French Higher Education – only for real francophones

In school years I had a French friend who came to Moscow for the exchange. Walked around the capital, every monument of Lenin took a hat, and winter was cold, but he, poor, so the whole city and went around with a uncoated head. Going to do in Moscow State University. I asked everything than his sorbonna does not suit? He answered that he wants to learn how to build communism so that later France on the true way to instruct. And recently, through common acquaintances, I find out that my French communist graduated from Paris-I (separation of sorbonna), opened the legal office and lives or lives – disappointed his bright idea.

This is me to study in France anyone, regardless of political views, racial affiliation and origin. Even there is a decree on the equality of the French and foreigners who receive education. Only to get French Higher Education, you must pass a difficult bureaucratic way. But first things first.

System is confused

First you need to understand the higher education system in France. Let’s start with joys: training in universities state and inexpensive – from 3.000 francs per year ($ 600). Students have discounts: on transport and museums, for the minimum price you can buy a subscription to the sports club, eat in the dining room.

Learning at universities is divided into 3 cycles. First, biennial, this is a preparation for obtaining a diploma about the general university education. There is an important detail complicating the life of future doctors and pharmacologists: to move from the first year to the second, they need to pass the qualifying competition. Incorrect this contest can be repeated for the first year, but only once. French doctors doctors do not need.

Tectorals and humanities also relax once. They can be selected from the results of the entire first cycle. But you can repeat the course as much as you please – only money pay.

The second cycle, also a biennial, aims to obtain a diploma: in the first year – licenses, on the second – Master. On the first two cycles of scholarships, foreigners do not give, and it is harder to enter them than to higher.

The third cycle – for most the last. Only those who have passed the next strict selection, and allows you to get a diploma of higher special education or a diploma of in-depth education to continue learning and achieve degrees and titles.

Such a system at first glance seems inconvenient, but at the very case allows you to choose a future profession more thoroughly and make education mobile.

Home Difficulty: The Russian certificate of maturity is more than a degree of French college, but less than a lyceum diploma. In France, only lyceums receive a bachelor’s degree, they can act in universities.

"Many knowledge multiplies sadness"

According to employees of the French Cultural Center in Moscow, no best, nor worst universities in France. Diploma is issued one sample. At the same time, of course, there are higher educational institutions, where to learn from the name of the institution. These include Sorbonne and Higher Schools.

Sorbonne is famous not so many educational techniques as rich history. In 1231, in the suburb of Paris, the modest provincial Robert de Sorbonne opened a small school at the NOTR DAM monastery. A quarter of a century later, the King of France approved the status of the State University. And Pope recognized the usefulness of the university and even included in the abbey. True, the university was brought for a short time for liberty and the inclination to the secular sciences was removed from under the roof of the Church. And during the Great French Revolution, Sorbonne was completely abolished, because, according to supporters of Robespierre and Marat, education contributes to class inequality. Then Napoleon with a special decree restored the university.

Older Sorbonnery Only Roman University, and the peers quite a bit – Cambridge and Oxford. Unlike English neighbors, in the oldest university of France today, most students are foreigners. (Which for other French universities is not peculiar, there are few foreigners. The French government of this displeased and takes measures for the propaganda of French higher education abroad.) The French themselves are respected by Sorbonne, but believe that, having risen by their story, she lagged behind.

Let’s go back to the highest schools already mentioned. These specialized universities appeared in the XVIII century on the initiative of the state authorities. In universities they prepared thinkers, while the state was needed by people who could work on administrative positions. Then such institutions began to be created on the initiative of entrepreneurs who needed specialists in a specific profile. Currently, in France, there are both state higher education schools and private. Teaches in schools subjects related to all areas of knowledge – from fundamental sciences to the arts, literature, rights and science management. Part of the highest schools takes students after lyceum, part – after the first university cycle.

The political elite of France prefers to send its offspring to the Higher Economic School and the University of Political Sciences Dofin. Get there very difficult. But after the prestigious school it is much easier to advance by service. It is not by chance that the three latest prime ministers of France and most of the ministers of their cabinets – classmates, graduates of these schools. Everywhere strong student connections, friendship and dating. Careers are often made on this.

Scholarships – the privilege of smart

Experience only students of the last course of the Russian university or those who have already completed higher education and traveling to France can only expect to receive scholarships of the French government. There is a chance to get money and those who work on the graduation work or the dissertation on one of the following disciplines:

– management, economy, finance;

– right, political sciences;

– agronomy, engineering sciences;

– Art, creativity (music, theater, elegant art).

Requests for scholarships considers a special department at the French Embassy (Phone (095) 937 1527). Deadline for submission of applications – March 31.

Scholarship will cover the fee for study and housing. Calculate maintenance from the French government to pocket expenses is just a time to waste time. He still needs to grow his heads and form.

