From Hurghada in Mars Alam and El Kuyir

How to get from Hurghada airport to your hotel to El Kuyir or Mars Alam? How to go from the hotel in Hurghada? How much will a taxi cost or transfer? Is it possible to get there to cheap by bus? Read the answers in this article.

Distance and travel time

Mutual location of Hurghada, El-Kuyir and Mars Alam See on the map nearby, click on the map to enlarge.

Mars Alam – this is the southernmost resort of Egypt. From Hurghada Airport – 285 kilometers, just over 3 hours.

To El Causer – 150 kilometers, about 1 hour 45 minutes.


Options Three: Taxi, transfer order, bus. Consider all these options in detail, but first an important warning.

Important moment!

Region of the Red Sea (the capital in Hurghada) is considered in Egypt relatively dangerous. We mean the area outside the resorts. Therefore, police checkposses are found on the roads.

Just on the road south of Hurghada there are two major police blocks. The first in front of El Causer, the second before Mars Alam. In the checkpoints often stop machines for verification. You like the tourist there will be no problems with the police.

But the driver may well be if he drives passengers and at the same time is not a licensed taxi driver or a taxi company employee. There were cases when the driver was delayed, and tourists remained standing on the road. What to do? How to go on? Or even the worst option – the driver asks for passengers to give money to the police bribe.

In order not to get into such an unpleasant situation, we advise you to go to El Comeir and Mars Alam only on the official taxi or a licensed transfers.

Option 1 – Taxi

Remember that not every taxi driver will agree to go to El Kuyir, and even more so in Mars Alam. Just ask the next taxi driver. Be sure to find the one that will go. On the meter for such distances they usually refuse and require a fixed fee, which is 1.5-2 times higher than it would be on the counter.

To trade successfully, see the table below the price of the meter. Current tariffs see the article "Taxi in Egypt".

From the airport Hurghada Distance Travel time Price on the meter
El Causer 150 km 1 h 45 min 450-500 pounds (30 USD)
Mars Alam 285 km 3 h 15 min 850-1000 pounds (60 USD)
Bus stations Hurghada 10 km 10 min 40-50 pounds (3 USD)

If you can sort such prices, this is the best option.

There are two more reasonable options:

1. Put the CAREEM and UBER applications in advance. In this case, it is not forgotten, and the application will immediately show the cost of the trip. But there is no guarantee that there will be a driver who wants to carry you.

2. Order a taxi ABC. This can be done by WhatsApp or Viber. They usually immediately tell the cost of the trip, which is convenient. Phone ABC Taxi – +2 0100 222 82 94

To order a taxi, it is convenient to buy an Egyptian SIM card, as the Internet will cost it at times cheaper than roaming. Details in our article "Internet in Egypt".

Option 2 – Transfer Order

Normal transfer price to El Causer – 55 dollars.

Normal price of transfer in Mars Alam – 80 dollars.

Look for good options on the Internet, based on these numbers.

Option 3 – Bus

This option is the cheapest, but very complicated. We can say that it is a separate adventure. First, you need to get to the bus station by taxi, and will cost 40-50 pounds.

Important! Bus in Hurghada

In the city of Hurghada several bus stations, each belongs to their bus company. All the bus station are in the north of the airport on the street El-Nasr. Bus Blue Bus and Super Jet are located next to each other. Bus Go Bus 600 meters away to the south of the street. Upper Egypt Bus 1.5 kilometers north on the street.

If you are traveling by taxi to the bus station, then tell the taxi driver exactly what the bus company will go, so that he brought to the desired bus station.

Go Bus

At this time (May 2021) at the bus company Go Bus no flights from Hurghada to El Quseir and Marsa Alam.

However, some routes search services on the Internet show that there are flights. They offer flights Go Bus with transfer: Hurghada to Cairo + Cairo Marsa Alam. And so in theory you can reach, that’s just the way will be about a day.

Blue Bus

At the moment the Blue Bus bus company does not have flights from Hurghada to El Quseir and Marsa Alam.

Upper Egypt

In Upper Egypt there is one direct flight to Hurghada, Marsa Alam 7-00 am (daily). Naturally, this flight passes through El Quseir, and you can ask the driver where to drop.

Ticket price – 95 pounds per person. Current pound course, see our article "Money in Egypt". Departure from Hurghada – 7-00 in the morning and arrives in Marsa Alam – at 11:00 am, in El Quseir at about 9:00 am.

From Hurghada in Mars Alam and El Kuyir

Just in case, be sure to specify the schedule on the official website eg-bus.Com . Be warned that this site is only in Arabic, and have to use autotranslator.

Super Jet

At the moment, the bus company no Super Jet flights from Hurghada to El Quseir and Marsa Alam.

Connecting flights to Safaga

Theoretically, you can take a bus or Upper Egypt to Safaga Super Jet, and then take a bus Go Bus to El Quseir and Marsa Alam. But in practice, will not work. Flights Go Bus to Marsa Alam is now only night. They arrive in Safaga early in the morning. Speaking easier: it will not work.

And do not forget

Hotels in Marsa Alam and El Kuyir are not in cities, but scattered along the coast. From the bus station Mars Alam or El Causer to the hotel will have to go by taxi. These are even additional costs.


If you have time for a bus at 7-00 am, then use. So you can save, although not so much. In all other cases of buses forget.

Maybe since June, when direct charter and regular flights from Russia fly to Egypt, something will change. Maybe the bus flights to Marsa Alam will be more. Wait and see.

Option 4 – plane

This option is pure theoretical. Direct flights from Hurghada to Mars Alam. You can fly with a change in Cairo, but it will take at least 6 hours of time and will cost at least 100 dollars. There’s no point.

How to go from the hotel to Hurghada?

In this case, the only reasonable option is a taxi. Prices are looking at the beginning of this article. But given the long distance and the high price of the trip, we do not see a lot in this. Gifts, souvenirs and everything you need can be bought in Mars Alam and El Causer.

If you are going to Hurghada Airport on your reverse flight, we advise you to order a taxi in advance in order to definitely be. And we advise you to have a reserve of time 1-1.5 hours in case of checking on the police block.

It is important and useful to know

– taxis and transfer can be better paid by dollars and euros. But the bus will have to pay for pounds. How and where to change, read in our article "Currency exchange in Egypt";

– If you want to go to watch Luxor – the tomb of Tutankhamon and the Karnakian temple, then from Mars Alam and El Causer is even closer, and the taxi will be cheaper than from Hurghada. However, if you want to save and go by bus, you will have to go through Hurghada. Details in our article "From Hurghada to Luxor and back";

– If you need to buy imported alcohol and / or cigarettes, then it is better to do this at Hurghada airport. There are no Duty Free in El Causer, and in Mars Alam only at the local airport. Tourists have the right to buy in Duty Free within 48 hours from the moment of entry into Egypt. Details in our articles "Alcohol in Egypt" and "Cigarettes and smoking in Egypt".

Have a good holiday in Mars Alam and El Causer, and read our useful tourists and interesting articles about Egypt (List of articles below).

From Hurghada in Mars Alam and El Kuyir

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