Frigia – Dinner and Show Zulusov

After inspecting the Zoo Frigia in Tunisia, visitors can visit the thematic dinner with national Zulussan and Tunisian dances. We told about the zoo itself in the article "Zoo Frigia", And on this page we will tell in detail about dinner and show.

Dinner and shows are held in the big "Shaka" restaurant near the entrance to the zoo. The restaurant simultaneously accommodates up to 450 guests. Named in honor of the famous leader named Shaka (or Chuck), who managed Zulus tribes in late 18 and early 19th centuries, it was he who made Zulus dominant tribe in the southern part of Africa.

The restaurant building is very interesting, it repeats the traditional hut of Zulus. The only difference is that the dwelling of Zulus was not more than 4 meters in height, and the restaurant is more than 10 meters. Guests in the restaurant are sitting at large tables of six people per each.

For the entourage organizers of this entertainment, you can put a solid five. Next, we will describe in detail about the composition of the dishes, and after talking about the entertainment program.

Composition of dinner dishes

It’s almost traditional Tunisian dinner. Initially, a vegetable salad is served, then a lentil soup Chorba, then Brick, then a couscous with chicken and ice cream dessert. Everything is cooked delicious by traditional recipes.

Dinner causes tourists only positive emotions, except for one moment. When couscous is served, there are pieces of chicken on top. So couscous and should look, watch the photo on the left, click on the photo to enlarge. Number of pieces by the number of guests sitting at the table. These pieces need to somehow distribute – who some piece. We wish not to overlook this moment dinner.

Drinks during dinner without restrictions. If the bottle of cola on the table is over, boldly call the waiter and ask for a new.

From Tunisia alcohol, only wine is served, but without restrictions. Wine to choose from: red, pink, white. Alcohol without restrictions provokes some tourists who leave Frigia under strong "doping". This is especially true of tourists who came to Tunisia not on All Inclusive.

Important note! The composition of dishes can change by decision of the restaurant administration without prior alert.


The first entertainment visitors is waiting at the entrance, there is a small musical ensemble with traditional Tunisian instruments. Video can be viewed in our article "Music Tunisia".

Guests are sitting on the tables and here is still awaiting. To each guest at the table, Zulus comes up at the table, and his colleague makes photos. They try to make photos so that the visitor does not notice this. Sometimes it turns out just great when the painted face of Zulus is floating from dark to the visitor.

These photos by the end of the show are printed and hang on the stands at the entrance. You can buy your photo for a modest amount of 10 Tunisian dinars. By the way, find your photo from several hundred on the stand is another entertainment.

When all visitors were behind the tables, the show begins. It consists of a Gulus game on the drums, African dances with shields, drums and the like. There are purely Tunisian rooms: dance with pots and female dance.

African dancers are danced indebted, seeing love for his work. They do not show any acrobatics, just feel a rhythm. At the end of the show, you invite to dancing everyone.

From the national Tunisian art most interesting dance with pots, when the dancer puts on the head of the ordinary ceramic pot during dance, then on him the second, third and so on. Pots as a dance element is not accidental, because Tunisian ceramics is one of the prides of the country.

The more pots the dancer can keep at the same time during dance, the more artistic. Freigia show dance with four pots. In hotels there are artists showing five and even six.

Tourists with a rich overlooking the question arises: "And that the Zulus is doing at all in Tunisia?"The Zulusov tribe lives in South Africa, between Tunisia and South Africa – 8,000 kilometers. It turns out that Zulús have to Tunisia about the same attitude as Muscovites for Japan (the distance is about the same).

Tips for visitors

Frigia - Dinner and Show Zulusov

– After the show, tourists sit in the buses to travel back to hotels. And landing occurs at the same time. It’s easy to get confused here, and what is our bus? Each excursion bus has a number. Remember the number of your bus so as not to get lost and do not leave, for example, in Sousse instead of Hammamet (these two resorts are from Frigia in opposite directions).

– Excursion to Zoo Frigia happens in two versions: with a visit to the dolphinarium or with dinner and the show of Zulusov. Tourists often ask whether it is possible to get into the dolphinarium in one excursion, and for dinner?

Respond. Can. To do this, buy a tour with visiting dinner and show Zulusov, and buy a ticket to the show dolphins at the box office. At the end of the show just starts dinner. The only big minus, in the zoo itself, at the inspection of the beasts will be about an hour, and if the bus will delay in the way, then even less time.

– If found themselves at the far table, and see the show you want from close range, you don’t lose. In the hall a lot of columns, stand in front of one of them. So they can close to dances themselves, and others will not interfere. The furnishings inside the restaurant can be viewed in the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

– It is impossible to smoke inside the restaurant, but you can go out, and immediately there will be a smoking area.

– Waiters do not know the Russian language, use gestures, they guys dirty.

Whether to go to the Show of Zulus with children?

It’s a difficult question. All children are different, someone from the kids with pleasure "lights up" with Zulusami, and someone scares someone and gives a reason to reveal.

There is no universal council. On our subjective opinion, with kids up to 3 years it is better to refrain from this trip. Happy older children, go.

We wish you a lot of fun at Zulusskaya dance, read the main article "Zoo Frigia"And our other interesting articles about Tunisia (List of links below).

Frigia - Dinner and Show Zulusov

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