From Istanbul Airport (new) to the city

How to get to the city to your hotel from Istanbul (new) airport? What buses are? How much is taxi? Do I need to order a transfer? When the airport is subway? Read the answers in our article.

Information in this article was updated in June 2021. Much has changed – taxi rates, Havaist buses and urban buses. All the details below in this article.

Important change after coronavirus

Previously, three types of buses went from the airport: &# 304; Ett (municipal), IST and HAVAIST. During Lokdauna in the spring of 2020, they all temporarily did not work. After Lokdaun Havaist and municipal resumed their work. But IST buses never started walking.

Now (June 2021) IST routes even removed from the official website &# 304; Ett. What will happen to them? Will they ever work? So far incomprehensible.

In Istanbul two airports

In Istanbul, now two major airports. The first is Istanbul Airport (Code: IST), which will be discussed in this article.

The second is Sabiha G&# 246; k&# 231; en airport (code: saw). How to get from this airport, we told in the article "From Sabiha Airport to the City".

Attention! Moving the airport and code

Starting from April 6, 2019, all passenger flights were postponed from the airport. Ataturk (old) to Istanbul Airport (new). And this was not a change of airport, but a full move. Then hundreds of trucks transported equipment from the old airport to the new.

Attention! The code of the airport "IST" moved from the airport to them. Ataturk to Istanbul Airport (new).

From the airport name. Ataturk learn was simple and cheaply, there was a subway. Istanbul’s new airport is already harder, the subway is not here yet, but they promise.


It is planned that a new M11 metro branch will be held near the airport, which will be held from the Gayrettepe station (Green Branch M2) to Halkal Station&# 305; (Marmaray finite branches). Metro map See our article Metro Istanbul.

The new branch of M11 is planned to open in August 2021. However, knowing the construction pace of the Istanbul metro, it is better not to hope for a quick discovery. Adjust to these periods boldly 3-4 years. For example, at the Sabih Airport, the subway line promised to reach asleep in 2018. Now 2021, and no subway at the airport still do not.

At the emergence of the metro station at Istanbul Airport in the coming years, you can not hope.


Next Prices for travel will be given for the usual (yellow) taxi. Prices in Turkish lirah, Actual course, see our article "What Money in Turkey" or use our Turkish Lira Calculator.

Taxi rates increased in January 2021! Taxi come three price categories: SAR&# 305; (Yellow) – 5.55 lire for landing and 3.45 per kilometer, Turkuaz (blue) – 6.38 for landing and 3.99 per kilometer, VIP (black) – 9.44 for landing and 5.54 per kilometer.

About the rules of travel and features Read in our review "Taxi in Turkey – Rules and Prices".

Exemplary prices for travel: to Sultanahmet – 150 lir, to Yenikapi – 150 lir, to Taxim – 140 lir, to Sabiha Airport – 300 lir, to Kadykёy – 170 lir.

For most tourists it is quite expensive. Public transport will be made at times cheaper.

Transfer on the Internet

Transfer will cost approximately the same amount as a taxi. Transfer must be ordered in advance, and taxis can always be taken at the outcome of the airport building. Taxi deficit at Istanbul Airport is not yet foreseen. Simulated ordering no transfer.


Buses are now main transport from the airport to the city. Do not be surprised that the next part of our article will be more reminding the transfer of routes.

There are two types of buses:

HV&# 304; ST – These are the most comfortable buses. Pros: Baggage compartment, TV, Wi-Fi, you can buy a ticket in advance through the site. Cons: Large Intervals, the highest price, do not go to popular tourist areas.

Urban – the cheapest. Pros: the lowest price, often go. Cons: there is no baggage compartment, the comfort is minimal, and they will arrive at the nearest metro stations.

Tell in detail about all buses.

Buses Havaist

Relatively expensive way to get. Havaist is a special buse service from Istanbul Airport to the city. The main advantage is that tickets can be bought in advance on the official website of Hava.IST (Registration required on the site). Then you can simply show the QR code at the bus entrance.

