From Ajman to Dubai and back

Despite the fact that Emirate Ajman is the smallest in the UAE, the route between it and Dubai is very lively, and in both directions. In this article, consider popular ways to get – taxi and buses.

Prices, schedule and other information in this article are relevant on February 4, 2021. Do not forget about strict Macid-security measures in transport in the UAE, read the article on the link above. As of February 2021, Ajman-Dubai buses go, their movement was restored on July 19.

Why travel from Ajman to Dubai

Holidaymakers in the hotels of Ajman Tourists go to see the main attractions: climb the viewing platforms Burj Khalifa, see the show of the fountains of Dubai, to visit Dubai Mall.

Why are you going from Dubai to Ajman

Dubai residents in Ajman ride no less actively, but not to watch the sights, and for alcohol. The fact is that in Dubai alcohol expensive. In addition, a system of alcoholic licenses for residents is still preserved in Dubai, despite the amendments on November 8, 2020. The license is paid, not everyone wants to pay for her 270 dirhams per year.

So they go beyond the alcohol in Ajman, where the licenses are canceled, and the prices of alcohol below. All the details about the situation with alcohol in different emirates we told in the article "Alcohol in the UAE".

Even tourists go for alcohol, but mostly not Russian, and tourists from Western Europe who often come to a long rest. Bring a lot of alcohol from the house or from Duty Free it does not work, the norms of importation are strict, what we wrote in the article "What and how much can be imported into the UAE".

Distance between Emirates Ajman and Dubai

The distance between the western border of Ajman and the eastern border of the Emirate of Dubai – 12 kilometers in a straight line, and 15 kilometers on the roads.

First way – taxi

It would seem that the distance between the Emirates is small, and the taxi should cost cheap. In practice, taxis from Ajman to Dubai – Pleasure is expensive.

When traveling will have to cross the border of the Emirates twice: between Ajman and Shadnjei, between Chard and Dubai. Therefore, on the taxiometer will arise +20 dirhams. In addition, if you drive somewhere in Dubai city center, then the distance increases, and pay more +5 dirhams for the intersection of the Dubai Creek Bridge.

If you drive from the hotel in Ajman to Dubai Downtown, where all the main attractions are located, the trip will cost 110-140 Dirhams. Actual Dirhama Course, see our article "United Arab Emirates", and travel tarres in the article "Taxi in the UAE".

There is an option to save a little – take a taxi to the nearest metro station Etisalat ("Etisalat") in Deira district in Dubai. The trip in this case will cost 70-90 dirhams. Next move on the subway – quickly and cheap, read our article "Metro Dubai".

If you need to get from Dubai to Ajman. Come on the subway to the etisalat station ("Etisalat"), take a taxi to the right place in Ajman. For example, Unisat General or Oscars alcohol stores.

You can immediately agree with a taxi driver for a reverse trip, then you can save up to 50 dirhams. Waiting for a taxi driver will cost inexpensive, because in the store they will spend 15 minutes, no more.

Second way – order transfer

You can order a transfer easily on the Internet, now the "Sea" of sites provide such a service. The price of a trip – 30 dollars, on the trip back will give a discount. You can even find a transfer with a Russian-speaker driver.

Transfer and taxi are comparable for the price.

Something more convenient transfer, fixed price, the driver will not ride the main paths to turn the counter.

Something uncomfortable, after all, you can only order it from the hotel, he will not come to the metro station. In addition, you will be tightly tied to time.

Third way – bus

There are three bus routes between Ajman and Dubai.

The first is called E400, belongs to RTA (Dubai Transportation). It goes between the subway Union Skuar ("Union Square") in Dubai and Al Musalla Station ("Al Musalla") in Ajman.

The second route belongs to APTC (Ajmantic Transport Management). He has no room as such. What does this bus look like, look at the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge. Walks between al-Rashidiya metro station ("Al Rashidiya") in Dubai and Al Musalla Station ("Al Musalla") in Ajman.

If you are going from Ajman to Dubai, then take a taxi from the hotel to Al-Musalla station, will cost 10 Dirhams. Next Sit on any of these buses.

Ajmant buses are the most comfortable, in them soft chairs, free Wi-Fi, on every armchair LCD, you can watch movies. But the Ajmantic buses go only once in half an hour, and come to the subway al-Rashidia at the very end of the Red Branch.

In 2017, the authorities of Emirate Ajman purchased new buses of the ultrahigh level of comfort for this route. Every such bus cost 1 million US dollars!

Dubai buses E400 go more often – in the afternoon of 15 or 20 minutes. Come to the central metro station Union Skuer. But the level of comfort in them below.

Fare price – 12 Dirhams for a trip from Ajman to Dubai, and 15 Dirhams for travel back.

From Ajman to Dubai and back

Buses go from 4:30 am to 23:30 pm. Travel time – 70 minutes, but maybe more due to traffic jams.

There is another third bus E411 in Ajman from Etisalat Metro Station. But he rarely walks, and Etisalat station is at the very end of the green branch. Uncomfortable. Do not advise.

Important Alcohol Council

If they gathered in Ajman for alcohol, then on the way back, be sure to pack the bottles in the bag so that they are not visible. It is better to take a bag that closes on zipper. On the way back (from Ajman to Dubai) will pass through the Emirate of Sharjah. Recall that in Sharjah alcohol remains banned, despite the amendments on November 8, 2020. In the bag, the police are hardly climbing, but if the bottle is at the bottom, can delay and finf. Read our review "UAE laws for tourists".

On the road, in the Emirate of Sharjah even there are groups of extortionists. They are guarding people in Azhman’s wine stores, then a small accident arrange on the road. Next, it would be randomly seen in the car alcohol and threatened to call the police, require money. Fortunately, they rarely track tourists by taxi, more often the victims are chosen by workers temporarily living in the UAE.

What else do you need to know

– To travel to Dubai, choose the day from Sunday by Wednesday. Friday and Saturday in the UAE Weekend, and on Thursday evening transport is usually crowded, on traffic jams;

– on buses E400, E411 and APTC Payments only by Dirhammi. Read our article "Where and how to change currency in the UAE";

– on buses E400 and E411 payment by the NOL card, which will need to buy on the bus station for 25 dirhams (19 of them on the score). Next, this card is useful to pay for the subway and buses in Dubai. Read more about tariffs and features of her work in the article "NOL Cards".

Successful movement on the UAE, and read our articles about this country (Links below).

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Olegant thanks for the detailed answer .

Everything is clear and understandable, thank you very much,

Payment on the auto E400 is possible cash? Or requires a map?

Alexander – Glavred site

Payment only by NOL card. Although now because of the coronavirus everything is possible. There on Union built a new bus station (opened in January). You can ask and buy a map. Beautiful bus station, judging by the pictures. But I myself was not there yet.

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