French Higher Education - only for real francophones

So we got to the very trembling: where, what and how much it costs. Most Russians, trying on French education, imply Paris, and in vain. Life in the capital of France, as any other capital, is expensive. Paris universities are really from 3.000 francs per year, but 2 more.000 francs per month required at housing and 2.000 francs per month. It turns out that a year of study in Paris will cost no less than 50.000 francs ($ 8.500). Therefore, in Paris it is worth going to those who have many friends there, ready to share their living space or those who are ready to earn. (Turning to the Agency "Third age" You can always find the care of the elderly.) Virtually the same amount will be needed to be a student in Nice, but it will be more difficult to find halnke there than in Paris.

In the French Cultural Center (Phone (095) 915 3702) I have recommended places where you can learn, not spending extra money for life. These cities are considered student, there are more university youths than indigenous people. Lille City: Seven Universities are here, these are more than 20 faculties and even more different specialties. Rennes city in Brittany: 5 universities. Geographical Center for France – Clermont-Frann city. And the latter, which is worth to give preference – Solar Toulouse. Life in these cities compared to Paris is one and a half, or even twice cheaper.

Higher schools everywhere equally expensive: 30.000 francs per year ($ 5.000) and above, but prestigious. There is, however, an exception: the highest commercial school costs 20.000 francs per year with internships. And here is the Higher School of Cooking and Hotel Economy – 60.000 francs per year. The French will not sell their national values ​​cheap!

Start a big way

Potential Applicant of French University First of all, you must go to the French Cultural Center in Moscow or in the Cultural Institute in St. Petersburg (Phone (812) 311 0995). French education centers also have in Saratov, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Tomsk and Voronezh. There can help choose a university. Of course, a reasonable way – contact the Agency for Education abroad. Do not be afraid "Cheat" – In fact, the Agency, in any case, decent, takes for his servants not so much – a small percentage of annual fees for studying. But a bunch of hassle – with a shoulder!

So, for example, if you already have a certificate of the Russian school, until May 15, you can contact the Moscow company "Insait Lingua" With applications for the preparatory course in Lyon (duration – 37 weeks, the price of study and accommodation in the student hostel in the room for two- $ 5.550). In addition to French, students can choose other disciplines for the profile of the university, where they plan to do. And after this course you can go to the Higher Technical School, the Institute of Finance and Insurance, Higher Commercial School, Institute of Entrepreneurship and Management, School of Applied Arts, Higher School of Aesthetics, School of Hotel Economy and Cooking.

The language exam can be passed in the French Cultural Center. The student will have to listen to the text and write a statement. The Commission is mainly not literacy, but to the perception of speech and the ability to use the existing language reserve.

Visa is paper-armor

An important step towards French education is a visa. The embassy’s visa department requires the following papers: a receipt for payment of training, a notarized translation into French diploma language or academic reference (by the way, the same translation will have to be sent to university), and finally your statement in French with the statement of the country’s choice educational institution and professional plans.

Until recently, any foreigner entering into France, a guarantor was required. They had to be a citizen of France, which in the case of the student’s bankruptcy would take on his debts (for training and other). Only the French with income exceeding 2 were suitable for this role.700 francs per month. I must say that the Russian applicants of French education, in the mass of their not having rich close friends in France, still found workarounds. Probably, so now the Embassy takes an admission of visa and in the absence of sponsors-French. But with the condition that the student has at a row in the French bank there is a minimum of 27.000 francs for the school year (this is true, contrary to Russian legislation, according to which the Russian citizen has no right to discover accounts in a foreign bank), or bank confirmation of monthly translation in 2.700 francs (which is more and more and more and the Russian bank can give such a confirmation).

Student visa The embassy draws up for more than three months, and, as practice has shown, in cases of insanity go to meet the applicant and reduce the term that the student is late for the beginning of the school year.

Not everyone gets a visa. The French easily recognize that drives a submitter for a student visa – a desire to warm up on the legendary beaches of Nice or interest in culture. Do not count on some advantages to graduates of elite schools, owners of the DELF certificate. The French Embassy gives preference to the provincials and will be benevolently to applicants who managed to prove their passion for this particular country, language and culture. To the interview it is useful to learn the name of the months in the times of the Paris Commune, it would be nice to read Balzac in the original. By the way, the French, unlike Americans, Australians and the British, are not too love to those who want to study the business, economics or natural sciences,. At the embassy there will be asked: "Why we?". Prepare the answer in advance.

Why refused visa, the French embassy does not explain. Employees of the visa department assure that the most chance of an initiative, energetic young man is not older than 30, good health, whose scientific interests are associated with humanitarian sciences in general and France in particular.

French Higher Education - only for real francophones

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