From Berlin to Leipzig by train: what adventures can happen in the way

The machine reported that after another 40 minutes there will be a train to some beatterfield, there I will have to transfer the bus, by midnight I will find in Leipzig. I liked this option more than others – and I went to look for a new platform.

Fortunately, there were people. I decided to walk around them and overhears their German conversations. One woman spoke on the phone, I heard "Noine minutes" and was delighted – exactly the duration of my transplant in Bitterfield. Hooked to the woman, she really went to Leipzig and did not speak English. But something I still learned from her. 1). She was never in Bitterfield, and no one, in her opinion, was not there. 2). She does not know how you can have time in 9 minutes to find the bus in an unfamiliar village. 3). She hates German railways. 4). She is from Hamburg, and in Leipzig, her daughter will meet her.

What kind of delight we have had the fact that my name is just like her daughter. Katya. The woman said she had a son Alexander. Spread his hands, as if apologizing, – no, no Slavic roots.

Slies with her in the train (finally). She constantly called someone, and I understood that she says: "Food with Russian Frau, her name is Katya, hurt!" The coupe constantly came people, including checking tickets. Everything in turn was outraged by what was happening, the knocked German railway would burn in hell. I ask: often you have so? Germans, rounded eyes, furiously nodded: constantly, this is daughter! Mentally I laughed, comparing "disgusting" German wagon with our Russian. In the German train, it was clean, calm, leather seats are comfortable, conductor-controller in strict shape and smiles, in toilets smells perfume. Well, yes, lines. Adventures!

In Leipzig (more precisely – in the cinema halls and the cellars of Leipzig) I spent four days. About these days – somehow later, and now about the way back to Berlin.

. Wherever I was – someone follows me, or puts me the way, or puts along my road traffic lights and signs. Sometimes it happens: the signal lights light up. Someone says: Well, you see, I’m near. Or is it just so arranged the world, and I forgot about it, and then remembered. The world surprises infinite. The world does everything possible to be interesting, it was safe, it was good.

From Berlin to Leipzig by train What adventures can happen in the way

I do not know how to treat this glorious situation: chance fun and add forces. When I flew to Berlin four days ago, I met a woman at the station, who pointed me the road and calmed down in the way. Her daughter name Katya. And as if for one evening, on one joint trip, she became my mother, appearing now, saying to me the German words, which I – how it happened – I understood.

When I left Germany, there were no obstacle from Leipzig to the airport of Tegel, but only beautiful views from the train window and the French Word Partir in the Notebook of the German Schoolgirls, who divided the coupe with me.

Long expectation at the airport I had to fill in reading and coffee. But the world slipped a surprise to me, presented a meeting. For a table where I corned the clock, I sat down the elderly Swedish teacher of Chemistry Niels, who told me about his youth in Australia and New Zealand, and I am about the fact that I can’t forget the benzene ring. He told me about his travels, about his languages, about Finnish roots and about the holidays on Tenerife, about his wife, about daughters and their hobbies. He said some important words about the fact that flying is not scary (Nils from the fairy tale says that it’s not terrible to fly), about your summer house on the island, about Manila and about Stockholm.

Is it worth saying that during the conversation it turned out that his daughter names Katya? His Katya loves dogs, Australia, Kaliningrad and teaches Russian. When rushed, he said that he would think about how I would wait for the night at the Moscow Airport. Interesting! How interesting!

From Berlin to Leipzig by train What adventures can happen in the way

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