From Cairo in Ain-Saint and back

At the time of the latest update of this article (April 2021) in Egypt from Russia, you can fly only to Cairo. Resort Ain Serebi hotels now enjoy in demand from Russian tourists. In this article, let’s talk in detail about how cheaper to get from Cairo airport (or hotels in Cairo) to its hotel in Ain Sereba.

Option 1 – buses, most affordable prices

The main carrier on the route Cairo Ain Sokhana is GO-BUS. And it is wonderful, as they have an English-speaking site on the Internet, where you can see the exact schedule, ticket prices and even buy a ticket in advance. And they have a perky advertisement, watch the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

Ticket price – from 100 to 200 Egyptian pounds, depends on the class of the bus. Current pound course, see our article "Money in Egypt".

Travel time to the city of Ain Serebi – from 1.5 to 2 hours, depends on the road situation and departure station in Cairo.

Official Website – GO-BUS.Com. Site in Arabic and English. If you do not know English, then use the auto-carry in the browser. The auto-producer with this site copes normally.

This trip has many nuances!

The first nuance is three bus station in Cairo

Buses depart from different bus station in Cairo. Need to choose one of them. Each bus station has 4-5 flights a day at different times. Choose where to leave, you need thoughtfully.

The first bus station is Tahrir, located across the road to the north of the Cairo Museum. From about 20 kilometers from the airport.

The second bus station is stripped (it is Ramses) near Ramses railway station. From the airport about 17 kilometers.

Third bus station is a city number, in the area of ​​the city. This bus station is closest to the airport, about 13 kilometers.

Check on the official website of the flight time to add to your arrival in Cairo. Next choose the desired bus station. Consider that the buses from Tahrir go to the city of Cities and then in Ain-Saint.

How to get from the airport to the bus station, read our article "From Cairo Airport to the city".

The second nuance is a tricky route

Buses are not going to the city of Ain-Srested, but in Hurghada. Buses stop in the city of Ain-Saint (on demand), then travel to the resort area of ​​Porto El Sryna, which is 35 kilometers south of the city. Then already follow in Hurghada.

The first important point! Do not miss your stop! Porto El Saint Do not miss exactly. The PORTO Sokhna Pyramids complex is well recognizable, watch the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

And the second important point! Not all buses in Hurghada stop in Ain-Saint! On the site, look for flights to Porto El Sokhna (and not to Hurghada).

If your hotel is located in Porto El Saint, then it’s wonderful – go to Porto.

If the hotel is somewhere else, it is more difficult. If the hotel is somewhere on the road between the city of Ain-Saint and the resort of Porto El Sokhni, then you can call my hotel to the driver, the driver will stop near. If not on the road, then you need to go out or in the city or in Porto, then catch a taxi to the hotel. Rates for taxi travel in our detailed article "Taxi in Egypt".

GO-BUS has 14-bed bus to Ain Sereba, on the site they are indicated as "Gomini". These minibuses go to the porto, but then they no longer go.

The third nuance – do not buy tickets in advance

We strongly do not recommend buying tickets on the site in advance. Anyone can happen: the aircraft may be late, you can get stuck on customs control, a taxi can get up in traffic. The bus to Ain-Saint will leave without you, and money for an unused ticket will not be returned.

Tickets are easier to buy at the box office. Now the shortage of places in buses is not observed. Only on Thursday (prestress day) and in pre-holiday days there may be problems with the purchase of tickets. Holiday schedule See our article "Holidays in Egypt".

If you are afraid of "flying" with tickets, you can buy tickets through the site at the moment when you already land. Then there will be accurate confidence that you will have time to bus at the right time. What is more profitable and more convenient – roaming or buy a local SIM, read in our article "Internet in Egypt".

How to get back (from Ain Sereba to Cairo)

It is a little more difficult. Buses Hurghada Cairo do not have to stop neither near the city of Ain Serebi, nor in the port, nor in the resort of El Galala.

From Cairo in Ain-Saint and back

Of course, you can stand on the highway and caress the bus. Some tourists claim to be so successfully leaving in Cairo. But we do not advise such a way.

Better Use the GO Bus minibus. Schedule can be found on GO-BUS website.Com . Minibuses are indicated as "Gomini".

Tickets in this case better buy in advance through the site. In this case, you can already be guaranteed to come to the right time from the hotel by taxi, the risk is not to get to the minibus no longer. But a minibus is lucky of only 14 passengers, so it is better to be restrained and buy tickets in advance.

Option 2 – Taxi

If you drive around the counter, then the cost of the trip is from 350 to 500 Egyptian pounds depends on the location of the hotel. Naturally, no taxi driver in Cairo Airport will not go for that kind of money, do not even hope.

Taxi driver will go, but for a fixed fee. About the cost you need to negotiate. If you agree for $ 50, then consider very lucky. Taxi drivers ask for $ 100 and more expensive. Usually, tourists can be soldered for 70-80 dollars.

Option 3 – ordering transfer on the Internet

On the Internet, many sites offer transfers. Standard trip cost – 100 dollars.

Give a digit so that our respected readers can navigate at prices. We ourselves are not trading in transfers. Search on the Internet on the relevant sites.

It is also useful and important to know

– Do not forget that Cairo is not Hurghada and not charm. Nobody speaks Russian here. Communicate with taxi drivers and drivers even with knowledge of English is difficult. Perhaps it is worth stocking translator on a smartphone. Read our review "In what language the Egyptians say";

– If you arrived at the bus station in advance, you can have a snack, because the establishment of the catering around the bus station is always. But be careful! In Egypt not everywhere to eat safely. Details in our article "What is impossible in Egypt";

– If you will use the subway in Cairo, then read our review "Metro Cairo – Prices and Rules".

Have a good holiday in Egypt, and read our useful articles about this country (List of articles below).

From Cairo in Ain-Saint and back

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