From bed – in sugar

Great sugar, and in the gate it is still a crush. Tunisian city of Duz, officially considered "Gateway desert", Completed by visitors: everyone wants her breath of the Great Sahara. Breaking it from the Duza is very nice – on the one hand, the arriving with all the achievements of the civilization type of multi-star hotels, and on the other hand – right at the threshold of this very hotel begins sands that do not quite visually.

And because the population of this such a well-positioned city at the moments of the tourist season is not somehow double there, but is also being selected or even more. Among the tourist crowd, the aborigines are lost and looks somewage, and the crowds look at the aborigine respectfully, because they know: before them is not a certain abstract tunisian, and certainly a representative of the proud tribe of the Berberians or that cooler – desert taways. And then, if such a conditional taouareg – yes rides in the city on the tonkoy horse, and even a mustache and a rifle across the saddle. And above the head of the time there is a desert sky, it is not like a natural sky at all, but it is not a similar to the dome of the planetarium, because it is not flat with five stars, but a cup-shaped, and stars on it are incredible billions.

The heartbreaking romanticism of what is happening slightly dumps, when at five in the morning the traveler must already fall out of bed and go directly to the Sahara. Here it, sluggish, and take on the turn of all the same Berbero Taways: each of the wildlife gets a national burly on the body, a national handkerchief on the head, and then such a company, stumbling and coming on the alert of too long national boots, wanders for sands. And here, romanticism overwhelms all with a new force, because no one indifferently transfers the spectacles of several dozen camels and the same number of camel-owners harmed around the tiny fires in the yet dark desert. They are waiting for us.

And here we are saturated all by camels. However, a camel, though paid, but not required: for veterans, people with disabilities and those who have already been on a camel and swore for themselves that he never will be there anymore, the desert ship is changing the horse with a chariot. The horses are only minus – it is small compared to the camel, and her chariot is small, and Sedoki because of this, too, are small, as a result of which their respect for camel is finally.

The torment with the rise at five in the morning is explained by the fact that it would be good for the sunrise to have time to dispel animals and move on the road. Because the sunrise over sugar is one of the best in the world invented by nature for admiring spectators. The incredible magnitude of the crimson ball is frozen for a minute, serving a photographic background for three palm trees with strange curved trunks – because they dreamed of climbing to live in the desert, and for this desert they sparkled them, – as well as chains of camels and endless vegans. And rises finally, illuminating the truth of the life of this desert. For example, the skeleton located between the vegans the skeleton is the same camel – it is so picturesque and the photogenic that seems to be put here specifically, for white bones in combination with yellow sands, and it still shines under the scorching rays of the sun and gives the effect completely stunning.

However, not one sugar rich Tunisia. Each Arab country has its own role, and if Egypt is the barbaric-pharaoh exotic, the Emirates are the fairy tales of the rich East, then Tunisia, undoubtedly, Arab Aristocrat of North Africa and, how much eastern flavor is allowed, in general, Comilfo and the most European of all Arab countries in general. The polygamy is prohibited, the education of the population is spent almost half of the state budget – as a result, the most variating trout, Sidychi in his cave, can ask for money to eighteen languages ​​and twenty two dialects. Apparently, thanks to the enlightenment, Tunisians are not fond of terrorism, fundamentalism and other extremes, which makes trips to this country by an unrearily. Looks like even walks in doubtful places. So, the center of each Tunisian city is a confusion of streets, streets and alley, some of which delicate fence is fenced off from modest explosions. There is a vice, but it’s worthless to be tavering, as not only no one will give you on the head and does not rob, but, on the contrary, there is a lot of men, we just used a lot of people, and in four languages ​​they will immediately explain how bad.

From bed - in sugar

In addition to enlightened tunisians living in the Sahara desert, there are also oases. Field palm trees grow in oases, but for some reason the main pride of local workers is henna, which has the appearance of a nondescript herb and can not compare with the palm. Henna in Tunisia found unconventional use – instead of tunicing her hair and everything becomes red, like our women of Caucasian nationality, they paint heels and palm. And I will not say that everyone has – but many of the heels and palm of adorable red-colored. Such is an ancient tradition, but they are not alone for old women at all – in contrast to another ancient tradition, the tattoos of the person whom young people are more subjected to. But the elderly ladies still do not, no, but shouting blue "Christmas tree" On the nose. This is especially distinguished by a lady from the family of troglodites, that is, the cave inhabitants – they live in the natural way in the caves and leave them do not want. They went there to live a long time ago, hiding from Muslim conquerors, – they, of course, did not go anywhere, but continue to live under the ground. Their presence on Earth can only be defined by where television antennas.

In general, the land of Tunisia Miracles is rich. They have their own Colosseum here – only a little bit less than Roman. There is a city of Carthage, where Hannibal was. There is a salt lake where there is salt, but there is practically no water for which you can walk and where Mirages show. There are, in the end, resort towns and eastern bazaars, where you can buy everything, and if there is no, so do it. I, for example, I wanted to buy a collar – but not simple, but some incredible beauty, with metal rivets, buckles and vensels. Such here, of course, is – but for big dogs. I have a little dog, she does not raise it – and so I wandered around the market, demanding from the sellers of the same rivets, but in miniature. A rumor about me swept through the bazaar – and here one of the sellers took a brilliant decision: took the belt, traded for a human child, but still all the rowed, and rooted it for the length of the length. And then sold me – True, not at the price of the collar, and at the price of the belt, that is, just three times more expensive.

Everyone broke up happy that for Tunisia and there is a normal human condition.

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