Friuli Venice

Friuli Venice – Administrative region in Italy, the capital of which is the city of Trieste.

Friuli-Venice consists of two before independent areas, each of which has a bright personality. Interestingly, the inhabitants of Friuli to this day express themselves in the Friural language, but when promoting the Slavic features, the Slavic features are celebrated, because this region is bordered by Slovenia.

Area name you can approximately translate as «Family to which Julius Caesar belongs». Friuli, that is, the Yulia Forum, means «market» – So in the past, a commercial center built by the Romans in the town of Cividale.

More than half of the territory of the region occupy mountains and plains. Land here is not very fertile, agricultural crops here do not grow. But the lower part of the plain, on the contrary, is rich in various natural sources and very fertile. Everywhere in the region you can see the vineyards and, of course, to acquire local wines as a souvenir – Tokay di Pinot, Merlot, Verduczo, Refosko, Collio and many others. In local cuisine, Venetian, Austrian and Slavic traditions intertwined.

Tourists The region attracts its beach resorts – Grado (interesting and historical city center, built in the traditional Venetian style), Lignano Sabbiadoro, is interesting for the skiers (athletes come to the resorts of Forn-di Sopra, Ravaskletto, Tanner). But it is possible to get to the resort of Arta-Terme.

The best cities and resorts of Friuli Venice

Friuli Province Administrative Center — Venice-Julia and the most popular near tourists city – Trieste. It is here that tour operators often put charters for winter time for hike tourists.

What is interesting to look in Friuli Venice?

Climate in Friuli Venice

Climate Friuli Venice refers to a moderate type, average annual temperatures here are not very high. Climate of the northern part of the region – Classic alpine. In the Karst Areas of the region are often rich precipitation. Strong wind boron blowing in those places of the region where there are no mountains. After him, as a rule, the weather remains more favorable for a long time (the wind passes through the capital of the region – Trieste – about 10 times a year). Winter in Mountainside Dry and Misty, Summer – moderately warm or cool. On the plain climate softer, winter – warmer and summer can be called hot. Average temperature in winter – +3.8c, summer – +23.2s.

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Excursions and events in Friuli Venice

Excursions in Friuli Venice – This visit to numerous historical monuments that tourists will find in various towns of the region. Here you can travel on museums and art gallery, in particular, Trieste.

Interesting excursions in Friuli Venice, like visiting vineyards, wine tastings, all sorts of gastronomic routes, during which you can learn a lot of interesting things about the origin of products in Italy, in particular, ham, wine, cheeses. Routes wear such names: «Ham road and castles», «Wine Road Terrano» and so on.

Interesting and traveling by Friuli-Venice castles – Excursion to Villa Manin XVI century, visiting the Military Museum of History and Art, located in Gorizia.

History of Friuli Venice

Where better to stop, traveling on Friuli Venice?

Friuli Venice, Italy - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Friuli Venice

Activities in Friuli Venice

Activities in Friuli Venice – This is a variety of water sports at sea resorts, boats, yachts, beach volleyball. Fans of winter sports attracts the resort of the traditional on which the in the summer of trekking lovers. And travelers who love walks in the fresh air, prefer to rest in the resort of Pordenone, in the Pankallo Valley.

Friuli-Venice region is rich in various cultural events. In particular, the art festival called Mittelfest, Popular and Festival Operetta (Spring-Summer, Trieste) takes place here annually. In addition, many tourists go to the region on culinary festivals, as well as the holiday of opening wine cellars. It takes place in Friuli-Venice and the festival of ham Aria de Festa (June), the holiday of Savorian cabbage, sporting events. It will not be boring!

Transport Features Friuli Venice

Transportation Friuli Venice – This is a well-developed railway communication connecting the largest cities of the region, as well as leading to Venice. For example, from Trieste tourists get to the train to the resort of Gorizia less than an hour to Venice – in two hours, to the capital – for 7 hours. In addition, Friuli Venice can easily travel by bus or car – Roads here are very good.

Trieste – The nodal point through which connections with neighboring Slovenia, also the region is associated with highways with the former Yugoslavia and Austria.

Friuli Venice: how to get?

Get to Friuli Venice Tourists can be the following way: arrive by plane at Rodki International Airport Deck Ludgeari. It is located 33 km from the capital of the region – Trieste, 20 km from the resort of Gorizia, 40 km from the town of Udine, 80 km from the resort of Codendon. From Moscow here can be reached by airberlin airliner with docking in Berlin. Trieste from the airport tourists can reach the bus number 51 (it runs every 30 minutes).

Another option – Morce. Ferries are accepted in the ports of Trieste, Lignano, Grado. It is possible to arrive here by water from Croatia, Slovenia, Albania.

Friuli Venice, Italy - Recreation, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Friuli Venice

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