From Abu Dhabi Airport to the city

How to get to your hotel from Abu Dhabi Airport (ABU Dhabi International Airport, Code: AUH)? What is the best way? What is the most economical? What are there any buses to the city? How much is a taxi in different areas of the city? Will Save Uber help? Read the answers in this article.

Prices, schedule and other information in this article are relevant for February 2021. Unfortunately, while arriving in Abu Dhabi, quarantine is required, and there are no direct flights from Russia. But we hope for a rapid removal of quarantine. Do not forget about strict Macid-security measures in transport in the UAE, read the article on the link above.


Taxi – the main way to get 9 out of 10 independent tourists. In most cases, you can save if you do a part of the path by bus, but we will talk about it a little later.

Until 2014 at Abu Dhabi Airport, standard taxi rates were operating – 3.5 Dirhams for landing, 1.6 per kilometer of the road. It was great, but "Halyava is over". Now there are new prices here, in addition in 2017, all prices for taxi services have increased.

Landing – 25 Dirhams, a kilometer – 1.8 Dirhama. Current currency rate View in our article "Dirham UAE". In addition, most likely the taxi will have to go to Abu Dhabi Island through one of the bridges. And from January 2021, the fare on these bridges is paid – 4 Dirhama. In a taxi, these 4 dirhams will be added to the cost of the trip.

Abu Dhabi is a big city. Hotels are scattered throughout the city, so it’s hard to accurately predict the cost of a trip. We will give prices to popular areas from tourists of the city.

District Price (Dirhama)
Central Bus Station 90-100
Island Yas 55-60
Saadyat Island 90-100
Embankment Kornish 95-105
Al-Shahama 65-70
Al-Rakhba 75-80
New Port 120-130
Al-Mina 100-110
Marina, Emirates Palace, Heritage Village 100-110
Great Sheikh Zaid Mosque 65-70
Mussafa 70-75

Almost all taxi drivers are taken to pay for dollars and euros. However, get ready to pay at a disadvantage. For example, the official fixed dollar rate of 1 to 3.75 Dirhama. Taxist will pay 1: 3.5 and then worse.

Therefore, we recommend trying to change money already at the airport, the benefit there are exchangers with an adequate course and normal commissions. Read our article "Currency exchange in the UAE".

Transfer on the Internet

You can order in advance transfer, but there is no point in this. The price will be even more expensive than a taxi.

No problems with landing in a taxi at Abu Dhabi Airport, there are always enough cars. All taxis here are official, with a meter. What is the point of spending your time and effort to order a transfer that will cost more than a taxi? No meaning.

Uber and Careem

Uber and Careem services in Abu Dhabi are working, no. In 2016, Uber was banned, in 2018 allowed again. At the time of updating this article (February 2021) they work, and you can save up to 40% of the taxi price.

However, here we can not guarantee anything. As global practice shows, at any moment they can simply close or ban passengers at the airport.

Dare. If it does not work, then sit on a taxi.


Buses stop at the bus station in the terminals, find easy by signposts. Fixed fare – 4 Dirhama.

Bus A1. Rides to the city center. Driving past a large sheikh zayid mosque, Zayed Sports City complex, Expocentre, almost donates to the Kornish Embankment.

The route works around the clock. Every hour walks, and from 6:30 to 8:00 and from 14:00 to 20:30 every 30 minutes.

This is the most useful route for tourists. Of course, your hotel is hardly located somewhere near the stop. However, you can get to the nearest to the hotel area and there already take a taxi. Compare at least the price for landing – at 25 dirhams airport, in any other area of ​​the city 5 Dirhams.

Bus 211. It follows to the Al-Bahia areas, Al-Shaham and Al Rakhba to the north and to the areas of Sheikh Shakhbout City, Mohamed Bin Zayed City in the south. The route works only during the day, walks every 2 hours.

Bus 240. It follows to the Al-Bahia areas, Al-Shahama and Al-Rakhba to the north and to Al Shawamekh, Al Mafraq, Baniyas and Al Wathbah, in the south. The route works only during the day, walks every 2 hours.

Bus x81. It follows to Ruwais ADNOC Compound Tarif Abu Dhabi Bus Station. This is the best way to get to Sir Bani Yas. Only 4 flights: 6:45, 11:00, 14:45, 18:45.

Bus 490. Follows al-ain. Only 8 flights per day: 4:50, 6:50, 8:50, 10:50, 14:50, 16:50.

From Abu Dhabi Airport to the city

Rent a car at the airport

Take a car for rent at the airport you can from 150 dirhams per day. You can get to your hotel, use the car more day and then pass somewhere in the city.

The method is very good, but very complicated – you need to look for the landlord, who would have a presence point somewhere near your hotel. And this requires a long and challenging work on the Internet.

If you want to try to search, then look at the services: Fastuae.COM, BUDGET-UAE.Com, Thriftyuae.COM, AVIS.AE

If you need to get to Dubai

There is a convenient airport bus from Etihad Airways Airlines. Also can also be reached by buses E100 and E101. Details in our article "From Abu Dhabi to Dubai and back".

Have a good holiday in Abu Dhabi, and read our useful tourists and cognitive articles about the Arab Emirates (List of articles below).

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good day. Tell me how information is relevant from public transport from Abu Dhabi Airport, in particular, the route A1? Read on the VINSKY forum that all buses in the city were canceled and now there is a possibility for a taxi to go.

Alexander – Glavred site

October 2 closed urban terminal. This is the place in town where you could check in. Before that the terminal goes a1.
I’m certainly not in the Emirates now, I can’t check for sure. But in the press did not write anything about the cancellation of buses at all. If something like this had a place to be, then some newspaper in the emirates would write about it. I read them all.

Alexander – Glavred site

I asked about the situation with a letter of the airport press center. Only late already, they will answer tomorrow.

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