Fried spiders in Cambodian

A small shopping town of Scone, which is 60 kilometers to the southwest of Phnom Penh, is known hardly to all Cambodia. Metropolitan, and not only the metropolitan residents specifically come here for the local delicacy, in Khmerski called "and ping". For clarity, I will clarify: here it is valued about how in the west black caviar.

Actually "A-Ping" — A variety of poisonous tarantulas. In a living form, they are abundant in the jungle near the scone. And in the roasted – with salt and garlic, – according to the assurances of local gourmets, remind crickets, only much more tastier.

It is asked – if you can drink snake blood, then why not hurt with a sputter size with palm? Especially since Cambodian cuisine is no exception in comparison with the menu of neighboring countries, from one species of which the unusual man’s eyes are climbing on the forehead. But it happened that "and ping" Appreciated not immediately.

The food value of the shaggy scoon spiders was discovered in the second half of the 70s of the last century, refugees hiding in the forests from the floodplain who destroyed 1.7 million of their fellow citizens. In order not to stretch your legs, people ate all that turned at hand: crickets, OS, water beetles, insect larva. Then it came to the Skonov "And Pingg", which were originally not delicacy, but to survive. And only a few years when "Collective farm communism" it was finished, and his surviving sacrifices began to return home, suddenly remembered that it was delicious. And very.

So "And Pinggi" Steel gurmines. It costs this clay 300 rielels per piece (about 8 American cents or two and a half of our rubles). If we consider that a third of the country’s population lives beyond the poverty line, having an income less than a dollar per day per person, then it seems like that.

Actually, most of the population of the scone makes themselves on the life of spiders, their preparation and sale. Lucky merchants "and ping" Come on 100–200 pieces a day, which gives a very good income on Cambodian concepts. When another bus from Phnom Penhop arrives at the central city station, it immediately fascinates sellers with trays and trays, littered with still alive, moving or already tortured "dish", and literally joading in passengers. And they are not taking off, for this and drove. In the capital "and ping" In principle, you can also buy, but the true connoisseurs prefer to commercially in a scona: there is no deer spiders in Cambodia.

Fried spiders in Cambodian

The dish is prepared for the way. Called spiders are slowly roasted on open fire (necessarily on firewood) with the addition of a large amount of salt and garlic. When the chitine shell, in normal condition, black will acquire a reddish brown shade, – all, spider with crisp "crust" And very gentle inside ready to use. There is it preferably burning hot. Bon Appetit!

In addition to any gastronomic moments "and ping", As they assure, healthy is still useful. Helps remove back pain and cures from some diseases of the respiratory system. Pacific legs, abdomen and poisonous jaws insist on rice fault – it turns out a dark brown turbid liquid that raises the total tone. This, by the way, is a favorite "cheer out" At Cambodian truckers passing through the city. The best "Sphew Wine" costs 2 dollars per liter, which, of course, is frankly expensive, but you can find a drink chefed with the same "Toning" exposure.

Appearing in Cambodia foreigners before "And Ping" Not yet doserie. But among the Cambodian themselves the popularity of this dish is so great that environmentalists have already begun to express concerns that the whole population will simply eat. In the bono over these assumptions, as a rule, only laughing. Although one day such a prospect really did not happen. It happened in 2000, when almost the entire population of Phnom Penpene moved to celebrate the new year’s offensive in Angkor – the ancient Cambodian capital, and now the city-museum of Buddhist temples. Among them is the world’s largest in the world. And the road back from the Phnom Penh is just through scone.

Fried spiders in Cambodian

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