Fried insects in Thailand – I would have decided to try?

Someday I will open a restaurant with various delicacies in Phuket. Imagine in the menu there will be a variety of shrimps, grasshoppers under the honey sauce, roasted cockroaches with garlic, scorpions with vegetables and mushrooms, soup soup from a lining of a tute silkcase, caterpillars with salt and pepper, frogs in curry, termites in banana leaves, crickets in chocolate and many other goodies. Mmm! Slyons flowed. No? I am sure that Thais will definitely appreciate. Especially they will enjoy fried bats and soup soup. They eat everything that moves and what they are worth catching and also eaten. In the fields for golf at night you can see people with lanterns – these are gourmets went to search for beetles. On the shafts of the Bay of Knee in Ile Thais collect crabs. In the province of Krabi there are several companies for collecting swallow nests.

Insect meals are inexpensive source of proteins, so popular in Thailand, especially in the northeastern provinces. By calories they exceed meat. For example, one hundred grams of beef contain as many proteins as one hundred grams of grasshoppers, and the percentage of fats in the last three times less. Because of its cover, insects are valued as a source of calcium. You need to try insects carefully, because by the number of vitamins and minerals they exceed other products. For example, a small cup of tute silkworm larvae contains a daily dose of calcium, copper and vitamin in.

In Phuket Restaurants, you can try shark fin soup, crocodile meat in curry, fried frogs and barracuda steak. But who will surprise this in our time? The most delicious and inexpensive delicacy – crispy insects, sell in the night markets and from Makashnitz. The range is almost unlimited. Do not experiment yourself with domestic cockroaches, no one knows that he has eaten today. Given the scale of selling delicacies from insects, it is easy to assume that they were not caught on the street. They are specifically growing for gourmets.

For the first time try insects, I decided on the night market dedicated to the celebration of the Chinese New Year, near the Chalong Temple. Die-caliber delicacies initially injected fear, so we scared various tastes and drinks, for their snacks. On the counter were small grasshoppers, and huge locust, and appetizing larvae, and ten-centimeter winged beetles. For Thais, fried insects are no delicacy, but an inexpensive snack, like, for example, seeds.

Fried insects in Thailand - grasshoppers, larvae, beetles, exotic food guide in Thailand

The Phuket Town has a wonderful place, the market that works on Saturdays and Sundays, – Sandy Market. Among the diverse Thai flavors on the trays lie fried insects. Unfortunately, without special culinary delights, which reaches my fantasy in dreams of a restaurant. Ordinary fried grasshoppers, silkworm larvae, water beetles, locust and some other gastronomic exotic. Do not immediately pounce on all crispy delicacies, it is important to determine how to roast them correctly. For example, a grasshopper and a caterpillar of a tute silkworm need to eat differently.

For grasshoppers, you first need to tear off my head, wings and legs. Of course, you can absorb them and completely, but there is a chance to strangle the naked leg. As my friend says, the most delicious grasshopper is a locust, they are more sized and just melted in the mouth. The real taste is very difficult to write, in my opinion, a fried grasshopper looks like a grasshopper, who was caught, washed and fucked. You can remotely compare with sunflower seeds with butter and salt. Cateries and dolls are very tasty with beer, however, they do not crunch, and to taste remotely resemble pumpkin seeds or salty popcorn. Huge black water beetles or paywalks are also very juicy and savory, they are chosen in size. Their taste looks like a wired bacon.

Almost on the evening market sell bats, frogs, snails and other delicacies, in exotic restaurants they offer scorpions and snakes, but we will talk about them another time. See the list of all markets and fairs on Phuket, which you can find delicious insects. And, unambiguous, this is what is worth trying from food in Thailand.

Fried insects in Thailand - grasshoppers, larvae, beetles, exotic food guide in Thailand

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