From illusion to reality: 10 cities of the world disappointed tourists

List of "collapsed hopes" and "deceived illusions" opens Paris.

Once in the most romantic city of the planet, tourists seek to visit unique architectural monuments: Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Versailles Palace, to get a pleasure from the expositions presented in the Louvre. The picturesque entourage of the Paris landscapes and the greatness of architecture is opposed Unckedly attitude of local residents to vacationers. Most French people do not want to talk to tourists who do not speak French, some of them annoys the wrong pronunciation or try to talk in English. As a result, a sense of alienation and dislike arises.

Continues the list of the capital of Italy &# 8211; Rome. The city with a centuries-old story attracts tourists from around the world with its majestic architecture: Colosseum, Fountain Trevi, Pantheon, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Vatican. This variety of historical and cultural values ​​is hidden Urban environment with its communal problems, disadvantages of the transport system and a dirty metro. Mountains of garbage, traffic jams on the roads negatively affect the general impression of the city. Therefore, the majority of tourists who visited Rome for the first time are not ready to returned to one of the most ancient capital of Europe.

The most distant and extraordinary country – Australia is the most popular destination for a variety of tourists. It is in the largest settlement of this country &# 8211; Sydney seeks to hit hardly every traveler. One of the main attractions of Sydney &# 8211; Opera theatre. There are many flaws for his unusual design. The unique form of the roof of the Opera Theater spawned a problem with acoustics in the halls, an important component of any such construct. Therefore, professional singers reluctantly seek to submit their concert program on the stage of this theater. In addition, tourists believe In the state itself a small number of attractions, As well as in Sydney.

The capital of Great Britain &# 8211; London attracts curious tourists who seek to feel the atmosphere of the unshakable traditional United Kingdom, with its famous attractions: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower, Madame Tussao Mudame. However, the romantic sentiment of London end at the moment when Fog turns into smog from a large concentration of exhaust gases, and Modern megalpolis suppresses its greatness historical buildings of the capital. The ill-quality attitude of local residents to tourists, People hurrying to work, all this does not correspond to the idea of ​​the monotonous life of the British of past centuries.

The most dynamic center of American society – New York, Millions of tourists are attracted annually, thanks to famous attractions: a statue of freedom, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Skater. However, for the unshakable greatness of these structures, the harsh reality lies. Crowds of forever hurrying people, endless traffic jams on the roads, lack of green plantings on the streets of the city, not everyone has to do. In addition, many of those who moved to New York to a permanent place of residence are forced to live in apartments, with the smallest area. A High fee for the content of the apartment forces residents to spend most of the time at work, and not enjoy urban landscapes during walks.

Millions of tourists in pursuit of popularity to Asian culture seek to visit major Chinese cities. Of particular importance has recently acquired Shanghai &# 8211; Center for Commerce, Culture and Public Life. However, hopes to know the traditional culture of China, disappoint travelers, in a collision with reality. Today Shanghai is a metropolis of modern sample. Skyscrapers, business centers, their number is incomparable with historical buildings and ancient structures. In order to enjoy the beauty of Asian culture advised to go deep into China away from large cities.

Rio de Janeiro &# 8211; The capital of carnavalov, always attracted tourists by mountain landscapes, blue the abyss of the ocean, the majestic statue of Christ the Savior. But behind the bright colors of the modern megalpolis is a real life, far from comfortable and careless. The biggest problem of Brazil in general is High crime level, Rio de Janeiro is not an exception. Tourists prefer to travel around the city center, not approaching its outskirts, which are characterized by a low standard of living of the population, and as a consequence corresponding to its contingent. And representatives of national minorities, finding in Brazilian slums and is not safe.

From illusion to reality 10 cities of the world, disappointed tourists

Barcelona &# 8211; One of the major cities in Spain combines historical and resort tourism. Traveling through Barcelona, ​​the tourist hopes to imbued with a special national flavor, sheephadged passion and the violence of paints inherent in this country. Barcelona &# 8211; The most populated city of Spain. Often, guests have to deal with the mass of people, moving through the streets of the citya. The impression of a visit to the famous historical places is changing to a safe return to the place of destination and the desire not to get lost in this crowd. In turn, Local residents, also do not complain the huge influx of tourists, demanding from power, to free the city from the crowd of vacationers.

Athens &# 8211; Center of Antique Greece. Any tourist who wants to visit Athens always dreams of raising the "Greek" air, visit the monuments of the ancient era. But being in Athens, the illusions about the attractiveness of Athens will develop in realities. The monuments of the ancient era are more reminded by slums, as they have serious damage, and the legendary Parthenon is a construction site with endless restoration work. That’s why consider it almost impossible. In order to visit the ancient places, it is necessary to overcome a considerable distance along the tanned streets and broken roads.

Amsterdam – This is one of the cities of the Netherlands, in which the traveler must be ready for conflicting situations and various surprises. The city is popular among visitors with its unique architecture, many channels and bridges, and a huge amount of bicycle. Amsterdam call the European capital bicycle. But delight from traveling Amsterdam ends when it comes to Easy Drugs and Legal Prostitution, which are officially allowed in this state. The famous quarter of the Red Lights – "Conveyor" services for the provision of drugs and prostitutes and at the same time the most visited place in Amsterdam.

From the point of view of tourists, the significance of these cities is very exaggerated. The population of these cities is so accustomed to the crowds of travelers, which is not surviving for the quality of service. Perhaps these are not so nice little things, they will not cause the disappointments of the next planned trip.

From illusion to reality 10 cities of the world, disappointed tourists

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