From Hurghada in Makadi, Soma Bay, Sakhl Hashish, Safagu

How to get from Hurghada Airport to hotels at Sakhl Hashchish resorts, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Safaga? How to go from these hotels in Hurghada? What is the most convenient way, and what is the cheapest? Read the answers in this article.

Map of resorts

Resorts Sahl Hashish, Makadi Bay, Soma Bay and Safaga are located in the south of Hurghada.

Card Resorts Province of the Red Sea Watch Nearby, click on the map to enlarge.

Distances here are small – Safaga is 60 kilometers south of Hurghada Airport. Makadi, Soma Bay, Sakhl Khashish is even closer.


From the airport, Hurghada does not go any public transport. Options to get only three – taxi to the hotel, ordering transfer, taxi to bus station + bus.

Before the coronavirus pandemic in Hurghada was a very convenient service. There were minibuses that tourists gained and delivered by hotels. Information rack was in terminal 1. During a pandemic, this service closed. What condition is it now (May 2021)? We definitely do not know. How it will work when flights from Russia in May-June will fly to Hurghada? We can’t predict. So we will not describe this option.

How to ride from Resorts to Hurghada?

By taxi. This is the only reasonable option.

The cost of the trip can be calculated by yourself based on the distance and tariffs. Current tariffs, see our article "Taxi in Egypt". Or see the table below in this article, where we indicated distance and prices for each resort.

How to get from the airport to the hotel?

Option 1 – Taxi

Taxi drivers at the airport of Hurghada no better and no worse than the other Egyptian taxi drivers. Most taxi drivers require a fixed fee, and exceeding at times the cost of a ride on the meter. But there are those who agree to go through the counter.

If you do not want to spend time and nerves on communication with taxi drivers, that is, two guaranteed options.

1. Put the Uber and Careem applications in advance. When ordering the application immediately shows the cost of the trip.

2. You can order a taxi ABC via Viber or WhatsApp. When order, they will immediately say the price. Telephone for order – +2 0100 222 82 94

To understand fair prices, see the table below the price of the meter. Focus on these numbers if you are going to bargain. Actual course of the Egyptian currency, see our article "Money in Egypt" or use our Egyptian Pound Calculator.

Distance The cost of travel
Sahl Khashish 21 km 75 pounds
Makadi Bay 33 km 110 pounds
Soma Bay 53 km 170 pounds
Safaga 60 km 190 pounds
Avtostania Hurghada (GO BUS,
Upper Egypt, Blue Bus, SuperJet)
10 km 40 pounds

Option 2 – Transfer order online

Transfer is convenient, but prices are explicitly higher than on a taxi (provided that they are normally staring with the taxi driver).

Transfer to the hotel will cost from 20 to 30 dollars. Search options on the Internet.

Important feature. Some transfer companies require separately pay a simple driver if your flight is delayed. Be careful, carefully read the conditions.

Option 3 – Buses

You can get by bus, but this is a real quest. Read the instructions further and decide for yourself – it is necessary or not to try this way.

First you need to get from the airport (or from the hotel) to the bus station.


There is no single large bus station in Hurghada. Instead, there are several bus station of different companies. And all of them are in the northern part of the city on El Nasr Street. Superjet and Blue Bus stations are near. GO Bus station 600 meters from them. Upper Egypt station is 1.5 kilometers.

Important moment! When you are going to the bus station on a taxi, then you clearly call the taxi driver the name of the bus company, which will go. Otherwise you risks not to come to that auto station.

Go Bus

At the moment (May 2021), GO Bus has no flights from Hurghada to South Rate on Safagu. Used to have 2 flights a day, but now there is no. Maybe at the time of your reading of this article, flights resumed. Just in case, look at the official GO-BUS website.Com

Superjet Bus

Superjet bus now has two flights of Hurghada-Safaga – at 13-00 and 21-30. These are not separate flights, but flights from Cairo, who are passing through Hurghada and follow to Safagu (final).

Specify the schedule just in case on the official website SuperJet.Com.EG . This site is only in Arabic. But you can see the schedule with the Chrome browser (integrated translation from Google). Translation will be clearly not the highest quality, but the name in the form of search translates adequately. For auto-ship in other browsers, we do not turn.

Fare price – 15 Egyptian pounds, ticket can be bought in the Superjet Bus window on the bus station. In a person in the window you can ask if the right bus arrived at the bus station. But do not wait for he will understand Russian. In English, they understand a little, but no more.

From Hurghada in Makadi, Soma Bay, Sakhl Hashish, Safagu

Blue Bus Egypt

Blue Bus buses now do not go from Hurghada to South. Not their direction.

Upper Egypt

The bus company Upper Egypt has several suitable flights. Flights Hurghada Safaga at 16-00 and 22-00. Flight at 7-00 to Mars Alam. The price of a ticket to Safaga – 50 pounds.

You can check the schedule on the official EG-BUS, but it is extremely difficult to do it, since even Google’s autotrodder does not cope with their list of cities and stations.

Algorithm of action

1. You need to get to a taxi from the airport (from the hotel) to the bus station. Once again we remind you that in Hurghada several bus station of different bus companies.

2. Need to buy a ticket for the right bus toward Safagi (Mars Alam).

One tourist wrote us about a cunning way to overcome the language barrier. He asked a taxi driver who knew the basic phrases in Russian, for a small fee to learn at the checkout the status of the flight and buy a ticket. Excellent Lifehak.

3. Need to sit on your bus. You need to ask the driver to stay at your resort, as they have no mandatory stops.

4. Most hotels are far from the highway, and most likely to the hotel will have to take a taxi. And taxi still need to find!

By the way, the resort of Soma Bay is completely far from the highway, and on the turn on Soma Bay, not to find a taxi. In Makadi Bay, you can walk to the local shopping center, but there may not be a taxi (how lucky). In Sahl, Hashish buses do not turn, so the driver falls around Senzo Mall.

Speaking easier. Buses are convenient for travel to Safaga hotels. For Sahl Khashish, Makadi Bay and Soma Bay is a very uncomfortable option, and it is better to take a taxi.

It is important and useful to know

– If you want to go to Cairo to watch great pyramids, then get to the bus station in Hurghada by taxi, and then by bus. Details in our article "From Hurghada to Cairo and back";

– If there is a mobile Internet on vacation, it is best to buy a local SIM. And do it better in the airport building, as it will be already problematic in the distant resorts. Details in our article "Internet in Egypt";

– Tourists have the right to buy cigarettes and alcohol in Duty Free within 48 hours from the date of arrival. There are no Duty Free stores in the distant resorts, so it is advised (if necessary) we advise in the airport building. Details in our articles "Alcohol in Egypt" and "Smoking and Cigarettes in Egypt".

Successful holidays on the Red Sea, and read our interesting articles about Egypt (List of articles below).

From Hurghada in Makadi, Soma Bay, Sakhl Hashish, Safagu

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