get a residence permit, one big love is Tomil – to Frenchwomen. He loved them in all manifestations, per temperament and originality, so it was not at all a marriage search for the calculation. Igor understood that he loses the French in the art of seduction. He asked me to tell how French men speak with the ladies. Starting to remember different compliments and variations in the Spirit: "You love impressionists? I have a wonderful reproduction of Renoara in my bedroom", I understood the main problem – Igor did not have a house with paintings in pastel colors. And there were complexes – age and stranger plus nervousness of urgent choice. "Do not try to imitate them, you will have a second-rate option. You need to use the advantage of our traditions", – I encouraged each other. What were these advantages, I was incomprehensible to me. I then spoke poorly in French, so the function of an eloquent matchmaker could hardly do. Extreme situation mobilized fantasy and intuition. I decided to use the way Bernard. I proposed a brave option – to go to any public organization, in the state of which lonely women prevail in all countries.

The first trip to one International Foundation was crowned with success. We met with a charming Frenchwoman, immediately imbued with sympathy for our little company. My comrade, who perfectly owns several foreign languages, talked about the difficulties of emigration. But when Igor came out, I spent his sad glance, sighed and penetrately said that short phrase that was capable of my then knowledge of French: "Igor – a very, very good man". The Frenchwoman looked strangely on me and asked: "He is your fiance?". "No, just a compatriot", – honestly I said and sighed again, feeling remorse. For goodbye, Christine recorded our phones. She called him the very next day and invited him to the restaurant. Three months later they were married. Without compliments and cavities did not cost – this is France! But I didn’t do IGOR, but a Frenchwoman. And she made a proposal, and herself hung hostile to Mixed Marriage. My brief description turned out to be more convincing than the entire gallarium of France. Moreover, she was confirmed. It was the effect of salt cucumber on the festened sweets. Therefore, French Polytes is so acting on the Russian imagination – for us it is a sweetheart after the Sumy Cabbage barrel.

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