From Chiang May to Chiang Paradise by car for 4 days

Visit the most atmospheric cities of Northern Thailand, explore the ancient temples and caves, take a walk on tea plantations and royal gardens, go on a boat along the river between the borders of three countries, learn more about the past Thailand, appreciate local dishes and hospitality of local residents.


Countries on the route: Thailand

Total length: about 550 km

Route duration: 4 days

Travel period: Round year

Transport on the route: Rental car

Approximate budget: 170-200 $ / man (calculated budget options for housing and transport. In useful links to the route), plus food (15-20 $ / day) and $ 50-100 for shopping, massages, local tours and TP.

This short route is suitable for those who want to spend several days in the north of Thailand and get acquainted closer with his history and culture. The base route can be complemented by stops for a day or two in the cities on the route.

The route begins to Chiang Mae (search for tickets to Chiang May) and ends in Chiang Rai.

Perfectly combined with rest on Thailand Islands.

Car rental in Chiang May

You can choose and book a car online, pick up in Chiang May airport on arrival and return to Chiang Paradise airport on the day of departure.

Look for options and book the car here (the system is looking for available options for the databases of local car rental companies in Chiang May, mark the booking form ; Return elsewhere ; In point to Chiang Paradise, carefully read the booking conditions, as the conditions differ from the operator to the operator). Booking in advance, you can save significantly on renting.

Remember that in Thailand left-sided movement. Best GPS, download and / or update the map of Thailand. Take your smartphone and buy a local phone card with the Internet to be able to access the Google map. On the Google map you can find almost all the sights of the route.

Alternatively, in Chiang May, you can also rent a car with a driver (cost of about 50-60 $ / day plus payment of gasoline and tips), ask in guest houses or tour offices Chiang May.

Approximate budget

  • Rent a car US $ 30-50 / day plus gasoline
  • Car rental with driver ; 50-70 $ / day plus gasoline and tips

Day 1. Chiang May

Take a walk on the streets of the old city, visit the famous Ancient Temples Chiang May, raise to the Temple of Doy Sudtee, find out what a traditional Thai massage and pamper the body and soul in local SPA, merge from the soul on the largest night market of Northern Thailand and appreciate the local cuisine.

How to get from Bangkok

On the aircraft budget airlines.

What to see

  • Old Town Chiang May
  • Temple Doy Supet (Doi Sutep)

Where to live

Rice Barn and Rooms ; Tiny Charming Family Pension in the suburb of Chiang May Hang Dong, 20 km from the city center. Convenient option for those on the car and does not plan to linger in the city. Good clean rooms, pleasant hosts, beautiful garden, relaxing atmosphere), comfortable departure to the track in the direction of Doy Inhanon and May Sariang.

Looking for another housing in Chiang May: on Booking | on agoda | simultaneously in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: Chiang Mai guide (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in Chiang Mae -35-40 $ per room / night

Day 2. Chiang Mai – Chiang Dao – Tha

From Chiang May to Chiang Paradise by car for 4 days

Explore the cave temples Chiang Dao, sit in hot springs of Fang (Fang), which are considered the best in Thailand, admire the sunset from the top of the mountain temple tack.

Duration: About 220 km


Caves Chiang Dao ; Plan a stop for a couple of hours with a visit to the caves

Fang Hot Springs ; Plan a stop for a couple of hours if you plan to get on sources

Where to live

Saranya River House ; This is undoubtedly the best hotel Tha tone. Despite the fact that the rooms are an order of magnitude more expensive than the average price of Geste city, it is worth it (especially if you consider the non-revociety of the city, which can embarrass even an experienced traveler). Pure, nice, spacious bright rooms, small swimming pool, super convenient location, parking, tourist office, restaurant and cafe ; In general, everything you need in one place.

Look for another housing in Thaton: on Booking | on agoda

See where to look for accommodation: Tha tone guide (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in Thaton -30-40 $ per room / night
  • Caves and hot springs ; about 10-20 $

Day 3. Tha Ton – May Salong – Golden Triangle – Chiang Paradise

Early in the morning on the third level of the Temple of Tha tone to a huge white Buddha statue and admire the charming view of the valley, visit the tea plantations Mae Salonga and buy a real rules in one of the tea shops of the city, merge on the border market Mae Sai and admire the views of Burma, Wide in the gold triangle ; The place where the borders of the three countries come out, learn more about the opium past Thailand at the opium museum, go on the boat to the Lao village and explore the ancient temples Siam, preserved on the territory of the town of Chiang Sen.

Duration: About 250 km, time on the way about 5 hours

Plan an early departure from Thaton to have time to drive the entire route. If stops on the way take more time and you will see that you do not have time to drive the entire route, not scary ; turn to chiang paradise. To the golden triangle and Chiang Sen can go the next day from Chiang Paradise.


  • Mae Salong ; Chinese village, tea plantations
  • Phra Boromathat Chedi ; Temple on the hill, not far from May Salong
  • DOI TUNG ROYAL VILLA ; Summer Royal Residence and Flower Garden
  • Mae Sai ; Burma border, border market
  • Sop Ruak ; Golden Triangle
  • Chiang Saen ; Ancient temples
  • Wat PA Sak ; teak forest and ancient ruins
  • Wat Phra That Pha NGAO ; Temple on Mount

Arriving in Chiang Paradise, visit the night market and try local delicacy.

Where to live

Baan Malai Guest House ; Pure pleasant guest-house in the very center of Chiang Paradise, but at the same time very well located on a quiet street. Night market and restaurants at a distance of 5 minutes walk. Very friendly atmosphere, assistance in organizing day rounds, rental of transport and tickets.

Looking for another housing in Chiang Rai: on Booking | on agoda | in different booking systems

See where to look for accommodation: Chiang Paradise Guide (section where to live)

Approximate budget

  • Hotel in Chiang Paradise -15-20 $ per room / night

Day 4. Chiang Paradise

Enter walking around the city, inspecting the city temples and museums Chiang Paradise and visit the famous famous white temple, located a few kilometers from the city.

Planning either evening departure from Chiang Paradise, or an extra night in Chiang Rai, so that you have time to inspect the attractions of the city.

From Chiang Paradise, you can fly by direct flight to Krabi or Phuket, from where you can get to any of the Islands of the Andaman Sea on regular ferries. To the islands of the Siamese Gulf can be reached through Surattani, from the airport by taxi or minibus to the pier, and further on the ferry. To the East Coast Islands can be reached through Bangkok (from the airport buses to the pier spending, the ferries go to the island).

Current timetables and tickets Watch tickets on Thai state employees sites and / or here and here (Russian-speaking booking systems)

From Chiang May to Chiang Paradise by car for 4 days

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