From Antalya Airport to Kemer, Belek, Alanya, Side, Lara, Konyaalta

If you fly to the Mediterranean resorts of Turkey yourself and fly to Antalya Airport, then the problem is relevant: how to get from the airport to the hotel and not overpay?

In this article, let’s talk about how quickly and (or) beneficial to the resorts: Lara and Konyaalti (Antalya resort), Kemer, Belek, Side, Alanya, Kash, Demre, Fethie.

Prices and other information in this article are relevant for June 2021. Attention! To take advantage of public transport and pay for Antalyakart, now you need to bind Antalyakart to your Hes-code. Not yet tie, the card will not work. Binding is done on a special page HTTPS: // HES.Antalyakart.Com.TR /

Options are the following

1. Take a taxi at the airport;

2. Book transfer online;

3. Get public transport.

Each option has its advantages and cons, what are we talking about.

Taxi or transfer

The most convenient option is to take a taxi at the airport or in advance. Transfer on the Internet. Advantages are obvious: you will leave right away, you will reach fast and straight to the doors of the hotel. But this option is the most expensive, approximate prices in the table below:

Spa destination Price (one way)
Lara 30 USD
Konyaalty 35 USD
Kemer 50 USD
Belek 40 USD
Side 50 USD
Alanya 70 USD
Demrem 120 USD
Kash 140 USD
Fethiye 150 USD

If you know how to communicate and bargain, if you know how to insist on your taxi drivers, this price can be reduced by 1.5 times, and some can be reduced by half. Taxi drivers without problems take dollars, and even traded most often in dollars, and not Turkish lies.

You can also convince the taxi driver to go around the counter, then a trip to Laru or Konyaalta will cost cheaper. However, the counters work in Turkish lyters, and if you pay for dollars or euros, you will pay around rounded (not in your direction).

If you do not like and do not want to bargain, then order the transfer on the Internet.

Naturally cheaper to get by public transport.

Lara – Public Transport

So it looks buses 600 and 800

In the resort area of ​​Lara, the bus 800 goes, before it was called 600A.

From the airport he goes every hour from 6 am to midnight.

To drive on this bus, you will need to buy an antalyakart transport card, cash drivers no longer take. You can buy a map or in an automatic machine in the airport terminal for 7.5 lire. Actual course, see our article "Money in Turkey". Consider that only the lirai pay and have to change money. Read our review "Currency exchange in Turkey".

Important moment! On the routes 600 and 800, there are ordinary city buses, there is no place for baggage. If you drive with a big luggage, then the bus may simply not let, such cases were.

Bus 800 drives to the Lara area, but does not reach hotels, and turns to the west to the city center. Therefore, it will have to go out but one of the stops in Lara and further catch a taxi.

You need to wait until the bus will pass the first rounded junction, the street Rauf Denkta will begin&# 351; (Rauf Denktash). And you can go to the nearest stop, it will be the nearest point to Lara hotels.

Or the second option – to wait for the next circular junction where Rauf Denkta Street&# 351; ends and go out there, then it will be a little away from hotels, but a taxi will catch much easier.

Next, taxi on the meter will cost from 15 to 55 Turkish lira, depending on the hotel’s remoteness.

And the third option – for the most economical. Go out at any stop on Barinaklar Street (Barinaklar), then go to the other side of the road and sit on the LC07 bus, which goes along the line of Lara hotels. You can pay for the second trip from Antalyakart card, which is bought at the airport.

Konyaalta – Public Transport

Antalyakart transport card

The resort zone of Konyaalti is further, but it is easier to get to public transport.

Need to take a bus 400, which goes every hour from 7-15 to 23-15. He rides directly to the area of ​​Konyaalti and drives along the entire line of hotels. but! He is not going along the road along the coast (highway D400), and on a parallel road – Atat&# 252; RK Boulevard (Atatürk Choilver). And hotels from this street are not visible.

Therefore, the main question: where to go? The easiest answer: somewhere, where you will see the parking lot, it will be easier to catch a taxi to the hotel. Next, go straight to the hotel by taxi for 15-25 Turkish lira on the meter.

Belek, Side, Alanya – For customers of the airline Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines provides free bus route Airport Antalya-Bus Stop Alanya and back. Stayed in Belek, Cadry, Manavgate, Side, Okarudzhalar, Avsallar, Conakla.

Shuttle TURKISH Airlines

At the time of publication of this article, 6 flights go to the day: 7:20, 10:30, 13:10, 16:15, 19:30, 21:35.

Attention! The schedule of this bus is not published on the official website of the airline. It may change without notice. If you want to use, then be sure to contact the airline for more information and booking.