If you do not buy a ticket in advance, you can pay a credit (or debit) card or cash on the bus. Cards &# 304; StanBulkart in Havaist buses now (June 2021) are not accepted.

Find the Havaist stop just – go to the "Bus / Shuttle" signs. Buses depart from the bottom level, you can go down there on the elevator.

At the time of updating this article (June 2021) there are 10 bus routes Havaist (HV&# 304; ST-6 canceled):

Number Price, lir Interval, Min Finite
HV&# 304; ST-5 23 45 Otogar Rides on the bus station Esenler Otogar&# 305;.
HV&# 304; ST-7 28 30-50 Beyl&# 304; kd&# 220; Z&# 220; -Avcilar cam&# 304; For tourists are useless.
HV&# 304; ST-8 23 45-60 Bah&# 199; E&# 350; EH&# 304; R For tourists are useless.
HV&# 304; ST-9 32 60 Kadik&# 214; Y Rides to the Asian part of Istanbul. To AC metro stations&# 305; Badem (M4), KAD&# 305; k&# 246; Y (M4), Yenisahra (M4).
HV&# 304; ST-10 37 60-120 SAB&# 304; HA G&# 214; k&# 199; en Rides at Sabiha Airport.
HV&# 304; ST-12 thirty 30-45 Beyazit Meydan Rides before stopping tram T1. You can get to Yenikapes, Aksarai, Sultanahmet.
HV&# 304; ST-13 26 30-45 Bakirk&# 214; Y For tourists are useless.
HV&# 304; ST-14 thirty 30-45 Taks&# 304; m Rides Taksim Square.
Eksefer-1 21 40-45 Bakirk&# 214; Y This is the same HV&# 304; ST-13, but express. For tourists are useless.
Eksefer-2 23 40-45 Beyl&# 304; kd&# 220; Z&# 220; This is the same HV&# 304; ST-7, but express. For tourists are useless.

Buses of Havaist comfortable, there are lower luggage compartments, Wi-Fi, TV. The main inconvenience is large movement intervals.

Which one to choose?

If your hotel is located in the European part of Istanbul, north of the Golden Horn. Choose HV&# 304; ST-14, as it stops on Taksim Square, close to Taksim Metro Station. There will be able to eat or go to the store, further continue the path on the subway.

If your hotel is located in the European part of Istanbul, south of the Golden Horn. Choose HV&# 304; ST-12, as it stops on the square of Bayazit, not far from the tram stop T1. On the tram you will reach Sultanahmet, Aksarai, Yenikapy.

If your hotel is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, then choose HV&# 304; ST-9. This route is the only ride to the Asian part.

City buses

This method is the cheapest, but also the longest. Unfortunately, city buses in Istanbul do not differ great comfort. If you manage to take a seated place, you get out normally. But stand on the bus 1.5-2 hours – this is dubious pleasure.

There are 6 routes of public buses from Istanbul Airport – this is the routes H1-H3 and H6, H8, H9. Back in 2020 was still H7 on the Alibeyk bus station&# 246; Y Otogar&# 305;, but now it was removed from the official site &# 304; Ett, apparently canceled.

Trip cost – 2 standard tariffs. At the time of updating this article (June 2021) is 7 lir (2 x 3.5). Payment is made by the card &# 304; StanBulkart, which can be bought and immediately replenished here – at the bus stop at the lowest level. About maps &# 304; StanBulkart We told in detail in our article "Metro Istanbul".

Number Where goes Travel time
H1 Mahmutbey Metro on M3 Branch (Blue) 94 minutes
H2 Metro Mecidiyek&# 246; Y on the M2 branch (green) 98 minutes
H3 Station Halkal&# 305; On the marmaray branch 107 minutes
H6 Yunus EMRE district (European part of Istanbul) * 85 minutes
H8 Metro HAC&# 305; Osman on the M2 branch (green) 127 minutes
H9 Stop Cevizliba&# 287;, Tram T1 or Metrob&# 252; s 120 minutes

* – in the Yunus Emre area there is no metro station. However, in the middle of the route, the H6 bus stops at Mescid-I Selam, where you can transfer to the T4 tram branch.

The intervals of city buses vary from 15 to 40 minutes, depends on the day of the week, time of day and season. Accurate schedule For each route, we will not give here, it is better to look at the official website – IETT.Istanbul / En / Main / Hatlar

What bus to choose?

It depends on the location of the hotel. General recommendations are as follows:

From Istanbul Airport (new) to the city

– If the hotel is in the European part of the city and in the north of the Golden Horn (where Taksim Square), then choose H2. Cut on the M2 (green) branch;

– If the hotel is in the European part of the city and in the south of the Golden Horn (where Ienikapi and Sultanahmet), then choose H9. Conduct to tram T1;

– If the hotel is located in the Asian part of the city, then choose H3. Cut on marmaray.

Is it possible to ride with luggage?

Possible, but there are limitations. First, the luggage should not stand on the passage and interfere with the movement of passengers by the cabin of the bus. Secondly, the weight of baggage should be less than 30 kilograms, and dimensions do not exceed 120x60x50.

Buses &# 304; ST

Buses &# 304; ST do not go. And whether they will walk, unknown. The following information block is temporarily not relevant. Scroll on.

Also paid by the card &# 304; Stanbulkart. About maps &# 304; stanbulkart we described in detail in our article "Metro Istanbul".

some routes &# 304; ST are in areas popular with tourists, so it is by bus &# 304; ST enjoyed most of the tourists. Buses &# 304; ST comfortable, they have a luggage compartment at the bottom.

Number whither Price, lir travel time, min Interval traffic minutes
&# 304; ST-1 Before Yenikap&# 305 ;, the subway on the branches of Marmaray, M2 (green), M1 (red). Penultimate – Aksaray, tram T1. eighteen 110 20 day,
30 morning
&# 304; ST-20 Sultanahmet – the main tourist center of the city eighteen 100 30 day,
45 morning
&# 304; ST-19 Taksim. From the bus terminus to the Taksim Square, walk 150 meters eighteen 80 15 day,
30 morning
&# 304; ST-3 Esenler Otogar Bus Station&# 305; 16 75 30 day,
60 morning
&# 304; ST-5 Neighborhood Be&# 351; ikta&# 351 ;, the ultimate in ferries. The penultimate in the metro Gayrettepe on M2 (green) eighteen 90 thirty
&# 304; ST-2 Neighborhood Beylikd&# 252; z&# 252; For tourists
&# 304; ST-4 Bak district&# 305; rk&# 246; y For tourists
&# 304; ST-15 area Avc&# 305; lar For tourists
&# 304; ST-17 station Halkal&# 305; – the ultimate branches Marmaray For tourists are not particularly useful, &# 304; ST-1 is more convenient

Bus = savings

In any case it is convenient to take the bus to come closer to his hotel. Taxi to the hotel will cost in any case, much cheaper than the airport. And it’s not in the surcharges, but simply in the fact that Istanbul’s airport is far from the city.

It’s important to know

– Exchange rates at the airport disadvantage. Recommend changing a small amount to pay enough for the bus – 10 lira &# 304; stanbulkart + fare. When will find yourself in the city, you will be able to change at a favorable rate. Read our article "How and where to change money in Turkey";

– a local SIM-card is better to buy at the airport. In the city most tourist SIM communication salons will not be available, and regular SIM they refuse to sell to a foreign passport. On tariffs, read our articles "The Internet is cheap in Turkey" and "How to call from Turkey cheap";

– If your path is on the Mediterranean coast, read our article "From Istanbul to Antalya and back";

– Do not forget about pockets in buses. Unfortunately, in Istanbul, pockets still remain the usual phenomenon. Read our review "Hazards for tourists in Turkey".

Good luck from Istanbul Airport, and read our articles about Turkey (list of articles below).

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As far as is known,&# 304; StanBulkart does not work in Havaist buses at the moment

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This article was actualized in October 2020. Half a year passed. Now ask what they take to pay that no.

Alexander – Glavred site

Yes, no longer accept. Now on the site, cash or card in the cabin. Updated information.

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