Upon arrival on the hotel nearest to the hotel, take a taxi to the hotel or use local dolmoshi (minibuses).

Belek, Side, Alanya, Kemer, Kash, Demre – Public Transport

Unfortunately, while there are no buses from Antalya Airport to resorts. To sit on a long-distance bus, you need to get to the bus station Antalya (Antalya Otob&# 252; s Otogar).

Step 1 – To get from the airport to the bus station

You can get by taxi, the price of a trip is about $ 20.

Shuttle Havash

The second option is the most convenient – this is a HAVA bus&# 350; (Havash). Here are comfortable seats, there is a lower compartment for luggage. Rating price – 15 Turkish lir. Watch the photo near, click on the photo to enlarge.

However, there is one drawback – the HAVA bus&# 350; Departs only from the home terminal of Antalya Airport. That is, you will have to go from the international terminal to home.

Third option is a bus 600. It goes approximately every 30 minutes, there is a morning flight 6:55 and night from 1:40 to 5:40 every hour. To take a bus, you need Turkish lira. Read our review "Currency exchange in Turkey". You need to buy an Antalyakart card for 7.5 lire in the machine. Actual course, see our article "Money in Turkey".

On the route 600 bus station is the final stop.

From Antalya Airport to Kemer, Belek, Alanya, Side, Lara, Konyaalta

Step 2 – To get from the bus station to the resort

As soon as you get to the main hall of the bus station, you will immediately go to you and offer to help. If you do not want to "bother", then use this help, since this person and cashier will show, and the bus will show. Naturally, he will give you a markup to you, but for a tourist is an adequate fee.

You can buy a ticket yourself, find your bus that is not so easy to do. At the bus station two terminals – the first for routes within the province of Antalya, one for routes outside the province.

The second complexity – there is no single cashier here, and tickets need to buy from representatives of bus companies. And it is not clear right away, which company where can be understood. You can contact the rack of information, they will help. Then still on the parking lot you need to find your bus.

Prices for travel low. To go to Kemer or Belek costs about 10 lire, in Side – about 15, in Alanya – about 20, in Kash, Demre or Fethiye – about 25.

Step 3 – get to the hotel

It is to make the easiest way to taxi. Predicted price is difficult, the price greatly depends on the hotel’s remoteness from the bus station. For example, if you arrived in Kemer, and the hotel in Tekirova, then the trip will cost 70-80 lire. Or if they arrived in Side, and the hotel in Kyzylota, then the trip will cost 80-90 lire.

Most drivers at the request of passengers are planted in resort areas on the road. For example, your hotel is in Turkler. You sit on Alanya and ask the driver to stay in Turkler. Then save a taxi to the hotel.

And often hotels are located along the D400 highway, which are followed by buses, and you can go straight nearby. Here we can not give a universal council, try to navigate the google cards.Maps.

Is it possible to buy bus tickets in advance?

At the bus station Antalya

Theoretically, you can buy tickets on the Internet, payment by MasterCard or Visa maps. However do this not recommended. Buy a ticket for a certain flight, that is, at a certain time. And what if the plane is delayed? Then the bus will leave without you.

Tickets even in the summer season there are. And even if the next bus to the resort you need is filled, then nothing terrible, wait next.

Comparison of taxis and buses

Of course, buses give serious money savings if you compare with a taxi. However, the cost of time in this case is gigantic. For example, if you are going to Kemer, then: at first you need to wait for the bus 600 (up to 30 minutes), then almost an hour to go to the bus station, then wait for the bus to Kemer (up to 1 hour). As a result, tourists spend on the road about 2-3 hours, and at a taxi reach only 1 hour or even faster.

What is more valuable – money or time? Decide you yourself.

by the way. Financial benefit depends high on the number of travelers. If you are going alone, the bus gives a very big savings. But if you are going three or four times, then this benefit is no longer so obvious. In any case, we strongly recommend tourists with children.

About other nuances of self-rest in Turkey, read our article "Trip to Turkey yourself".

Important advice

– If you want to count the cost of a taxi trip accurately – according to official tariffs, then see the tariffs in the city of Antalya and the rest of the province of Antalya (different tariffs) in our article "Taxi in Istanbul, Antalya and other cities".

– Airport and bus station – it is quite comfortable places to buy a local tourist or ordinary prepaid SIM card. Arriving at the resort, quite likely the SIM card no longer buy. About the most favorable ways to solve communication problems, read in our articles "Internet in Turkey" and "How to call from Turkey";

– What expenses are still waiting except transfer, read in our article "How much money to take to Turkey".

Have a good rest in Turkish beaches, and read our useful articles for tourists about Turkey (List of articles below).

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